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Claire’s Itchy Feet started out all about me telling stories about my holiday in Thailand. Then I realised no one wanted to read my travel diary… So I started writing destination guides.

But then while I was traveling solo full time some crazy shit started happening.

I found people did actually want to read about this stuff, I just needed to work on my writing!

So if you want to read about my near death experiences, brushes with Colombia immigration and inability to travel from country to country without some kind of epic story here is where you will find this… and more!

I started writing these travel story posts so you could get to know me and all the stupid shit I do when no one is looking, or supervising me.

**Warning, if you are related to me (I’m talking to you mum and dad) it is probably best you don’t read anything in this section.**

Here are my most popular stores to get you started!

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