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9 Best Games to Play While Traveling

Written by Rin

Traveling is great. It broadens the mind, throws up new experiences, and creates memories that will last forever. What’s less good about it, though, is the physical act of traveling itself.

Yes, sometimes this can be part of the pleasure as you watch the scenery roll by and stop off at unexpected places for a break. But the fact is that all too often, the time simply drags as you wait to reach your eventual destination.

So when you’re bored of listening to podcasts, audiobooks, radio, or when the conversation seems to have dried up, here are nine ways that you could help to pass the time.

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1. Frogger

Best Games to Play While Traveling

While you’ve got your phone or your tablet out and if you fancy a video game to play, this retro classic from the ’80s is perfect when you’re on the road.

It’s just a question of helping your froggy friend to hop across busy lanes of traffic until they can reach the safety of the river and its lily pads.

The great thing about the game is that it’s simple and quick to play, wherever you are.

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2. Top Trumps

Best Games to Play While Traveling

Another classic that is enjoying a real resurgence these days, Top Trumps is a great game to play in the car with other passengers and even on planes and trains.

You simply have to use your skill and judgment, as well as a bit of luck, to outdo your opponents when it comes to the cards you’re holding.

There are so many different categories to choose from. From supercars to soap stars. Surely, you’ll find the perfect setting for the occasion.

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3. Travel Scrabble

Best Games to Play While Traveling

This is a perfect game to play on a train as you really need a table to rest the board on. Alternatively, it’s fine on a plane when you’re sitting next to your opponent.

Of all the board-style games to play on the move, this is one of the best because there are no dice to roll or counters to move.

The travel version even has a reduced-size board that is molded to keep the individual letter tiles in place.

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4. The Licence Plate Game

Best Games to Play While Traveling

There are two ways to play this. Either you take the letters from the license plate on the car in front and compete to think of the longest word that includes them in the exact order.

So, say it’s “PJM” you could make it “pyjama”. Alternatively, think up the funniest phrase using the letters, for example, “people juggling marmosets”. Once you get into it, it’ll be great fun for all.

5. 20 Questions

Best Games to Play While Traveling

A classic game that never gets dull. First, you have to choose a category. It might be animals, famous people, countries, and even types of food.

The person being questioned thinks up their choice and the other players have up to 20 questions to try to deduce the answer.

The first person to guess then has to think up their own example. Sounds simple, but the fact that you can only ask questions with a “yes” or “no” answer makes it surprisingly tricky.

6. A-Z

Just like 20 Questions, this is a game that involves thinking up a category. Then players take it, in turn, to run through the alphabet naming items beginning with the next letter.

So, if the category is a fruit, it could go “apples”, “bananas”, “clementines”, etc.

Whenever someone fails to think of an answer in time, they are eliminated until there’s just one person left who’s named the winner.

7. Fortunately, Unfortunately

This is a game that involves some fun interaction between players. It’s not competitive, but more of a way to just pass the time. The first player makes a statement starting with the word “fortunately”.

The next player then has to respond with an “unfortunately”.

For example, “Fortunately, we made it onto the train just in time” and “Unfortunately, it was a train going in the opposite direction to the one we wanted to catch.”

You’ll find that, as people get into the game, the statements become more and more outlandish.

8. Just A Minute

Just A Minute is a radio show that has been a radio favorite for over 50 years, and is a great game to play on the road too.

The first player is given a subject to talk about for 60 seconds and they musn’t hesitate, go off the subject, or repeat a word.

When they do, the subject passes to the person who’s interrupted them who then tries to speak for the time remaining.


If in the beginning, the idea of traveling can be exciting, after being in a car, train, or flight for a couple of hours, things can all start to seem boring.

Don’t let yourself be taken by this feeling. Be sure that there are ways to turn boredom into fun, and one of them is through games while traveling.

Choosing a game to keep you entertained can be a good alternative to pass the time and can even give you the opportunity to socialize with a friend traveling with you or get to know a fellow traveler. 

Moreover, it may lead to great conversations and some quality memory-making, even before the actual vacation starts. Some of them are also great gift ideas for outdoorsy people under $20.

Take these games to play while traveling as tips for surviving on a trip that takes a little too long, I’m sure that they’ll put your competitive spirit on the spot and keep you distracted long enough to make the long journey seem just like a 5 min drive.

Give it a go yourself, or any other of the games here, and you’ll find that the journey passes in a flash.