6 must-do activities on your visit the Dominican Republic

6 must-do activities on your visit the Dominican Republic

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If you are looking for sun, beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. The Dominican Republic is the place to go. Lovers of yoga, golf, sand, and palm-lined beaches find rentals in the Dominican Republic easy to view and book. This island country is no stranger to welcoming all types of guests so whatever your travel style preference is there can be a place for you here.

Why visit The Dominican Republic?

First-time visitors to the Caribbean often feel very satisfied by choosing the Dominican Republic. Located in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean on the Hispaniola Island, the Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti. It has an inviting climate and it’s year-round golf courses make this country one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has the tallest peak in the Caribbean. As well as the largest lake and the lowest point of elevation.

 6 awesome things you can do in the Dominican Republic

For those looking for a bit of sun, beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, the Dominican Republic is the place to go. Here are my 6 must-dos. Find out more!

1. Visit a Fishing Village

In only the short span of 30 years what used to be the tiny, ramshackle sleepy village of Las Terrenaswas has transformed into one of the most sought-after tourist areas in the Dominican Republic. North American and European expatriates have found their way there bringing an influx of guest houses and restaurants. Despite this, the town has been able to retain its quaint and charming characteristics. Along a lush strip of land pushing out into the Atlantic, this town lays along the Samana Penisula. Extensive groves of coconut trees and white sandy beaches make this area a delight for people to visit.

2. Admire Zona Colonia of Santo Domingo

Five hundred plus years in the making this UNESCO World Heritage site is one to behold. Santo Domingo has a booming population of 2 million plus people. Making it the largest city in the entire Caribbean. Next to the western banks of the Ozama River lays the Ciudad Colonial of Zona Colonia. Columbus made his way through this area in the 15th century. The first cathedral of its kind in the America’s is located here as well as the Grand Alcazar De Colon. Oodles of UNESCO sites are scattered throughout this area. It’s pretty streets with shady squares make for pleasant wandering. In current times, local families reside here just as they have for decades going about their daily life.

3. Find a Deal on Accommodation

For those looking for an indulgent vacation, the Dominican Republic is the place to find awesome digs. There are plenty of options ranging from budget to five-star resorts. For something a bit different, break away from the mold of the usual hotel booking and instead look for a place where you can rent an entire private villa for yourself. Especially if you are traveling as a group of friends or with family, sharing the cost of renting a house can be reasonably affordable and give you more privacy.

If you are traveling with a special someone, sometimes it’s fun to splurge on just yourself for an unforgettable vacation. Many places on offer are beachfront properties with state of the art kitchens and amenities. Not to mention a touch of class to really remind you are living it up on vacation!

the Dominican Republic

4. Climb the “Dominican Alps”

Higher up in elevation, the interior of the island feels like a different world than its counterpart of the coast. From the heart of Santo Domingo, the interior is only a distance of about 80 kilometers. Making a trip feasible for most travelers. The Cordillera Central Mountain Range forms the spine of the island and Pico Duarte. The highest peak in the Caribbean can be seen towering throughout the area.

Make sure you take pictures of the streams, valleys, meadows, pine trees and other mountains features that you will come across. It always gives people a bit of surprise to see and learn about such diversity in the Caribbean.

If you are a nature lover, be sure to keep your eyes on the lookout for iguanas and different species of birds.

5. Beach it up on the “Coconut Coast”

The eastern and southeastern side of the island is the undisputed tourist mecca. Some 40 miles of beaches stretch along this part of the country. Punta Cana has been the magnet for the five-star luxury resorts and golf clubs. There are plenty of palm tree lanes and beaches to enjoy. Restaurants and guests services abound to help travelers enjoy their visit. Make sure you remember your sunscreen and be sure to drink plenty of water. Plenty of tourists, especially those escaping a colder climate, are caught off guard by the intensity of the sun. Don’t let a sun-related illness take away your precious vacation time.


6. Go to “Silver Port”

Puerto Plata, known as ‘Silver Port’ lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Pico Isabel de Torres. It used to be a sleepy town until about the 1970s when a massive tourist boom happened. Now guests enjoy admiring the Victorian-era architecture, galleries and the variety of restaurants that have sprung up.


If you are looking for a warm-weather destination and a place that allows you to remember every day that you truly are on vacation. Then consider booking your trip to the Dominican Republic. Those beaches will be waiting for you…


6 must-do activities on your visit the Dominican Republic



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