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Should I travel to Colombia | Coronaviras Update

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The past week has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. I’ve been following the backpacking in Colombia Facebook groups intensely and the main question right now seems to be, should I travel to Colombia right now because of Coronavirus. As I write this post from my dorm room in Medellin Colombia all I can do is hope that this virus disappears as quickly as it came. But, rather than sit here and dwell on how crazy this whole thing is I decided to be a little proactive and jot down some of my thoughts and link up some up to date information about the Coronoviras in Colombia.

Note: I am not a medical professional and in this post, I’m not giving any medical advice. This post is a personal account of what it’s like to be traveling in Colombia right now and where you can find the latest information about Coronoviras in Colombia.

EDIT 18th March 2020: Colombia’s borders are now closed to anyone who is not a citizen or a resident of Colombia. If you are in one of those groups then you can enter by air. Both land and sea borders are closed until the 30th of May. At this moment it is still possible to leave Colombia via one of the international airports if you can get on a flight. We are not sure how long this will last and there is speculation that the airports may close in the coming weeks.

The Facts About Coronavirus in Colombia:

Colombia declared a Health Emergency earlier this week and has put in measures to control people entering Colombia who are at risk of having or carrying the virus. This state of emergency will be in place until the end of May according to this report. Football games have also been suspended for live audiences (they will just be televised) and cruise ships have been suspended from entering Cartagena after a passenger tested positive. 

As of today 18th March 2020 there are 93 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Colombia. The phone companies here have been sending regular text messages with lots of information. Claro sent me this page which I found to be extremely helpful in keeping up to date with everything happening here. It is n Spanish but you can easily use google translate.

What it’s like traveling in Colombia right now

Things have been business as usual so far. Although I feel that it is changing. Yesterday March 12th I noticed a few people wearing masks. The hostel is getting quieter with fewer people arriving each day. I’m in Medellin and there have been 4 cases here so far, all from a single source I believe. Locals are being cautious of interaction with foreign tourists.

My friend from France has had to explain to several people that she has been traveling in Latin America for many months and therefore is safe from the virus. Every Asian person I’ve come in to contact with at the hostel has voluntarily told me they aren’t Chinese when introducing themselves, and I’ve noticed a lot of new signs popping up around the city about handwashing.

As far as panic buying and other fearful behavior that I’ve been is going on in the USA and Europe, there is none of that here. There is still plenty of toilet paper and life really is continuing as normal.

Should I travel to Colombia Right Now?

In all honestly, if you are just coming here backpacking or on vacation, no. At least not if you are traveling from a country where there is a high risk of you having (or carrying) the virus. That is unless of course you are happy to arrive and self isolate for 2 weeks. The Colombian government this week announced that all foreign travelers entering Colombia will need to complete a form to let them know where they have been previously before entering Colombia, their current state of health, and how they can be tracked while in Colombia.

If you have recently been in a high-risk area then before you travel you need to fill in this form so that the Colombian health authorities can prepare for your arrival.

If you are arriving from a country not considered high-risk, you do still need to fill in the form but you can do it upon arrival using the airport wifi. This information is vital for the authorities for tracking and also risk assessment which will help keep the virus from spreading here in Colombia.

I’m sad to say that I have seen more than one ignorant person in one of the Facebook groups talking about traveling to a low-risk country to take a flight to Colombia and that they plan on lying to authorities so they can get in here. Please, if you are thinking of doing this, don’t. It is beyond selfish and you are putting people at serious risk. If you refuse or are caught lying you will be denied entry and deported.

For those travelers who do comply and are allowed entry to Colombia during the Coronoviras pandemic, you will be given information about how you can access medical services in case you do fall ill.

Who will be tested on entering Colombia

For those coming from the following countries to Colombia, you will be separated on arrival in Colombia and subject to compulsory medical testing. This is simply to clear you of the suspicion of currently being ill or carrying the virus.

  • China
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • United States

What you can expect is to be asked a lot of questions about your current health, a quick medical exam, and they will want to know exactly where you will be traveling too and how they can get in touch with you if needed. So long as you pass the exam you will be free to go about your travels.

If on the other hand you fail the medical testing and they suspect you are infected then you could be asked to agree to a self-imposed isolation period or be admittance to hospital.

Who will need to self-isolate when traveling to Colombia:

Now this will vary a bit if you are traveling to Colombia from one of the extreme risk countries which are currently:

  • China
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France

If you are traveling to Colombia from one of these countries with an extreme risk of having or carrying the virus then you will only be admitted to Colombia if you agree to a 2 week isolation period in your home or a hotel. Once the 2-week isolation is over you will be free to travel as normal. I would assume you will need to prove this by having a hotel booking for the full isolation period. If you do not want to self isolate, then it’s probably a good idea to postpone your trip until things get better.

This information has been sourced from Colombia Reports.

I really hope this has been on some help to you in deciding if you should travel to Colombia right now amongst the Coronoviras pandemic. If you do decide to delay your trip be sure to rebook for later in the year as Colombia really is an incredible place to travel to.

What about me?

As for me, I have a flight back to Cancun in Mexico on the 28th of March. As of now, there is a low risk in both Colombia and Mexico so I’m planning to take my flight and if needed I will self isolate when I arriving in Mexico at home. If anything changes in either country then I’ll simply stay here in Colombia until it’s safe to travel again.

Luckily I’m with Safetywing insurance and they sent me an update letting my know I’m still covered if anything should happen to me. This is very important for me as I’m actually in the high-risk category due to having a chronic illness. Knowing I’ll be looked after should I get sick is giving me a little peace of mind during these times.

Wishing you all safe travels, if you are on the move!

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