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Hi I’m Claire!

I’m a Semi-Nomadic traveler and Digital Nomad.

At 34 I sold all my worldly possessions that wouldn’t fit into 3 boxes or my backpack and hit the road.

Life is a little different these days after getting married and starting a family. But I started Claire’s Itchy Feet to inspire women to pack their bags and travel more and that part hasn’t changed.

With no plans to stop traveling anytime soon I’m always looking for my next adventure be it attempting to surf or climbing a volcano I’ll try (almost) anything once!

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On this blog, you will find everything you need to go on that life-changing adventure or make the move to become a Digital Nomad and travel the world whilst making money.

You can read more about me here.

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I’ve not been everywhere… but it’s on my list!

If you are looking for a specific destination, just click on the map below to find everything I have written about that country.

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If there is one thing I have gotten good at over the past few years of full-time travel it is knowing the best companies to book with, Packing, and figuring out the best travel essentials. Here are some of my top reviews, packing guides, and travel resources I personally use and love. 

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My travel books page

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The best long term travel insurance for Backpackers and Digital Nomads

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solo travel advice

Solo Travel Advice

Need some solo travel advice from solo female travel bloggers? I’ve not only written a whole load of stuff myself, but I’ve also got a. lot of guest posts from other solo travel bloggers. 

You will find all of my solo travel guides here on this page, but here are some of my top solo travel blogs.

Advice for your first solo trip from 17 travel bloggers

13 ways to meet travel friends

Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

Is Medellin Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

What It’s Really Like Traveling Solo in Cuba as a Woman

Safety Advice for Solo Female Travelers in Guatemala

7 Helpful Tips for Traveling Solo in New York


Book a travel planning session with Claire

Feeling totally overwhelmed? 

Don’t worry it’s normal, especially if you are planning your first trip. Or considering a big life change like becoming a digital nomad. 

If there is something specific that you want hep with then I offer 121 advice sessions at a cost of $200 per session. 

You simply fill out a form telling me what you want to talk about. We book in an hour slot and I do a little research to prepare for our session.

Once the session is over I’ll send you any notes and follow up things we talked about like links to great websites, personalized travel itineraries etc within 24 hours.

Check out My travel books

solo travel advice

The Solo Girls Guide to Traveling Without Fear

solo travel advice

The solo girls guide to becoming a digital nomad