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5 Incredible Things To Do In Hong Kong

There’s something about the regions situated in the Far East that makes them unique from the rest of the world! One such region is Hong Kong. 

Situated on the southern coast of China, east of the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong is a densely populated city known as Asia’s financial and shopping hub. It’s a vibrant city that offers everything from local street markets to state-of-the-art malls, street food, art galleries, happening nightlife, beaches, and a lush green landscape.

In short, if you’re looking for an amazing place to plan a vacation, add Hong Kong to your list! 

However, you will need a visit visa for the trip, the requirements for which can be a bit tough. But worry not, as you can now apply for a Hong Kong online visa and fulfill all the requirements from the comfort of your home! But first, go through the details on the site and see if you’re eligible for the visa.

And once your visa has arrived, it’s time to pack your bags and head toward the exciting city of Hong Kong! 

Things to do in Hong Kong 

Here are 5 incredible things you can do in Hong Kong for a memorable trip:

Symphony of Lights

Things To Do In Hong Kong - Symphony of lights

Hong Kong is considered the city of lights as it shows off its mesmerizing skyline at night. And to add to the beauty of the twinkling buildings is the Symphony of Lights, the world’s largest permanent light and sound show that takes place daily and has made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. 

It’s a synchronized display of lights on Victoria Harbor that includes 42 buildings shining colorful lights toward the sky, with music and narration in 5 different themes. The lights included in the show are laser, searchlights, LED lights, simple lighting, and projection lighting. However, on special occasions, there are fireworks too!

So, if you’re in Hong Kong, experience the true beauty of the vibrant city by watching the Symphony of Lights that takes place daily at 8 pm. 

Junk Boat Rides

Things To Do In Hong Kong Junk boat ride

The Symphony of Lights highlights the beauty of the Hong Kong skyline at night; however, we suggest taking a junk boat ride if you want to experience the mesmerizing view in the daytime.

Junk boats are motorized boats, complete with sails and masts, to give them a classic Chinese sailing ship appearance. The boat ride takes you through the sparkling waters of Victoria Harbor, from where you can enjoy the majestic skyline. The ride offers dining options as well as bars, and if your trip extends into the night, you can enjoy the Symphony of Lights with its magical reflection in the water.

Ocean Park

Things To Do In Hong Kong Ocean park

If your kids are accompanying you on your trip to Hong Kong, get ready to hear them squeal with excitement as you take them to Ocean Park!

It is an educational theme park spread across an expanse of 915,000 meters. It has an impressive collection of exotic animals, including meerkats, giant tortoises, dolphins, alligators, pandas, sharks, and a separate section for arctic creatures like the arctic fox, seals, and penguins. Several trails, including the Eco trail, Expedition trail, and Emerald trail, take you through the animal enclosures around the park.

Apart from the animals, there are almost 10 thrill rides like the Crazy Galleon, Wild Twister, Whirly Bird, The Rapids, and the all-favorite roller coasters, including the Hair Raiser and Arctic Blast.

The park also has several restaurants, cafes, and bars for you to grab a bite after a fun-filled and exciting day. 

Therefore, don’t forget to dedicate an entire day to visit the spectacular Ocean Park during your trip to Hong Kong.


Things To Do In Hong Kong

Every kid’s and adult’s dream are to visit Disneyland at least once in their lifetime, and you can do so on your trip by visiting Disneyland Hong Kong!

The resort has a multitude of attractions for people of all ages, including themed thrill rides, fun carousel rides, the Fairy Tale Forest, the Fantasy Gardens, and photo booths, to name a few. 

You also get to meet the famous Disney characters, including everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Buzz Light-year, Tinkerbell, Stitch, and the entire Winnie the Pooh clan. 

Apart from Disney characters, you can also have heroic encounters with Marvel characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, and Captain Marvel. 

So, get ready for a true Disney experience, and plan a day or two at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Tian Tan, aka Big Buddha 

Things To Do In Hong Kong

Your trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without visiting the beautiful monasteries. However, as there are many monasteries in the city, we recommend visiting the most famous one, the Po Lin Monastery.

The monastery is beautiful and quiet; however, the highlight of the place is Tian Tan, or Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a 112 feet tall statue of Buddha made entirely of 250 tons of bronze and is one of the largest statues in the world

The statue is situated on the peak of Mount Muk Yue, and although it is clearly visible from ground level, you can take the 268 steps of stairs leading to it, from where you can experience the true massiveness of the statue. There are 6 other smaller statues surrounding the main statue, known as “The Offering of the Six Devas.”

You can enjoy a breathtaking and serene view of the Lantau and South China Sea from the topmost pedestal on which the Big Buddha sits.

Wrapping Up 

Hong Kong may be one of the smallest cities in Asia; however, it offers plenty of exciting things to do. From the mystical Symphony of Lights shows to the majestic monument of Buddha, scenic junk boat rides, adventure-filled theme parks, and hair-raising thrill rides, you will find that each day of your trip is full of fun, excitement, and spiritual enlightenment. 

The food and entertainment options in Hong Kong are many; therefore, we hope this guide helps to make your trip worthwhile! 

But don’t forget to check out the requirements and apply for your Hong Kong online visa before planning the trip!