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Meet Claire...

Hi I’m Claire, a Brit with itchy feet.

If you are wondering where the name comes from, it’s a common term for someone who can’t stay in one place for long and loves to travel and explore new places. 

So as you will find out, the term perfectly sums me up!

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Wondering how I ended up traveling the world and writing this blog?

Let’s go back… wayyyy back!

Before my parents divorced we went on regular family holidays (thats a vacation for all my North American readers) abroad, after we went on epic road trips and caravan holidays. No matter how broke my Mum was she always made sure we had some kind of family holiday each year.

I was not a normal 16 year old…

At 16 I organized my first holiday. I dragged my BFF to London on the National Express bus. I planned and booked everything. Planned out our itinerary in London and managed to get us totally lost so we missed out bus home…oops!

Most 16-year-olds would be crying for their mum by this point, not me, I whipped out my checkbook and got us new tickets. Then sat on the floor of the bus stop for 7 hours waiting for the next bus.

I tell you this because it was the moment I fell in love with travel.

But more than that, I fell in love with venturing into the unknown and having to deal with the crazy situations I find myself in.

I traveled when I could afford it. Which wasn’t that often.

I also had my heart broken by my first love, dance. I was all on track for a career as a professional dancer, until I got injured and was forced to quit at 18.

Summers Family holiday photo
Thats me in the pink T-shirt. I think this was a family vacation in Greece some time in the late 80's
me and Grandma on the beach
Just chillin on the beach with my Grandma

I spent the next 3 years stumbling (quite literally as I was drunk a lot lol) through life.

Then at 21, I hit rock bottom. I was taking a lot of drugs. I was in a BAD relationship. And as a result, I had crippling anxiety and a raging eating disorder.

Feel the fear and do it anyway…

I knew I needed to do something, so I did what no one (not even me) expected. I joined the Navy! I knew I wanted to clean myself up, I wanted to finish my education and most importantly I wanted to travel! I knew the Navy could help me with all three… and it did.

After 5 years serving in the logistics branch of the RN, I was medically discharged after an accident. Although devastating at the time the next chapter of my life was knocking…

The day I returned from being discharged I found an unconditional offer from University in my mail. So that was that I was going to University to study Dance! I dedicated the following 8 years to dance and most of my travel during this time was dance related.

After completing my degree I co-founded Exim Dance Company which I led for 5 years. It was an incredible time for me. But I had itchy feet. I’ve never liked being in the same place or doing the same thing for long. As much as I loved dance and my Exim family, I wanted to be free.

I wanted to travel...

Not so easy when you are the Artistic Director of a publicly funded Dance Company employing a lot of people.

But I made the decision, and then I made an exit plan.

It took me almost 2 years but I did it and in September 2016 I began the next chapter of my life as a Digital Nomad.

I had $600 in my bank and a one-way ticket to Guatemala. I didn’t speak Spanish, I knew no one and I had no plan other than I wanted an adventure.

A woman in a red dress is keywords in the air.
Back in my dancing days with Exim

And adventure is what I got!

I have climbed volcanos, visited lost cities, been stung multiple times be a scorpion, thought I was going to die in an earthquake (well 3 actually, but the first one I slept through), found some zen through Yoga, lost my zen in Bogota along with my phone but most of all I realized just how capable I am.

A woman in a wetsuit on a boat, showcasing scuba gear.
Keywords: description, tree
Claire Scuba Diving

Some things people have said to me:

“You’re a bit of a badass aren’t you.”

“For such a sensible person you do some pretty stupid shit Claire”

“Were you not terrified?”

The answer to all of these is yes!

I try to be a badass, and when I’m not doing stupid shit, maybe I am.

But most importantly I’m scared a lot, but I keep going.

I was scared when I joined the Navy, I was scared when I left and started University, I was scared when I set up Exim and I was beyond scared when I gave it all up in exchange for a backpack…

The way I see it you have two choices in life:

Play it safe and live a comfortable life.

Be a badass and do some crazy shit that terrifies you.

I choose 2 EVERY TIME

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trekking Colombia Colombian Guides | The Complete Guide to The Lost City Trek
About a woman doing yoga on top of a volcano.

Get to know me...

Favorite country?

This is such a hard question. As much as I loved my time in Colombia and Mexico, for me Guatemala has my heart.

I returned their two years after I first visited and I feel such a strong connection there. I think a little piece of me will always belong there.

Biggest adventure?

This is a tie. Doing the Lost City trek in Colombia and hiking Acatenango in Guatemala as both were physically and mentally tough.

There is nothing like reaching the summit of any intense hike, but watching the sun rise with a volcano exploding in the background was something else.

Least favorite place ?

I hate to say this, but Cuba was so tough for me. I couldn’t wait to leave. However, I’m going back there soon with a group and rally want to have a better experience. 

Happy place?

Easy, scuba diving in Cozumel! I love being in the sea and love to be under it even more. I’m looking forward to exploring more places diving. But Cozumel is so close to me whenever I need to escape, I just have to hop on a boat.

Worst travel nightmare?

So many hahah. 

I think probably both of my biggest travel nightmares happened in Guatemala. I was stung 3 times in my sleep by a scorpion and I was also in a big earthquake ( 3 actually).

But then I did also miss a plane by 2 days, and accidentally became illegal in Colombia, I really must write that story up some day haha.

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