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Doing my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 was quite literally life changing for me. Me and yoga go way back, although read this and you will see that we didn’t always get along.

Experiencing yoga in Guatemala really changed me and it made me want to teach. So I did my YTT in Mexico and the rest is history.

Teaching yoga is a great way of earning money while traveling. But not everyone wants (or needs) to become a teacher. Before you make up your mind read this.

In this section you will find my roundups of the best Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats as well as some product reviews and other yoga related recommendations.

A Guide to Yoga in Guatemala

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Yoga Playa del Carmen
Claire Summers

Yoga Playa del Carmen

Looking for yoga Playa del Carmen? In this post, I’m going to share all of the best yoga studios in Playa del Carmen Mexico, and of course, some of the

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Don’t worry it’s normal, especially if you are planning your first trip. Or trying to decide if you want to become a yoga teacher. 

If there is something specific that you want hep with then I offer 121 advice sessions at a cost of $150 per session. 

You simply fill out a form telling me what you want to talk about. We book in an hour slot and I do a little research to prepare for our session.

Once the session is over I’ll send you any notes and follow up things we talked about like links to great websites, personalized travel itineraries etc within 24 hours.

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The Solo Girls Guide to Traveling Without Fear

The solo girls guide to becoming a digital nomad

Cassie Sparr
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This is an amazing book! I’ve been thinking about traveling solo for a long time but couldn’t get over my anxiety. After reading this book, I am about to plan my first trip! The only downside is it’s a bit short. But still helpful and a great read!