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Choosing the best crystals for travel

Whether you’re about to go on a holiday or planning a future trip so that you can live for yoursef and not for others, you should factor in the importance of crystals for travel. Their positive vibes will ensure your trip is a success. Crystals for travel protection can also help you deal with the hectic environment of departures and arrivals.

In this post, you will learn all about how to travel with crystals as well as knowing the best crystals for travel.

Choosing the best crystals for travel

 Why should you travel with Crystals?

  • Help with Jet Lag in new time zones and on the return home.
  • Create a protective shield around you when you’re in crowds.
  • Keep you calm and soothe your anxiety in stressful situations.
  • Make you feel at home and help you sleep well in new surroundings.
  • Guard against x-ray scanners at the airport.

Which are the best protection crystals for travel

The decision of which stones to travel to bring with you, on the other hand, can be a challenge. There are so many travel protection crystals if you brought them all the scales at the terminal would go over the limit with the weight of our collections! So you are going to need to be selective and focus on the best crystals for travel protection depending on your individual needs.

How to Care for your Crystals while traveling

For practicality and because I like beautiful things, I wear crystal jewelry like my Chakra Bracelet every day. It’s a perfect way to keep beneficial stones with me at all times. At night, my jewelry is placed on a Selenite Plate to cleanse and charge. In the morning, I give them intention with my goals for the day ahead.

Before you travel be sure to cleanse your stones for travel and jewelry with a sage smoke bath or lay them on a Selenite crystal. Create the intention for them to protect, keep you calm and help ensure you have a fantastic trip.

When you travel, a sage smudging stick or Selenite plate may not be a practical carry-on. I’m going to give a great tip on how to cleanse your crystals when you travel, check out Tip #5.

To showcase the best crystals for safe travel to take on your trip, here are a few ways to keep them with you at all times. We’ll see which crystals ward off negative energy and block electromagnetic radiation, and which ones keep you calm. Let’s take a look!

The Best Overall Crystal for Travel Protection

How to travel with Crystals

Black Tourmaline is often considered the go-to crystal for protection during travel. It’s believed to repel negative energies and keep you grounded, making it an ideal companion for your adventures.

Black Tourmaline is known for its grounding properties, helping you stay connected to the Earth when you’re jet-setting across the globe. It’s also great for warding off those negative vibes you might encounter—whether it’s a stressful flight or a sketchy hostel room. Just hold it in your hand and set your intention for safe travels before you embark on your journey.

Another good option is Moonstone, often called the “Traveler’s Stone.” It’s said to offer protection on journeys, especially during nighttime travel. Plus, its soft glow can bring a sense of peace and balance, which can be really helpful if you’re feeling a little out of sorts in a new place.

Choosing the best crystals for safe travel


Malachite is a stone of change and transition. Traveling from one time-zone to another is its specialty, so it helps with jet lag. It can also help you overcome your fear of flying.

How to travel with Crystals How to travel with Crystals

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Known as the guardian stone for a reason, Malachite protects you from harm. This includes negative energy, accidents, time delays or any type of radiation. It’s especially beneficial in airport security and can protect you from the harmful emissions of x-rays.

Malachite also absorbs pollutants in the air and therefore, helps with asthma and allergies. You can even use it as a pain reliever if your travels coincide with monthly cramps or any other aches and pains. There are so many benefits to have Malachite with you at all times.

To create an energy field of protection, wear Malachite Bracelets on each arm when you travel.


Aquamarine is a stone of tolerance and good luck. I don’t know about you, but travel can be very stressful, and most of it’s due to lack of patience. Generally speaking, tolerance of situations, lineups, and inept service is essential when you travel. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, take a deep breath and hope luck is on your side. This crystal will reduce your stress, lessen your tension and keep you calm.

How to travel with Crystals How to travel with Crystals

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Known to protect you anywhere near water, Ancient lore speaks of Aquamarine being a Mermaid treasure. Seamen also used it as a talisman against drowning and seasickness. If you plan any travel by boat or over water, it is essential to have this crystal with you. Aquamarine will also protect your Aura from outside negative energy.


Shungite is a stone from out of this world, literally.  Estimated at over 2 billion years old, it’s only found in one place on earth, a meteoroid site at Lake Onega, Russia. The Shungite filters the water in this lake which has been used in spas for centuries. Shungite contains every known element on the periodic table and is thought to be instrumental in the origins of life on Earth. This carbon-based mineral can filter, absorb and neutralize all negative energy before it can attach to your aura.

How to travel with Crystals

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When you travel, you can expose yourself to germs and other ailments when you are in crowds, or when you eat foods from new places. The tolerance of your immune system can become challenging when you travel. Known to cure gastric problems, Shungite is a solution because it absorbs pesticides, bacteria, and free radicals. In essence, it filters pretty much everything!

How to travel with Crystals

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On top of those benefits, Shungite also treats burns, sore throats, allergies and numerous other ailments we seem to pick up abroad. Antioxidant molecules called fullerenes are key to this process. Their discovery earned a Nobel Prize. These molecules absorb all electromagnetic radiation (EMF’s), microwave and other harmful chemicals.


Amethyst is my all-around go-to crystal for travel. It keeps you calm, helps you sleep, and also keeps you alert and sober in a strange place.

How to travel with Crystals How to travel with Crystals

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When you travel, you have to look at maps, navigate new cities, and coordinate tour times. You also have to find new places to eat and new landscapes to explore. Amethyst promotes emotional centering and helps you stay focused. This crystal keeps you in control so you can enjoy all your trip has to offer. It can also enhance your memory.

My favorite thing about Amethyst is it brings a restful sleep. It’s always hard for me to get to sleep in hotel rooms but when I have this crystal under my pillow, I instantly fall asleep.

Amethyst will repel any negative energy and turns it into love.  When you have this crystal with you, it will help make your trip perfect.


Selenite instills deep peace and calm when you travel. It has a fine vibration which clears confusion and stabilizes erratic emotions. This stone is another great crystal to wear when you travel because it assists your judgment and gives you insight. Generally speaking, it helps you stick to your plan and visit all the destinations on your itinerary without getting lost.

As one of the most powerful crystals in the world, Selenite is an essential stone on your travels because it prevents the necessity of smudging. It can clear and cleanse your body, your surrounding environment, and your crystal jewelry when you travel. When you have Selenite with you, it’s a simple and effective way to block negative energy and retain your light.

How to travel with Crystals

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How to travel with Crystals
Top Tip: Wear a Selenite Necklace to keep your energy positive. It can also be used as a powerful tool to cleanse your other travel stones.

How to travel with Crystals

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into which crystals are most beneficial to take on your next trip. These practical tips for wearing crystals ensure your holiday is a success. When Claire travels to South America again this year, she will have all the crystals she needs. She’ll know the perfect ones for protection, to keep calm and stay positive!

If you would like to find out more about these and other crystals, crystal jewelry, and crystal decor you can find me here at the Adele Walsh Blog. Make sure to check out and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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How to travel with Crystals


Friday 20th of September 2019

This is pretty interesting to know about crystals. I love buying crystals not just as accessories and for the effect it has on me.


Monday 19th of February 2018

Great post Adele. I was on a hunt for an article about traveling to Germany, and came across your post somehow. Love the green crystals. My kind of style.

Actually, I just put together an infographic about "10 Must Do’s in Black Forest". Let me know if you’d like to check it out. If you have any ideas about Black Forest in particular, I’d like to know! -Leah