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I’m currently in the nitty gritty of planning my next adventure and starting to think about how I might grow and develop my audience whilst travelling Central and South America, predominantly Spanish speaking countries. Although I am learning Spanish, I’m no where near able to translate my content into Spanish! So I started thinking about Translation Services and looking for an affordable service that can translate my words whilst keeping my integrity.

Just one of the funny (poorly translated) signs I saw in Thailand.
Just one of the funny (poorly translated) signs I saw in Thailand.

As much as I love Google Translate for a quick on the go translation services fix, so much can get lost in the translation. Doggie translation may be good for a giggle, but it can also make a business look unprofessional.

As a travel blogger I get asked to review products and services as well as being asked to guest post of companies social media and blogs. If this is in a country where English is not the first language I would like to be able to offer my reviews, posts and any writing I do in both English and the country’s first language. Using an online translation service tool may get the job done, and be free, BUT as a writer I’m very particular about the words I use; I like my personality to come through my writing. I don’t want that getting lost in translation.


So what’s the answer I hear you cry? Well Translate Shark is the best translating service I’ve come across so far. The key selling point is that it’s an actual real person performing the translation service (not a computer programme). This makes a huge difference in the quality of the translation and I will most certainly be using it for all of my future assignments on my travels! Pricing varies from $8 to $30 for 1000 characters, depending on the deadline and complexity of language (European languages tend to be cheaper with Scandinavian, Asian, or African languages being more difficult to translate and therefore more expensive). Its cheap enough for me to be able to include it in my quote for work, making them a perfect partner for any travel writer.

I’m heading to Central and South America next year so I know that Translate Shark is going to be well used by me as my Spanish skills are no way near good enough to translate right now!

Have you got any funny pictures of poorly translated signs? I’d love to see them so tweet yours to @clsitchyfeet with the #CIFlostintranslation

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