Travel Stories | My Favorite Vacation in Thailand | Win a Safari with Yellow Zebra Safaris

Travel Stories | My Favorite Vacation in Thailand | Win a Safari with Yellow Zebra Safaris

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ailAs you might have already heard from my social media and previous blog post, I’m really excited to have partnered with Yellow Zebra Safaris, as they are launching a blogger competition where you lucky bloggers have the chance to win a once in a lifetime safari to Tanzania.

To enter all you have to do is write a blog post about your favorite holiday experience. Easy right? Well, to make it even easier, I have done an entry sample below for you to get inspired. Read on and don’t forget to check the official competition page for all the details!


My Favorite Vacation in Thailand

When I saw Yellow Zebra Safaris were launching a competition and challenging bloggers to write about their favorite vacation I knew I had to write about Thailand.

I visited Thailand a few years ago with my best friend for 3 weeks and it was the best vacation I have been on so far. We spent 3 weeks traveling from Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand all the way down to Krabi in the south, before island hopping our way back up to Bangkok.

What made Thailand my favorite vacation

Thailand had everything I wanted in a vacation; action, adventure, and culture. I loved exploring the ancient temples in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. The history and beauty there is exquisite. We also ventured further north to the city of Chiang Mai where we spent 3 days hiking up mountains, sliding down waterfalls and trekking through the jungle. During those 3 days, we stayed in a local village with a tribe who shared with us their food and hospitality. It really was the most incredible experience.

Although, after a week of nonstop temple exploring and hiking in the north of Thailand I was happy to head south to do some island hopping.

The second part of the vacation we completely changed the pace. After camping and hiking, we were ready for some luxury, so booked a few nights in a luxury hotel in Phuket. For me, it’s always so important to balance out action and adventure with a bit of luxury and pampering!
The last 2 weeks of our vacation we spent hopping from island to island. Eating amazing Thai street food, getting to know the local customs and visiting more temples of course! We even managed to squeeze in a few days at a yoga retreat center.

I can honestly say it was the best vacation experience of my life. It felt liberating to have so much freedom to make plans, break plans, and be completely spontaneous.

This trip was also the birth of Claire’s Itchy Feet! Travel blogs were so helpful for me when traveling to Thailand that I decided to start my own to add in all of the extra things I learned in Thailand that I hadn’t found on blogs.

Wat Maha That


Tanzania, my next dream destination

If there is one continent I want to explore more it would be Africa. I have already spent time in The Gambia, Siera Leone, Ghana, and South Africa. But one place I am dying to go is Tanzania.

Ever since my first visit to The Gambia and Cape Town back in 2005 I knew I wanted to return and experience the magic of a safari in Tanzania. Yes, I know other African countries have amazing safaris too. But do they have the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar?

I want to experience a safari in Tanzania because it has so many of the things I love in a vacation. Wildlife, action, adventure, and culture. Enjoying a safari with Yellow Zebra
Safaris would also mean being able to balance all of that action and adventure with the luxury of staying in beautiful places and exquisite service.

African Adventures | Your time to go on a dream safari in Tanzania

Your chance to win a dream safari in Tanzania:

So that’s my entry sample for the competition.

Now it’s over to you fellow bloggers! All you have to do to enter Yellow Zebra Safaris’ competition is to write your own post, just like the above, telling me (and the rest of the world) about your favorite vacation.

If you are a blogger/ influencer and you want to tap into your wild side, then a luxury safari in Tanzania must be on your bucket list. It has the perfect balance of action, adventure, wildlife with a sprinkling of luxury.

African Adventures | Your time to go on a dream safari in Tanzania

Entering couldn’t be simpler!

All you have to do is follow my example and write about the most amazing vacation you have ever been on. You could write about anywhere in the world you have traveled to. For full details just head over to the competition page and then get writing.

The competition is open: 1st October
Entries will be closing: 31st October
Winner announced: 28th November

Final Thoughts

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this competition! I’m so looking forward to getting to read all about your vacations and adventures.

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