Best Places for Solo Female Travellers 2017 – Barcelona – by Journey With Chloe

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Thinking of taking a trip to Barcelona? Barcelona is far more welcoming to solo female travellers than you might think.

I recently lived in Barcelona for a year. It was undoubtedly the best experience of my life. I have to be honest, the rumours of Barcelona being notorious for pickpocketers are true. A lot of my friends who lived there had their things stolen. BUT all of these times were during a night out clubbing, so don’t get scared off. Just be smart with your belongings and they won’t be stolen.
Barcelona is still the ideal place for solo female travellers. I couldn’t have felt safer walking home alone at 5 am from the metro, hiking up mountains outside of the city or even hitchhiking by myself! Just like anywhere else in the world, being street-smart is key. I always ended up having conversations with strangers whenever I explored the city by myself. Barcelona’s population is international, meaning people are very open-minded and friendly.

Getting from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre

There is an Aerobus which takes you from the airport to Plaza Catalunya, but it costs around €5. A cheaper option is the public bus (€2.15). During the day, take bus 46 to Plaza Espanya.
At night, take the N16 night bus to Plaza Catalunya or N17 to Plaza Espanya or Plaza Universitat (one stop after). You can jump on the metro at any of these plazas if you need to travel further.
Getting Around Barcelona
Barcelona is such an interlinked city when it comes to transport. It’s super easy to get around via bus and metro.
If you’re terrible at navigating like me, use Google Maps to map your route before exploring and take screenshots. The app works out which bus or metro lines you need to take.
Don’t buy single tickets! A T10 costs €9.95 which gives you 10 journeys on bus and metro. If you want to cycle, rent a bicycle (from €6). Only locals can use the city bikes.

Places to Stay

The best places to stay are in the ‘local’ neighbourhoods:
Gràcia – the most traditional Catalonian area. Visit Parc Güell, eat tapas and wander around the various plazas.
Eixample – I lived in this area and loved it! Home to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Casa Batlló and Casa Mila.

If you want to be more central:

Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) – the old city, with cobbled streets and beautiful architecture such as the Cathedral.
Barceloneta – closest to the most popular beach and lots of clubs. Hence, the streets can be noisy at night during the summer.
El Born – similar to the Gothic Quarter. Near Ciutadella park.

Other cheaper but further out options:

Vila Olímpica – a short walk to Bogatell beach and the Port.
Poble Sec – near the Magic Fountain and Montjuïc.

I wouldn’t recommend staying in La Rambla or especially El Raval. It’s a bit sketchy at night…

Budget Accommodation

Good hostels will cost between €10 and €15 per night during low season.
In summer, prices double! Expect to pay at least €20 a night for a decent hostel.
If you’re on a tight budget, check out Couchsurfing. It’s free and you get the chance to meet someone with knowledge about atypical things to do in the city!



Another amazing aspect of this city is the food. You can find any type you want.
Good news for solo female travellers, there are plenty of tapas bars around Barcelona.
Go to neighbourhoods further out from the centre such as Poble Nou, Poble Sec and Gràcia for the cheapest and most authentic food! For example, try Gata Mala.
It’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly city too, with meals under €10. I would recommend Veggie Garden, Cat Bar or Biocenter.
France may be reputable for making good crêpes but they’re just as delicious in Barcelona! Try sweet or savory for under €10 at Creps Barcelona.


Thinking of taking a trip to Barcelona? Barcelona is far more welcoming to solo female travellers than you might think.This is a guest post written by  Chloe from Journey With Chloe and is part of my best places for solo female travellers 2017. All images are credited to Chloe and Journey With Chloe blog. If you liked this post please check out Chloe’s blog Journey With Chloe and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you need a cheap flight to Barcelona check Skyscanner first! Or download their App here, and don’t forget your insurance!


6 Replies to “Best Places for Solo Female Travellers 2017 – Barcelona – by Journey With Chloe”

  1. Going places that are safe for solo female travelers is pretty important to me so thank you for posting this! Barcelona is definitely high up on my list of places to travel!

  2. This is such a great guide. I like that you even include vegan vegetarian places because a lot of people assume that Spain is all about meat and cheese. 🙂 I’m going to Barcelona in March so will bookmark this!

  3. Glad to know that Google Maps is reliable in Barcelona, it is so much easier than a paper map (old school). Pickpocketers are unfortunately everywhere throughout Europe, especially targeting tourists.

  4. I visited Barcelona with a group but felt completely safe and comfortable there! Great advice.

  5. Completely agree with this! Barcelona is beautiful and feels perfectly safe. I haven’t been everywhere in Europe (yet 😉 ) but it really is amazing how safe so many of the cities feel. I don’t get what people are scared about. Chloe, you totally nailed it when you talk about being a little street-smart can get you a long way. We ladies just have to be aware of our surroundings!

  6. Finding a CouchSurfing host in Barcelona can be really difficult, especially in the high season. Hosts there are inundated with requests. I managed to find hosts for my time there, but I have a billion references and still had to send out a ton of requests.

    While I didn’t have anything stolen, I had a child try to steal my bag while I was sitting in a plaza in the middle of the day. Keep your hand on your stuff at all times! Too bad for him I’m a New Yorker who had the strap of my bag under my foot. You don’t have to be out clubbing or drinking to get robbed.

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