Can I Get the Mexico Tourist Card Upon Arrival?

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Many travelers want to visit Mexico and it’s no wonder why. With spectacular beaches, Mayan pyramids, and more, Mexico is well worth visiting. 

It’s important that people who want to travel to Mexico understand what they need to do in order to enter the country. That way, they can plan ahead and make sure they have everything they need before they get there. This makes arriving in Mexico and getting through Immigration simple and easy. 

What is the Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico Tourist Card is a form that all non-Mexican travelers to Mexico must fill out before they arrive in the country. It allows travelers to enter Mexico for the purposes of tourism and other recreation, and it allows them to stay for up to 180 days. 

Every traveler needs their own Mexico Tourist Card, even children, though their parents can fill the card out for them if they are too young to do so themselves. Similarly, travelers who are too old to fill out their own card or those who are disabled may have a caregiver fill out the card for them. 

The Mexican government keeps track of the information on the Mexico Tourist Card as a permanent record of every person who visits Mexico. The information can also allow them to get in touch with travelers if there are questions or concerns during their stay. 

The Mexico Tourist Card is completely free. Travelers will need to show it when they enter Mexico and again when they leave, and officials can ask to see it at any time during their stay in Mexico, too. 

Do I Need a Visa to Mexico?

Can I Get the Mexico Tourist Card Upon Arrival?

Travelers from certain countries will need a visa to visit Mexico. This list of countries is subject to change, so it’s important that each traveler research whether or not they will need a visa ahead of time. Keep in mind that visa requirements are based on a traveler’s country of origin, NOT on the country they are in right before they travel to Mexico.

Additionally, anyone who wants to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days or who wishes to find employment in Mexico will need to get a visa before they travel, even if no visa is required for normal tourism. 

Travelers who plan to study in Mexico, those who plan to join a family member there for more than 180 days, or those who wish to reside either temporarily or permanently in Mexico, will also need visas before they travel.

In most of the world, getting a visa to Mexico involves making an appointment at the nearest Mexican embassy. Travelers will need to bring all of their relevant travel documents, including a valid passport, with them to this appointment. 

At the appointment, travelers will complete the Mexico Visa Application form, submit their documents, and pay the required visa fee. Then they will need to wait until the visa is approved before they make travel plans. 

Visitors from Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey ONLY may apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization online before they visit Mexico. This is because there is no accessible Mexican embassy where citizens of these countries can complete their application. 

What is the Best Way to Get the Mexico Tourist Card?

While some airlines provide physical copies of the Mexico Tourist Card that visitors can complete on the airplane, this is being phased out. Some major carriers still offer them, but others do not. Thus, it is better to fill out the form online before traveling to Mexico, rather than risk being left with no way to complete the form. is a popular tourist card provider.

Filling out the form online also takes some of the hassle out of a trip to Mexico. Getting everyone’s tourist card completed while on an airline can be stressful, especially for travelers who do not speak either Spanish or English and those with large families, some of whom cannot fill out their own cards. 

Once travelers fill out the form online, all they need to do is print it off and carry it with them when they travel. Immigration officials will ask to see the form upon arrival. At that point, the traveler can present it and get it stamped. After that, all they need to do is carry the form with them and present it again before they leave. 

How to Apply For the Mexico Tourist Card Online

Getting a Mexico Tourist Card online is easy. Travelers need to meet the following requirements:

  • Every traveler must have a valid passport from their home country. It must be valid for at least 6 months beyond their date of arrival in Mexico.
  • Travelers need to be within 30 days of their trip to Mexico. If they are outside of that timeline, they must wait until their trip is only 30 days out to apply.
  • Travelers need to be planning to remain in Mexico for less than 180 days.
  • Travelers need to be visiting Mexico for a vacation or for tourist purposes, and NOT be planning to get a job there. 

Visitors will only need a few pieces of information to complete their Mexico Tourist Card form. These include:

  • Personal information, which should match exactly what is on their passport
  • Contact information for their party while they are in Mexico
  • Information about how, when, and where they plan to arrive in Mexico. This includes specific flight information if they are arriving by air.
  • Their address in Mexico, including the full name of any hotels they plan to stay at while in the country
  • A valid email address, where they can receive the form after they complete it

In addition, visitors should have a printer available, so they can print off the form once they finish it. 

Travel to Mexico Today!

Travelers who want to visit Mexico will find the online tourist card application simple and easy. It’s a great way to avoid hassle on the airplane and to expedite entry into the country. Within just a few minutes, visitors can have everything they need to enter Mexico and enjoy everything it has to offer them.