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5 Reasons To Trying Sailing as a Family Activity

As parents, it can be challenging to find an activity that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from. One of the fun family friendly activities every family should try at least once is sailing. It’s widely considered a challenging, fun, and group-building experience, not to mention a great summer activity that allows you to enjoy the sun and calm seas fully at any age.

1 It’s Healthy for Both Any Age 

Sailing is a physical activity, so it has numerous health benefits. The sea is an activity out in nature, so you get fresh air. It’s fun for the whole family;

  • Parents get to leave their busy life and spend time with family.
  • Kids get to expend their energy sailing.
  • The adolescents can take as many scenic selfies as they’d like.

As you work together sailing, you will create a bond with your family. It will also lower your stress, as you all leave your problems on the shore and focus on the boat and crew. Additionally, there is a soothing effect from the rhythmic boat movement, water splashing, and the sails swooshing above. 

2 Life Lessons

On a ship, you and your family will be navigating the waters. That requires coordination, hard work, adherence to safety protocols, and strong leadership. Everyone has a purpose on a ship, and they may also have to learn new skills to contribute. This gives you and your family the chance to realize their potential as they sail. 

Nobody knows and can do everything, so sailing a ship requires you to pool everyone’s talents. There is a captain whose commands are law, but the captain also has to lean into the skills and knowledge of his team. A careful balance between autocracy and democracy must be maintained on the ship.

Confidence is key in steering a ship. Your team must believe in each other’s capabilities. When anyone feels uncertain, it is the team’s responsibility to hear them out and come up with a solution. A dash of humility goes a long way to ensure the team can bond. 

As you and the team toil on your ship, you will learn about leadership, humility, responsibility, accountability, and build your confidence.

3 A Physical Workout

You and your family will become a team or crew to keep a boat sailing. You will get some exercise as each of you carries out your tasks. Some tasks like hoisting the sails and pulling lines will help you with agility and flexibility. You will also learn to have better hand-eye coordination. 

Maneuvering the yacht requires you to continue pulling and hoisting the sails, adding strength and endurance to your muscles, especially those on the shoulders and back.

You will need to carry several things to prepare for the physicality of the trip and prepare your body for the elements. You will need supplies like sunscreen, medical aid kit, or kids’ prescription sunglasses and frames.

4 Quality Time

Life can get busy. You have work, they have school, and you all have social lives. Getting them to intersect can be difficult; since everyone has their own schedule and priorities.

A boat is a chance to spend quality time together. Whether they like it or not. Your family is stuck with each other for the duration of the adventure. They will have to talk to each other, and they really can’t run off anywhere; they can only spend time on the boat.

5 Conquering Fears

Fear consumes everyone once in a while, but it’s more than others for some people. It’s a negative force that can get in the way of emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Conquering fears is how you and your family can realize their true potential, have new adventures, and grow.

Fear has its purpose in life; it helps people realize their mortality and respect limits. But too much of it can stunt a person. Getting rid of fear entirely isn’t possible, but you can learn how to manage it. Managing or conquering fear comes with a lot of advantages. It can help you get out of an emotionally dark place and build the determination to leave negativity behind. 

Once you learn how to put one foot in front of the other in scary situations, you will continue to move forward no matter what life throws at you. Fear can affect a person’s self-esteem. Conquering it enables you to build self-confidence and achieve anything you set your mind to. 

Sail Away 

Sailing is an adventure that your family will enjoy. You will get the fresh air, exercise, and bonding experience your family needs. As you prepare for it, make sure you carry all the essentials you may need on the trip.