Choosing the Right Vehicle For Your Best Road Trip

Choosing the Right Vehicle For Your Best Road Trip

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Americans are traveling more domestically than ever, with over 39% of people preferring to travel by car in 2017. Road trips are nothing new, but their popularity is gaining with increasingly restrictive air travel requirements, lower gas prices, and a wish to see more of the unknown. Road trips are appealing to travelers who wish to see more, take whatever they want, and be more flexible. This wish to be freer in travels is reflected in the numbers.

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Choosing the Best Destination

The hard part for future road trippers is deciding where to go and for how long. For millennials, the trend appears to be taking shorter road trips more often. This does not mean that the two-week road trip is dead, but more frequently split up to fit into busy schedules. Often they will either start at home and explore in any given direction or fly across the country and start from there. Popular destinations include California’s Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, the Overseas Highway in Florida, and the Great River Road in the South. Choosing a destination can be as easy as choosing a road to follow or allowing yourself to get lost in a different part of the country.

Choosing the Right Vehicle For Your Best Road Trip

Getting the Car

Once a destination is set, the next step is planning the chariot that will take you where you want to go. Popular options abound, ranging from the retro Volkswagen to new trendy options like trucks for shorter trips. In fact for younger travelers, the truck has become a new choice popular with road trips because of its added feature, the truck bed. Putting a mattress in the back and stargazing is just one of the benefits that come from road tripping with a truck. Everyone these days is looking for interesting ways to travel, and a cool ride can make a big difference on a road trip. Just make sure to get all the vehicle essentials before starting the trip.

Finalizing Your Plans

Once you have a destination, find some good friends or family to come with you. Road trips are better in a group because sharing an experience with people you love often makes for the best of times. Taking a road trip to a new destination or to a familiar one is always an adventure and well worth the personal investment. Traveling by road in a world focused on airplanes can put everything into perspective.


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