Stranded in Stansted Airport

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As I write this post I have been up for about 24 hours, I did attempt sleep curled up on the cold floor by the Easyjet check in to no avail, and I still have another 7-8 hours until I get home…

So what went wrong?

I got complacent and suffered the consequences. I could also blame the very unfriendly guy who refused to give me my hire car. But untimely I probably should have been a bit more organised…

open passports

I travel A LOT and if I’m honest, apart from my fear of flying, I’m a good traveler. I enjoy figuring out how to get from A to B. Exploring new places doesn’t phase me a bit. Probably my worst travel experience was my first: I was 16 and me and my best friend decided to travel to London for some New Year sales shopping on the National Express. This was back in the day pre Internet when you got your tickets through the post and they had a trolley service. It was all going well armed with my London A to Z I navigated us around the streets of London like a pro, until it was time to go home that is. What I didn’t realize was there was 2 Victoria Coach Stations, one for arrivals and one for departures.


Unfortunately for us, we missed our coach due to sitting waiting at the arrivals terminal. Long story short we had a 6-hour wait in the station and enough money for an egg mayo sandwich and a hot chocolate between us. There were some tears, my mum almost had to come and get us but thanks to my trusty checkbook (god this is such a 90’s story) we arrived back into Liverpool coach station gone midnight to some rather stressed out and worried parents.

And now?

Fast-forward almost 20 years and I can honestly say I have had no more disasters like that. No delayed flights missed connections overweight baggage and I’ve never even run out of money. Until tonight that is…

Departure Timetable

This trip although I booked it months ago was all a bit last-minute. I travel so much now it doesn’t really occur to me to plan every tiny detail like I used to. I don’t make checklists or make sure all of my documents are printed and in order weeks before.

It’s more like shove them in my bag the night before. In fact, I wouldn’t have even traveled with any euros if I hadn’t of been passing the post office by chance and remembered I was traveling the following day! My airport travel plans had only been booked the week before (despite the flights being booked months in advance).

I traveled by coach on the way there but as my flight didn’t get in until 11:15 pm on the way back and I needed to be in work the following day I booked a hire car on my account. I have an account as it saves me money and time because you don’t have to produce your documents or pay huge deposits. Most of the time they just throw the keys through my letterbox! So when I realized I hadn’t brought my driving license I didn’t worry about it as they NEVER ask me for it.

The perks of being a Hertz Gold Card customer. Unfortunately for me Carlos (the very unhelpful chap in the rental place) decided he wasn’t going to give me my car without seeing my license and I was met with a “well what do you want me to do about it?” he said he needed more proof I was who I said I was, apparently my passport wasn’t good enough for Carlos! So there I was close to tears gone midnight with no other option but to try to sleep on the airport floor and wait for my 6am coach.

travel documents

Lesson learned: Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents P*** Poor Performance 😉 … and I will never again travel without my driving license!


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