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Thinking of becoming a Digital nomad?

The Solo Girls Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad is a must-read for any woman contemplating escaping the 9-5 for a life of travel and adventure.

So what do you do when you realize you don’t want a traditional lifestyle and want to try life on the road?

This isn’t a universal how-to manual that’s guaranteed to get you from your current job and personal commitments to a no-strings-attached, location-independent lifestyle. What it is, is a step by step guide of how to untangle yourself from your current life with the goal of gaining more freedom.

In this book, Claire shares personal stories and experiences of how she came to the decision to become nomadic, what steps she took, and what she learned along the way that you can apply to your own situation and put a fire in your belly.

What this book covers:

  • How to deal with the existential crisis you are likely to have
  • Transitioning to a nomad life
  • Dealing with unsupportive friends and family
  • How to mentally prepare
  • Dealing with money (Saving and making)
  • How to find a digital nomad job
  • Finding a work-life balance and learning to work on the road
  • How to plan your travels and figuring what kind of traveler you are
  • What to pack
  • Traveling solo
  • Safety
  • Dealing with your fear
  • How to find your community so you don’t feel alone
  • When things go wrong

Admitting you want to leave is easy.

Making the decision to leave now that’s the hard part!