10 reason why Liverpool should be on your UK travel list

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Planning a visit to the UK? If Liverpool isn’t on your list then keep reading. If I haven’t convinced you by the end of this article then there is no hope! Here are 10 reason why Liverpool should be on your UK travel list.

Why Liverpool?

I am on a mission to entice visitors to England away from London. Now I know, London is London, it’s amazing and there is a lot to see. But it’s also crowded, expensive and well, it’s a bit obvious. So I decided to create this post with some of Liverpool’s best bits to give you 10 reasons why Liverpool should be part of your UK travel plan!

Liverpool Skyline

If you really want to see England you need to get yourself on a train, coach, or a plane and get out of London. If you fancy clean air, coastal walks and breathtaking views then head west and take a read of my posts on Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon but if you want a vibrant city to rival London then you need to visit Liverpool and here are just 10 reasons why.

1 Culture

Liverpool was the European capital of culture in 2008 and you can still feel the effects of it years later. Thanks to a huge investment in the city over the last decade culture continue to thrive in Liverpool. If you love art then you have The Tate and The Walker. If you want museums you can’t go wrong with The International Slavery Museum, The Planetarium or The Maritime Museum.

Entry to all the Museums in Liverpool who are under the National Museums Liverpool banner is FREE to enter. Yep, that’s right free. If it’s the Performing Arts you are after then The Blue Coat, The Empire and The Everyman. If you are a music lover then Liverpool is the city for you. You can’t escape it, it is the home of the Beatles after all! You will find live music everywhere and if you are after some big names then the Echo Arena or the Philharmonic Hall are good places to start.



2 The nightlife

Seel Street and Victoria Street for the young and the beautiful. If like me you are on the better side of 30 then head to Mathew Street or concert square. Scousers know how to have a good night out and you can go out every night of the week and have a good night here.

3 The Beatles

Need I say more? For Beatles fans, you can fly into the John Lennon Airport, visit The Beatles Story, take a tour, sleep in the hotel or on the boat, get a picture with John on Mathew street and then finish off with a pint in the Cavern Club.

I have created a Beatles self-guided walking tour on Walkli so you can see all of the City Centre Beatles places for yourself, without having to pay a penny (unless you want to go into the Beatles Story).

Or if you prefer something more organised take a look at what Viator have on offer. They always have great discounts and they are my go-to whenever I’m in a new city.

4 The Hotels

There are some pretty epic places to stay in Liverpool including the Titanic Hotel, Hard days night hotel and Themed barges you can stay overnight on. You can stay in a batman themed barge! I’ve written a whole post on this you can read here.

The Albert Dock 

It’s the largest group of grade I listed buildings in Britain and home to Tate Liverpool, several of the city’s museums and some of the best places to shop, eat and drink.Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK.

6 The monuments 

The Liverbirds, The Yellow Submarine, Super Lamb Banana, St Georges hall, The Radio City Tower and the Bombed out Church

7 The Cathedrals

We have two cathedrals in Liverpool and they are both pretty spectacular and well worth a visit. Liverpool Cathedral is open 8am-6pm and free to enter and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral which is also free to enter and open 7:30 am until 6 pm

8 Shopping

Hands down the best shopping in the North West of England. If you are a fashion lover you will find high street brands and designer labels side by side in Liverpool One and if you venture out of the main streets you will find an abundance of smaller independent boutique shops.

9 Food

Where to start! The food in Liverpool is excellent and you won’t struggle to find good places to eat. For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with Moose Cafe. For lunch I’d recommend going to The Blue Coat, if it’s nice, sit outside and soak up the culture and for dinner it has to be China City – It’s in Chinatown and not only will you get a great meal but it is a karaoke bar, I mean what more could you ask for to end your evening? If you are vegan then you need to go to The Old Hardware Shop.

10 The People

I could easily list 10 more reasons to visit Liverpool and reel off a load of other places to visit and things to do but in my opinion, this one is the main reason you should pack your bag and visit Liverpool right away. Scousers are pretty amazing people; funny, friendly and fiercely loyal. I can guarantee you will be welcomed with a smile in Liverpool.

If you are looking for an itinary for a weekend getaway in Liverpool then check out this fab Weekend guide of things to do in Liverpool from Probe around the Globe.

Planning a visit to the UK? If Liverpool isn't on your list then keep reading. If I haven't convinced you by the end of this article then there is no hope! Here are 10 reason why Liverpool should be on your UK travel list.

If you need a cheap flight to Liverpool check Skyscanner first! Or download their App here, and don’t forget your insurance!


29 Replies to “10 reason why Liverpool should be on your UK travel list”

  1. I went to Liverpool a couple of years ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I also did not realise that there was so much to do. Unfortunately, we were there for the weekend, so we were on limited time. We never got to visit the Museums but we do the Beatles tour and went to Penny Lane, which was a lot of fun. Great pictures by the way

    1. Ah sadly I can’t take credit for the images! I didn’t have my camera and couldn’t get anything half decent on my iPhone so I had to get some stick images! So glad you enjoyed your trip ?

  2. I have only been to London and have been wanting to go back to England and do more exploring. I think I would love Liverpool and I’m also a big fan of the Beatles! Also, your photos make the place look even more enticing!

    1. You really should it’s such a vibrant and friendly city. The people are amazing! Sadly not my images although I wish they were. Rubbish weather and lack of decent camera prevented me getting anything I could use ?

  3. I’m listing all the places I can go to for a quick break from London and you’ve just reminded me of this place. Thanks! 🙂

    1. My pleasure! Have a great time 🙂

  4. Great place! How I wish to visit London.

  5. I could not agree more! I was born about an hour from Liverpool, and lived in the city for a year. It really bugs me when people say they’ve been to England but only to London – there is so much more to the UK than just London! So get on that train!!! 😀

  6. I love this. As someone who has traveled extensively in the U.K I agree it is so good to get out of London and see what else is out there. I had no idea Liverpool was the cultural center of Europe in 08 and would love to visit the planetarium and other museums! Thanks for sharing, all 10 are great reasons to go!

    1. Thanks Susan! Hope you had a great experience travelling the UK 🙂

  7. I only spent a few hours in London on a layover so I would love to go back but you’ve convinced me to visit Liverpool as well. I only knew about Liverpool’s tie to The Beatles but didn’t realize there was so much more (free museums – yay!).

    1. Honestly it’s amazing. There is so much to do! And it’s super cheep

  8. You had me a Beatles! haha

    I always thought London was a little overrated and didn’t really represent ALL of England. Looking forward to exploring more of the country when I come back next year – Liverpool on the list.

    1. Glad to hear it! Have a wonderful time 🙂

  9. alright then – You had me a Beatles! haha

    I always thought London was a little overrated and didn’t really represent ALL of England. Looking forward to exploring more of the country when I come back next year – Liverpool on the list.

  10. I totally agree with you. Even though I spent 1.5 months in England, I was mostly in the suburbs. Liverpool was on my list – esp to enjoy a soccer match but then I saw one at Arsenal instead. The yellow submarine sounds nice – would love to see that.

  11. Well, you’ve totally convinced me. I’ve always wanted to travel to Liverpool because of the Beatles, but I had no idea there was so much more to see and do!

    1. Its a wonderful city you will have an amazing time if you do get to visit 🙂

  12. I have visited Liverpool three years ago and absolutely loved it! Great reading about it again 🙂

    1. So glad you had a great experience there. Happy travels!

  13. I’ve only visited London in the UK and would love to check out other places there. You’re right, I did find it expensive as hell (!) so it’s nice to hear that there are other places in England that are more afforable! Will have to add Liverpool to the list; the Batman-themed barge sounds cool!

    1. I know right! Wish I had of gone on it. I think it’s mostly used by larger parties who take over the whole barge for a night, not so much for solo travellers. Have fun if you ever get to visit!

  14. Wow Liverpool is on my list.
    So gorgeous, hopefully one day I will be able to make my way to these places. Every photo makes it look like a photographers dream!

    1. I know! I was gutted that I only had my iPhone to photograph so I had to use some stock images for this post. Planning a photo day when i head back next year though!

  15. My stepdad and brother are both lifelong Man Utd fans and so I’ve always been warned away from Liverpool for obvious reasons, haha. For 2017, though, I really want to make an effort to get out and see more of my own country (both Wales and the UK as a whole) and I’ll admit that Liverpool is on the list! Other than the Beatles stuff I didn’t really have a clue what was on offer to be honest, so I’m glad I stumbled across this as it’ll definitely come in handy when I eventually make it there!

    1. Ah this makes me so happy! There isn’t so much rivalry these days…Just maybe leave your Man U scarf at home haha 😉

  16. London is poo, the real UK charm is in Liverpool and I 100% agree with everything that you’ve said, and I’m not even from there! I’m from Newcastle (I’m totes biased and I think that this is the best city in the world) and I love going to Liverpool because the people are the type of friendly that I’m used to at home: funny, loud, and up for a laugh.

    Went for a weekend last year and dying to go back, fantastic shopping too!

  17. Liverpool is included in the bucket list of Beatles fan like me! Would love to go there, sleep on the boat and drop by The Beatles Story! I don’t have to worry about the accommodation cost, I read from your other article I could only spend 14 euros! Thank you for sharing!

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