Cabin Zero the perfect carry on bag?

Cabin Zero the perfect carryon bag?

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Looking for a new carry on? I have had my Cabin Zero backpack for 2 months now and I’m a little bit in love! I had been looking for a new functional carry one that I could double up as my day pack and this is the winner.

Looking for a new carry on? I have had my Cabin Zero backpack for 2 months now and I’m a little bit in love! I had been looking for a new functional carry one that I could double up as my day pack and this is the winner.

Size is everything

The Cabin Zero bags come in 2 sizes. A Large 44L or a small 28L. Now as much as I wanted to get the 44L with my 60L hiking backpack I thought it would be a bit much walking round with a 44L on my front!

The 28L is perfect for me. I use the backpack for 2 things, as a carry on while I’m flying (which is a lot) and as a work day pack while I’m out and about. It works perfectly for both.Although a side holder for my water would make this bag even more perfect. It’s pretty much the one thing that lets it down as a day pack. That said it’s not actually sold as a day pack, more as a carry-on. However, as a backpacker, everything I take with me has to have multi-functions.

As my carry one, I load it up with my electronics and anything else I can’t fit in my check-in so it can weigh a fair amount. The padded straps mean the weight isn’t uncomfortable (good job cabin zero). It’s even fine as a front pack, which I have to use it as when I’m on the move!

Then as a day pack, It normally has my laptop, camera, rain jacket and anything else I may need for the day.

I’ve also used it on a few adventures! Like horse riding in Costa Rica at Mistico Park!


The backpack comes in a lot of colors, it was not easy to decide on yellow! But I liked the idea of having a backpack that’s a bit brighter. I’m really happy with the color, my only issue is keeping it clean! Using it every day it picks up a lot of dirt. Good job it’s machine washable!


Things I love about this backpack

  • The size is perfect for me to go with my big checked in hiking backpack. If you get the 44l size it is the perfect size for your carry on.
  • It also works well as a day pack and a work bag for my digital nomad office. It has some seriously thick padded shoulder straps, which really help with the weight I carry!
  • The color and look of the bag is great, the extra padded straps are also a big win for me
  • Inside the bag, there is a compartment for my laptop plus 2 zip pockets that I use to store my chargers, first aid kit and any other smaller items I keep in my carry on.
  • The size clips are perfect for me to attach my yoga mat! I know they may not be meant for that but I love that I can do this!
  • It has a Built-in Global Tracker, powered by Okoban. That means if you lose it you can just go online and find out where it is.
  • If you like them on Facebook you get a 25-year warranty!

So if you are looking for a stylish multi-functional bag look no further! If you want to get your hands on one of these fabulous bags and also save some money then all you need to do is click here and when you check out enter the code CZCLAIRESITCHYFEET to get 10% off!


Cabin Zero the perfect carryon bag? Looking for a new carry on? I have had my Cabin Zero backpack for 2 months now and I’m a little bit in love! I had been looking for a new functional carry one that I could double up as my day pack and this is the winner.

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19 Replies to “Cabin Zero the perfect carry on bag?”

  1. Interesting post. I’m in the market for a new daypack and this looks like it would do the trick nicely… was so keen on the yellow too until I read about it getting dirty a lot – might have to get it in another colour.

    1. Yes I wish I had chosen a darker color now. I do love the yellow but I use this pack every day and so a darker color would have been better.

  2. What a practical backpack! I really like the colour, it sounds like something every traveller needs. I would probably go for the bigger one though, lots of camera equipment to carry around! 🙂

    1. I kind of wish I had the bigger one…I was just a bit worried as I already have a 70ltr on my back haha

  3. I’ve been looking for a new backpack and this seems perfect! I love the tracker, how cool to be able to track its whereabouts if you lose it/it’s stolen. Thanks for sharing, I’ve researched so much but have never heard of this one!

    1. I think the tracker is one of the things I love the most about it!

  4. The Cabin Zero pack looks perfect for not only on the plane but also when you’re on a bus or train etc… and to hold your important items like electronics. As you show, they are perfect for horse riding, I could have done with one when I was horse riding in Mexico. It’s good how they offer different sizes and colours, I think I’d go for green.

    1. I think green would be a great choice! I normally carry a lot of weight around because of my laptop so the straps being so cushioned are perfect.

  5. I keep hearing good things about Cabin Zero bags. I think I’ll have to look into getting one as even if I don’t manage to go carry-on every time I go away it looks useful as a day pack too. Plus I need lots of storage for kid snacks and nappy changes on the go! I also like how they come in bright colours – yellow is a good choice!

    1. I do love my yellow pack, even if I am a dirt magnet hahah.

  6. This really does sound like a great day pack. I love that it’s sturdy, has padded straps and is machine washable. I think I would also choose a bright colour like the one you have! So washing would be important. My day pack is almost on it’s last journey (as I too use it as a mobile office, with laptop etc)… so this cabin zero pack seems like a great replacement.

    1. I’m so pleased with it 🙂

  7. Cabin Zero bag looks perfect for hikers and travellers. I love yellow colors. I am going to like it on facebook to avail 25 years warranty

    1. The warrantee, bright colours and the tracking tag are huge bonuses!

  8. I actually began to ditch handbags for backpacks! They are so practical and I love the look of this one. I would probably need the bigger one for all my cameras! It looks sturdy and could cope with traveling lots.

    1. I have a handbag I love but it hardly gets used these days. I’m much more of a backpack girl! I like having all my things with me and my handbag hardly fits anything in…looks pretty though!

  9. Backpacks from cabin zero are so amazing. 🙂 They are must have travel buddy and perfect for all types of travelers.. I hope I could get one myself and be able to bring them in my travel and adventures.

  10. This looks like the perfect day pack! I love the variety of colors it comes in. It looks quite sturdy too – perfect for hikes and other outdoor adventures.

    1. It’s great! My only fault with it is it doesn’t have a water bottle holder 🙁

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