Why you should swap material souvenirs for digital memories of your travels

Why you should swap material souvenirs for digital memories of your travels

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In response to a never-ending supply of cheap, material goods, 78% of millenials are choosing experiences to find fulfillment in their lives instead, and the trend is spreading to all ages and groups. Seeing more of the world is a popular choice, and the memories created while traveling can be particularly poignant. You don’t want to be complacent about preserving them, but how do you record these experiences without creating more material clutter?

For the truly nomadic, traditional travel journals, photo albums and scrapbooks are bulky when traveling with a backpack and your home is wherever you choose it to be that day. The answer is to make the most of digital storage, which is secure, easily accessed and ever-increasing in size. 

Unlimited Photo Storage

Thanks to the wide use of smartphones, great photo opportunities are rarely missed, and more than a trillion photographs were taken around the world in 2018. Running out of storage need never be an excuse for missing the chance to record the next solar eclipse in Chile, snap smoking volcanoes in Guatemala or capture any other ‘once in a lifetime’ sights. Whether you use your smartphone or a more specialized digital camera, your pictures and video can be kept securely on large digital memory cards, and then easily accessed and shared.

Paperless Scrapbooks

By combining copies of ticket stubs, postcards, and programmes with your photos, you can make a digital scrapbook. Apps and websites offer kits containing graphics and other embellishments where you can scan your memorabilia and create beautiful collages, all without searching for scissors or getting covered in glue. You still benefit from the same satisfaction and mindfulness that traditional scrapbooking offers and, as well as keeping a record of names and dates of events, you can easily share your original creations online.

Evocative Music

As well as visual mementos, making and storing a portable playlist of songs for every journey or destination is a great way to relive your travels. Music is incredibly evocative, as the rhythm and rhyme of music helps unlock memories from the brain. In this way, personal playlists have the power to transport you back to faraway places and help you recollect even subconscious memories.

 Final Thoughts

Physically storing your travel memories as printed photos and bulging scrapbooks can be a burden when you’re traveling light. If you’re an intrepid globe-trotter and every day is a new adventure, your own memory banks will be full as well. Share the load by saving photos and memorabilia digitally, allowing instant access and the ability to easily share your experiences with your friends and family around the world.

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