East Yorkshire

places to visit in East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire is located towards the NE of England on the north side of the Humber River. It includes a vast coastline of chalk cliffs. The major city is Hull, which was the 2017 UK City of Culture.

I love East Yorkshire. It might be one of my favorite places to escape to when I am traveling. It may in part be due to the fact that my family lived in the area for over 300 years before moving to Canada.

Some distant relatives still live in the area so I have been back a few times now. I love how relaxed life feels. It is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living for those of us on vacation taking a digital detox.

Where else will you find cows in a pasture in the middle of town across from a magnificent Minster?

top places to visit in East Yorkshire

  1. Kington upon Hull (a.k.a. Hull)
  2. Beverley
  3. Hornsea
  4. Pocklington
  5. Flaborough
  6. Withernsea
  7. Bempton Cliffs
  8. Market Weighton

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Top 10 Things to do In East Yorkshire UK

places to visit in East Yorkshire

1. Burnby Hall Gardens in Pocklington.

It is a wonderful collection of gardens, ponds, an aviary, a stumpery, and historical artifacts collected over eight world tours. Many of the artifacts are identified by UNESCO as important.

2. Flamborough coast

An unspoiled chalk cliff coastline, not yet built up compared to other coastal towns. When the tide is out you can see many shipwrecks and go into the old smugglers’ caves or look for fossils. There are also a number of events such as the Race the Waves and Sailing Coble Festival.

3. Visit Burton Agnes Hall

Burton Agnes Hall is a beautiful Norman manor house and Elizabethan hall that is still privately owned and very family-friendly. There are many good ghost stories and beautiful gardens and even a resident artists in the summer house. There is a ruin of an original Norman hall next to it. Every summer they hold a big garden fair for all the Yorkshire-based gardeners (professional and amateur) come to sell their yearly crops of flowers and plants.

4. Explore Beverly

Beverley is becoming highly regarded for its restaurants and the 800-year-old Minster which is free to enter, although donations are appreciated. I love hearing the bells ring from its bell tower. One of my favorite restaurants is in Beverley – Lucia Wine Bar and Grill. They also have locations in Harrogate and York.

There is also the equine racecourse and for those who are literary lovers, the rabbit carving at St. Mary’s Church is said to have been the inspiration for the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland. One thing that surprised me a bit was how active the nightlife in Beverly was! Many of the pubs turned more into night clubs later in the evening.

5. Visit RAF Holmpton

The former RAF Holmpton was an important military site and was transformed into a control bunker for the RAF during the Cold War. You can now tour it and step back in time to the Cold War era and see the technology the British had.

6. Visit William Wilberforce’s home in Hull

William was a British politician and an advocate for ending slavery in Britain and the British colonies. The house has been partially turned into a museum about slavery.

7. Go To The Deep

The Deep is an aquarium in Hull with over 3000 creatures. It also has an evening restaurant.

8. Head to Bempton cliffs for birdwatching

There are puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, herring gulls, fulmars and shags. There is also a 28 000 strong colony of gannets. They are the largest seabird in the UK.

9. Do The William Bradley heritage trail

William Bradley Day in May. He is the tallest Englishman at 7ft, 9in. He lived from 1787-1820.

10. Go to the Horses

The Kiplingcoats horse race in Market Weighton. Run every year since 1519. Race rules were found in a vault. If the race has to be canceled, at least one person must walk or ride a horse along the course to keep the tradition alive or it is to be canceled forever.

Bonus 1

Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre in Pocklington is a Buddhist meditation centre that offers daily classes and weekend retreat in Gregorian Manor complete with a café and tranquil grounds.

Bonus 2

John Bull’s World of Rock in Bridlington. You can roll your own stick of rock – the candy stick that looks sort of like a candy cane without the hook.

places to visit in East Yorkshire

Food In East Yorkshire

The main food in East Yorkshire is pub food and fish and chips. Yorkshire pudding is a staple as well. You will find a variety of foods though to suit various pallets and dietary needs.

You’ll also find Wensleydale cheese, a lot of rhubarb goodies, pikelets, which are like mini pancakes or crumpets, ginger beer, and parkin, which is a cake usually served around Guy Fox Night.

East Yorkshire UK Money Saving Tips

If you are staying at a B&B, you could make a sandwich from the croissants or bread and the bacon and cheese. That is what my mom and I did on our trip there. We also brought some snacks from home and picked more non-perishables up at the local shops.

If you aren’t a big drinker, you can order ½ pints of beer at the pubs, which is what I did and saved money on drinks.

East Yorkshire England Packing Advice

With a variety of hiking and biking trails, running shoes or hiking shoes, an umbrella, a raincoat, and general athletic wear are great ideas to pack.

You can read Claire’s Full UK packing list here.

Where to Stay in East Yorkshire

Bed and Breakfasts are very popular here. My favorite B&B that I have stayed at is in Beverly – Trinity Guest House.  The owners are so sweet and accommodating and they have a huge spread for breakfast with fresh bread and meats.

The average night here is about $70 USD.

You’ll also find a wide range of hotels in Hull such as the Holiday Inn and DoubleTree by Hilton that range in price from $35-$130 USD.

There is a hostel as well called Hull Trinity Backpackers.

Outside of Hull, B&Bs and Airbnb’s will be your main option for places to stay. The average cost is about $100/night for most.

Along the coast holiday parks are common. These are entire communities of homes and trailers/caravans, so if you want a more local option and plan to spend a few days in the area, these would be a unique option for getting to know some local people.

There are many Airbnb options in Bridlington and Flamborough, but some can be fairly expensive at about $150/night.

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places to visit in East Yorkshire

Getting Around in East Yorkshire

Getting to East Yorkshire you would likely be landing in London and taking the train up. That is the easiest way to get across the country as a tourist. I love the train system in England and have yet to rent a car. It’s been really helpful for me to just sit back and let someone else do the driving now that I am traveling after a concussion and need more downtime to recoup between activities.

The intercity bus system works great for getting from one town to the next. I had no concerns walking around at night or using taxis in any of these places.

There is no Uber in East Yorkshire, but there is Blabla car. This is a ride share service where people traveling from one place to another can offer the empty seats in their car to people for a fee. You can also request a ride to places. It wouldn’t be a quick solution if you were in need of a ride right away, but if you planned ahead, it would be a way to meet more locals. I haven’t used it personally.

You could also rent a car in Hull and use it to travel around here. The roads are not terribly busy, so it would be easier for those who have not yet driven on the other side of the road to feel more confident.

For reference, Beverley is about 16 minutes by train from Hull. It’s a quick jaunt and makes Beverley an easy starting point if you prefer a more relaxed place to rest your head at night over a larger city.

East Yorkshire Safety Advice

As with anywhere being mindful of what type of bag you have and making sure you secure the items in your bag is important, but no more so than what we should be doing on a normal basis.

As a woman, I felt safe walking around and didn’t experience any issues. Whenever I travel I use safety pins on zippered areas to interconnect them and hopefully deter pickpockets and I do keep a closer eye on my bag.

It’s never a good idea to travel without travel insurance. You can read Claire’s full review of the best backpacking insurance here.

The Best Time To Visit East Yorkshire

The best time to visit East Yorkshire is during the late spring and summer from May to September.

The weather is warmest and the countryside is green and lush. There are also many festivals and other events taking place during the warmer weather.

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The UK that you will see today is a product of the post WWII industrial revolution.

Nineteenth-century Britain experienced an unprecedented series of changes in the wake of the war. Cities grew fast and revolutions in transports, communication, science, and the way people lived happened in quick succession. 

Added to these changes was a growing skepticism of religion, a questioning of power resulting in political and social unrest.

In spite if these turbulent times Britain remained strong on a global level which saw it quickly rise as a global leader… this was of course before Brexit!

If you are looking for a light read to accompany yo on your UK vacation then Bridget Jones’s Diary is the perfect literary companion. Even if you have watched the movie, the book is soooo much better.

Us brits are legit obsessed with manners to a fault. Seriously we love nothing more that throwing as many please and thank you’s in to a sentence as we can make fit. And don’t even get me started with our obsession with apologizing for EVERYTHING! 

But our obsession doesn’t just stop there, there is so much more to British etiquette most of which will confuse the hell out of visitors from foreign lands. 

In this book you will get an illuminating insight in to all of the social rules we are governed by, from never putting your elbows on the table to holding open doors. But this book goes deeper and shines a light on where this crazy obsession with good manners comes from. Its a interesting and quirky must read.

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