5 ways to make sure you enjoy Christmas shopping in NYC

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If you are thinking of visiting NYC at Christmas one thing I do know (having epically failed at it) is what not to do at Christmas. Here are my 5 ways to make sure you enjoy Chrismas shopping in NYC.

My first visit was in 2012/13 over Christmas and New Year. I HATED it! It was cold, the jet lag killed me, but most of all because of this…


Freezing/ Icy New York is not the place to be when you have an ankle this swollen, this picture was taken before I got on the plane. By the time I reached my Mums it was bigger and greener. I can honestly say it’s the worst sprain I’ve had (I’m a dancer so I have had a lot!) and it pretty much ruined my time there as I couldn’t walk! Anyway, I did none of the tourist stuff apart from visit MoMa but I did take some pictures.

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So here are a few tips to help you enjoy NYC at Christmas:

  1. The ability to move around the city pain-free!
  2. Warm clothes. I’m talking woolly hat, gloves, winter coat, winter boots…the works. But be aware if you are shopping it will be icy cold outside, but as soon as you walk into a shop you are hit with tropical temperatures! So make sure you have layers so you can easily whip them off when indoors. You will have the opposite issue in the summer, Americans LOVE their AC and you will freeze indoors in the summer without something warm to put on inside.
  3. Patients and stamina – NYC at Christmas is the ‘place to be’ people travel here from all over the world to do their Christmas shopping and/ or spend the holidays here (we’ve all seen home alone). This means only one thing, it’s packed, there are people everywhere, tourists and locals all shopping! Make sure you have time to really soak up the atmosphere, find a bench and do some people watching. Walk the streets, don’t take the subway, it’s so much more interesting. Which leads me on to number 4.
  4. Good shoes/ boots to walk in. You need something comfortable enough to walk long distances in but you also need to be conscious of the weather. think, Ice, snow and rain – so something waterproof with great grip and you will be fine!
  5. Sometimes it’s good to revisit a city. I really didn’t like NYC on the first visit, I’m now on trip 5 and I love it. I get to know and love a different part of the city each time I go so I never get bored.


Have you visited New York at Christmas time? What are your top tips for surviving the Christmas madness?

5 ways to make sure you enjoy Christmas shopping in NYC


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