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Ready to take your first solo trip?

Do you want to travel solo but your fears are holding you back?

Then this book is for you.

Let’s face it solo female travelers have different things to worry about than men.

Whether you are thinking about taking a short solo vacation or embarking on an around the world backpacking trip, this guide to solo travel is for you.

In this short book, I guide you through a step-by-step process to planning and booking your first solo travel experience, as well as sharing my own experience as a solo female traveler.

It will put your mind at ease and provide a practical guide to help encourage you to join the ranks as one of the increasing number of fearless women traveling the world solo.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Safety advice for solo female travelers
  • Dealing with negativity from family and friends
  • How to plan your first solo trip
  • Finding the best travel deals
    How to save money for your vacation
  • Making friends when traveling solo
  • How to feel confident traveling
  • Overcoming fears about traveling alone
  • What to pack for your solo trip

Don’t let the fear hold you back. Buy The Solo Girls Guide To Traveling Without Fear today.

What Readers say

Cassie Sparr
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This is an amazing book! I’ve been thinking about traveling solo for a long time but couldn’t get over my anxiety. After reading this book, I am about to plan my first trip! The only downside is it’s a bit short. But still helpful and a great read!