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I have put together this page full of digital nomad Resources because my first year as a Digital Nomad was TOUGH. Mostly because I was clueless to so many things, especially what to pack and how not to get distracted by invites to the beach and day drinking! But over time I found my groove and learned a bit of self-discipline. I went from being a remote worker to teaching online, to copywriting, to front end web design, before finally settling into life as a full-time blogger and writer of books!

Don’t worry, I’m not here to sell you an expensive course I created, or persuade you to buy an overpriced book. Quite the opposite actually. Both of my books you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited and both are under $10 to buy. I don’t have a course, but I have done a lot and have recommended my favorites bellow, none of them cost a lot and some are absolutely free. 

In this section, you will find lots of digital nomad resources including everything I have written about becoming a digital nomad as well as some recommended digital nomad courses, resources, packing guides, and product recommendations. If you want to hear more about my story then listen to this podcast interview I did for The Offbeat Life. Debbie has so much information about how to become a Digital Nomad on her site and an abundance of killer interviews to listen to on her podcast.

Most of the external links on this page are affiliate links, which means I get paid a small fee for anything you click on and buy. This comes at no cost to you and it’s how I’m able to continue to create all this content for free.

Staying connected

Skyroam Solis is a personal wifi hotspot with superfast 4G LTE embedded. You get a high-performance portable wifi hotspot and a quality camera / video recorder, plus a power bank at the same time. It can connect up to 10 devices

You can stay connected by using eSims on your phone. Airhub helps you stay connected by offering data packs at local rates. It works pretty simple just by downloading their app. Airhub is also available in a lot of popular countries

Alosim is another alternative of using eSims on your phone. Alosim helps you stay connected in more than 130+ countries such as USA, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and many more!

If you don’t have a VPN yet then you really need one. I personally use Nord VPN and it keeps all my data secure when I’m on an insecure network. So important as a Digital Nomad.

Travel Insurance

Hey Mondo is great if you are looking for a great value flexible policy. They offer single trip cover, annual multi trip cover, and long term travel cover. You even have the option to start the cover when you are already on your trip, although you won’t be covered for the first 72 hours. For me my favourite feature is their app which offers you a 24/7 Dr chat and the ability to file a claim direct in the app.

Safety Wing is great value with monthly cover starting at $39. It’s super easy to use and it just renews each month. They have an excess of $250 and it’s simple to make a claim through their website. I currently use them as they offer me free cover for my son as part of my policy and I like that it renews on a monthly basis, so I don’t have to pay out a big lump sum up front.

Digital Nomad courses

Decided that you want to be a Digital Nomad but need to up-skill or retrain to do something new?

Here is a list of my favorite digital nomad courses to get you started! 


Skillshare is an incredible place where you can learn pretty much anything! They have THOUSANDS of classes on everything from photography to illustration, design, and marketing. You can find pretty much everything you need to retrain for a career online in here.

And the best news is that if you click this link you can get 2 weeks absolutely FREE


Udemy has some great courses and they are always well priced.

I recently did this Google Adwords course and it was amazing! I’ve also done courses in copywriting, Facebook Ads, and even restorative yoga!

You can browse the courses here.

If you need a little help figuring out what you can do as a Digital Nomad, then this digital nomad course my friend Andrea created will be a huge help.

Blogging Fast Lane

If you are serious about blogging and want to make a full-time income from it then Blogging Fast Lane is the only blogging course you need. Seriously. It’s a game changer. I know Anna and Tom the course creators personally and their course is one of the most in depth and comprehensive blogging courses out there… And I’ve done many, many courses!

You can read my full review of this course here.

Travel Blog Prosperity

I recently joined this blogging course created by Jessy on a Journey, and wow! It’s another subscription model (cancel anytime) meaning there are no huge upfront fees to pay. In fact, if you use my code CLAIRESITCHYFEET you can get the first month for just $9 USD.

One of the things I love about the membership is that Jessy sends out weekly emails that include paid opportunities to write.

View the course here.


If you can secure your TEFL credentials you will be able to easily work teaching English online ( I did this for a year, it’s a DN right of passage) and earn extra more money.

View the course here.


Digital Nomad jobs

If you are looking for Digital Nomad jobs then your first port of call should be my good friend Andrea’s website. She has a database full of location independent jobs. 

Another great place to learn about all things digital nomad is over at Offbeat Life. Debbie has a TON of resources including a weekly newsletter with DN jobs that you should sign up for. If you are looking for entry level work from home jobs then this blog post is a great start.  

Must have Digital Nomad essentials

Looking for a laptop? Or confused about what technology you are actually going to need to take with you on the road?

In these guides, I’ve reviewed my favorite travel gear to help you make sure you travel like a pro.

Digital Nomad guides

Looking for advice on becoming a Digital Nomad?

Or maybe you are looking for your next Digital Nomad destination?

Here you can take a look through all of my Digital Nomad articles.

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Black Friday Blogging Deals

Calling all travel bloggers and travel Vloggers! In this special post, I’ve listed all of my top black Friday deals for travel bloggers from technology to courses and subscriptions, I’ve

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Need some extra help?

Book a travel planning session with Claire

Feeling totally overwhelmed? 

Don’t worry it’s normal, especially if you are considering a big life change like becoming a digital nomad. 

If there is something specific that you want help with then I offer 121 advice sessions at a cost of $150 per session. 

You simply fill out a form telling me what you want to talk about. We book in an hour slot and I do a little research to prepare for our session.

Once the session is over I’ll send you any notes and follow-up things we talked about like links to great websites, personalized travel itineraries, etc within 24 hours.

Admitting you want to leave is easy. Making the decision to leave now that’s the hard part!

This is not your average “how to become a digital nomad book”, it goes far deeper than that, exploring some of the more personal issues that many women face when they decide not to conform to the life society expects them to have.

What this book is, is a step by step guide of how to untangle yourself from your current life with the goal of gaining more freedom.

In this book, I share personal stories and experiences of how I came to the decision to become nomadic, what steps I took, and what I learned along the way so that you can apply all of this to your own situation.

Travel Guide Planning

🚗 Where can I book bus or private transportation while I’m traveling?

I strongly recommend using Bookaway. You can book almost all transport in the major tourist destinations through them online. They don’t just cover buses they also cover shuttles, ferries, and private drivers.

🎫 Where can I buy tickets for museums, attractions, and tours?

I recommend either Viator or GetYour Guide. They have a lot of options!

👩‍⚕️ What is the best insurance to have while traveling?

I recommend using Heymondo for a great value policy. The app also offers you 24/7 Dr Chat. For Digital Nomads check out SafetyWing digital nomad insurance.

I have also written a blog post covering all my recommended travel insurance here

✈️ Any flight recommendations?

WayAWay offers you cheap flights with cashback. You can use this code CLAIRE22 to get 10% off. Otherwise Skyscanner or Expedia are my go-to flight searching platforms.

📱What do you use for internet connection while traveling?

I’m a big fan of personal WiFi devices and they have saved my ass so many times when traveling. I wrote a full review of the top travel WiFi devices you can read here. I personally use GlocalMe as I can either pop in a physical sim card or use their local carrier.

With regards to my phone connection, I use e-sims while traveling, so rather than having to swap out my regular sim card I can download the app and buy a virtual sim card. I recommend using eitherAirhub or Alosim. Both have great coverage of multiple countries and are very easy to use.

🛏️ What is the best platform to use for booking accommodation?

The 3 best platforms that I normally use are,, and Expedia They offer great deals and multiple options. I always check all three to be sure of the best deals.

🛅 Do you have any luggage recommendations for traveling?

I do have a complete list of the best packing and luggage products that I recommend, you can check the list here. I’m currently traveling with this suitcase and this backpack