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A step by step guide to planning the perfect trip

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Need some expert help planning the perfect trip? The most common thing that people ask me is about trip planning. You would be amazed at home many people email me each week asking for advice on planning and booking their next vacation.

I am a long-term traveler, meaning I don’t stay in many resorts or fancy hotels. My budget is a fraction of most holidaymakers.

However, my expert knowledge of booking and planning means I know a thing or two about planning the perfect trip.

Take it step by step. In the following article I’m going to take you through the 10 steps I take when planning and how you can follow them to plan your perfect trip.

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Step 1 – Deciding what kind of vacation do you want?

The first thing I like to do is to close my eyes and imagine I’m already on vacation. Take some time to visualize the perfect destination, what you will do there, what you will eat and where you will stay.

Now you should have a clear idea in your head of your perfect vacation! Time for step 2…

Step 2 – Do you want to go on vacation somewhere hot or cold?

The number 1 thing you need to consider is if you want to be hot or cold! Depending on this answer you are instantly going to rule out a lot of countries. If you want to go somewhere hot then you can cross Iceland and Norway off your list. If you want to go on a winter holiday somewhere cool then you probably want to stay away from countries close to the equator.

Step 3 – When do you want to go on vacation?

So now you should have a visual idea of the kind of holiday you want to know if you want to be hot or cold. The next step is to decide where you want to go. Do a few google searches using some keywords that you want from your holiday.

For example:

  • beach holidays in Europe
  • luxury winter escape

As well as searching google I like to search on Pinterest and # on Instagram. They are both very visual platforms and you can take some time to look at the pictures and click on anything that catches your eye. Make a note of the countries and places you were drawn to.

What activities do you like doing?

Now the next thing I do is write down my top activities to do on vacation. So for me, I love to hike, surf, scuba dive, and relax on the beach.

Everyone is different and if you are traveling with someone else you are going to need to add things they like to do to this list too!

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Deciding where do you want to go?

It’s decision time. By now you should have a clear idea of what you want from a vacation. This is going to help you to narrow down the places you would like to go.

Write a list of your top 5 or 10 places and jot down some notes on each.

An important factor that you should take into consideration is selecting a country that’s safe health-wise. For travel health tips specific to your destination, you can visit sites such as Travel Health Connect. It’s a great tool to help you to plan, research and help you to prevent any diseases specific to the country you want to travel to so that you can have the time of your life while abroad. 

Booking your flights

Now for the exciting part! It is time to book your flights. This is my favorite part but I know that flight booking can be a total nightmare for some people. So if you need some extra help I wrote a whole post guiding you step-by-step through how I book flights.

Finding the perfect accommodation

Now that you have your flights it is time to book your accommodation. Be careful to search more than one site and look for the best deals. Remember don’t book anything until you have checked the reviews on the booking site and google.

For my full guide to booking accommodation.

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Research and planning things to do

Now you have everything booked it is time for the really fun part… planning your time there. I have google documents and sheets, google maps and a whole Pinterest board for each destination I travel to.

Now you may not want to go as crazy as me on the planning stuff. But I would recommend taking a read of my travel research guide and at least setting up a Pinterest board.

Making the perfect packing list

Now you know where you are going, how you will get there and what you are going to be doing when you get there, there is only one thing left… Write a packing list!

Whether you have an electronic one on your cell phone or a handwritten on in your diary, keep it close. That way you can keep adding to it when you remember someone new you need to add.

Enjoy your vacation!

The most common thing that people ask me is about planning the perfect trip. So take a read of my 10 steps to planning the perfect trip.

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Book your trip now

Are you ready to book your trip?  To help you get the best deals and service here are the companies that I personally use to book all of my travel online. I always shop around before booking anything, but these are my tried and tested starting places.

  • Skyscanner – I’m a bit fan of Skyscanner, it is who I use to book all of my flights. I often will check other like Google Flights or Momodo, but I always go here first and it is who I book 99% of my flights with. 
  • – I LOVE especially when I can book and cancel free up until a certain point, mostly because my plans are forever changing. It’s easy to use and has one of the widest selections. 
  • Airbnb – I’m not a huge user of Airbnb, but sometimes I do like to use it, and I ALWAYS check it before I book anything else. You can get some really cool places to stay here, and it is especially good in places like Cuba. If you don’t have an account and you click on this link then you will get $36 off your first booking.
  • Hostelworld – If you are looking for hostels then this is a great place to check first. They often have additional places that you won’t find on
  • Agoda – Although I don’t use it as much as, Agonda is especially good if you are traveling in Asia as they really do dominate there. 
  • Worldpackers – If you want to travel on the cheap and save money on accommodation then you need Worldpackers in your life. You can read more about it here. If you click this link to sign up and use the code CLAIRESITCHYFEET then you can get a 40% discount on your membership! 
  • Book a Way – If you are traveling in Asia and want to pre-book your transportation then is a fantastic site to do so. They have buses, trains, and cars.
  • RentalCars – Looking to rent a. car while you are away? I always book through Rental Cars as they do a search of all of the big sites and find the best deals. 
  • Welcome Pickups – Very occasionally getting from the airport to my accommodation is a total pain in the butt, or I’m traveling in a group and it makes sense to arrange a pickup. When I do I use Welcome pickups.
  • World Nomads – If you are looking for flexible travel insurance then it’s World Nomads all the way. I wrote all about insurance here if you want a more thorough review. 
  • SafetyWing – AsI’m a Digital Nomad and not moving around quite so much anymore I personally use SafetyWing now for my health insurance. I wrote a full review here
  • Viatour – Sometimes it can be a little expensive, but I like Viatour for somethings, especially if you can get a discount code! It’s also great for inspiration. 
  • Klook – If you are traveling in Asia, then Klook is great! You can book all kinds of tours, activities, and train tickets, plus they even have sim cards and WiFi.

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  1. Megan Indoe

    Congrats on finishing your first ebook, they can be challenging! We have only put together one for my husband’s photography course and it was tedious work. It sounds like you’re passionate about it which is great if you want to continue making more.

  2. Chantell - Adoration 4 Adventure

    Wow look at you! That is HUGE news! I am so happy for you that you had a dream and made it come true :). I can’t even imagine that work that goes into making an ebook. Looking forward to see what you get up to next.

    1. Claire Summers

      Thanks Chantell! Hard at it right now prepping for Central America. Love reading your blog and following your adventures too x

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    Congrats on scoring your first ebook!! I’m sure it took a lot of work and the end product must be something to be proud of. I’ll sign up for sure!

  4. Stephanie

    This is so inspirational. I’ve been wanting to write a book and I think blogging is a great gateway. I was 100 pages don’t for my novel but not even sure where to start when it comes to publication. Congrats!! Will definitely take a look at your guide.

    1. Claire Summers

      I really want to write a novel. This was me dipping my toe into it. So many great books and guild to self-publishing out there. You should go for it!

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    That is so awesome! I have plans to write a couple this year. I just have not had the time to get to it yet,


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      Go for it! It’s a bit of a headache but not as hard as i thought it would be.

  7. Danni Lawson

    Congratulations, that’s a big milestone! I know it must have been a lot of work, but hope Canva made the layout easy. A guide to getting cheap flights would be great, too.

  8. Hallie

    Congrats! That’s exciting. I’ve always wanted to write one as well but just never find the time. Not sure mine could be whipped up in a day though haha. Great to keep it simple and to the point for travelers though. ^^

  9. Tara

    Congratulations on your first Ebook. You made it sound really easy – wrote it in a day? Crazy! It sounds like you are really passionate about helping others plan their vacations. I actually love planning vacations too, but only for myself. 🙂 I hope you have lots of success!

    1. Claire Summers

      Thank you Tara! Yes did it all in a day. Although I had written 4 posts on planning so I just took bits from each of them and edited into the ebook. So I wasn’t starting from nothing 🙂

  10. cathy

    hi Claire!
    It’s good to read here you actually wrote a book, ebook. It was amazing, some of my friends and avid readers told me I should write a book. May I ask did you have a specific niche when you wrote it? ( sorry I haven’t opened the link yet as it needs to register ) but I am interested. I write mostly about travel stories and love, life and relationship in general. Thanks much!


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