Colombia Guides | 3 day trips you can take from Bogota

Colombia Guides | 3 day trips you can take from Bogota

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If you are staying in Bogota for more than a few days there are some pretty incredible places you can visit. Just a short bus ride from the city are 3 day trips from Bogota worth seeing. It is a different world when you venture outside of the city so I really recommend making at least 1 trip if you can.

Catedral del Sal

Most people visiting Bogota for more than 2 days make the trip to The Cathedral of Salt in Zipaquirá. You will find lots of tour companies wanting to take you there for a nice fee. Don’t bother. It is so easy to get there on a bus and you have to pay for a guided tour anyway in the entrance fee. So take my advice and save yourself some $$.

Colombia Guides | The Cathedral of Salt Zipaquirá

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La Chorrera

Just 1 hour outside of Bogota is La Correra Waterfall, the tallest in Colombia. If you have a few days in Bogota I highly recommend spending at least one of your days there outside if the city! It really is a different (more beautiful and less polluted) world just over those mountains.

Colombia Guides | La Correra Waterfall

It is easy to reach and so worth the day trip!

Colombia Guides | La Correra Waterfall

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Thermal Spa

If you are looking for the perfect relaxing escape from the smog of Bogota then look no further. Just a 1-hour bus ride from Bogota in a town called Choachí you will find Thermales Santa Monica. This is the closest Thermal Spa to Bogota and well worth a visit.

The cost of a day pass is really reasonable. For an Adult it is $20mil on a Monday, $25mil Tue-Sat and $35mil on Sundays or public holidays, making it really affordable.

Claire's | Colombian Guides | The Thermal Spa in Choachí

When you go to a fancy spa and they make you wear a hair net…

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Top Tip

It is on the same bus at the waterfalls so I suggest going to the waterfall and camping overnight there. Then the next morning make your way back up to the main road and take a bus down to Choachi (or just hitchhike – probably quicker) and find a campsite or Finca to stay there if you want to stay for a second night. Then you can spend the day in the spa returning to Bogota on the last bus at 5 pm or the next morning.



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