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Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Before I get on with the most incredible places to visit in Iceland and take photos of, can I say outright that this entire country is stunning and Instagram-worthy?

You will find incredible black sand beaches, gorgeous canyons and waterfalls, surreal landscapes and boiling mud pools, mountain peaks, and purple fields filled with lupines, all over Iceland. The Land of Fire and Ice does not disappoint.

And trust me, taking Instagrammable photos in Iceland will be a no-fuss click-and-shoot affair.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Iceland?

Depending on the season you visit Iceland, your background could be lush verdant greenery or white fairyland, or somewhere in between.

My personal favorite time to visit Iceland would be summer, especially early summer months like June or early July.

One of the fabulous phenomena of Iceland in summer is the midnight sun. The never-ending hours of daylight can be experienced in Iceland during this season. You have daylight to do as much sightseeing and Iceland activities as you want.

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Here are some of the best places to visit in Iceland for incredible experiences and memorable photographs. 


Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Iceland has more than 10,000 waterfalls so it is difficult to finalize which ones to be named as epic destinations.

Does a photo with Europe’s largest waterfall as the backdrop sound good to you?

You need to go to North Iceland to visit Dettifoss. This powerful waterfall is on the Diamond Circle route in North Iceland and can be accessed from Akureyri or Myvatn easily by road.

There is a car park on the west side of Dettifoss but no other facilities. You can take easy steps from the car park to reach this waterfall. The thunderous sound gets louder as you get closer. Dettifoss is 100 meters wide and drops 45 meters deep into Jokulsargljufur canyon. It is a sight to behold!


Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Gullfoss or the ‘Golden falls’ are perhaps the most popular waterfall in Iceland due to its proximity to Reykjavik.

Gullfoss is part of the famous Golden Circle route near Reykjavik, which covers stops such as Thingvellir national park and Geysir Geothermal Area. If you take the day trip to visit all the Golden Circle stops, Gullfoss is not the only attraction you will be taking photos of.

This waterfall has 2 stages: a shorter cascade of about 11 meters height, and then a higher waterfall with a drop of about 21 meters. The canyon walls on both sides of the falls descend deep into the Gullfossgjufur Canyon.

As well as being a one of my top instagramable places in Iceland its also great for walking. There are several walking trails and viewing platforms around Gullfoss. But make sure to stay on the designated paths, as the terrain is slippery.


Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

This is the iconic church in Reykjavik that looms over all other buildings in the capital city. Hallgrimskirkja is the tallest church in Iceland, standing at 74.5 metres in height. 

What makes it a wonderful landmark in Iceland is its unique architecture. You may have come upon many impressive churches but have you seen one that draws inspiration from nature?

It is difficult to take a selfie with the entire tall building in the background. Better to capture the iconic structure by itself. If you can capture the rainbow street in Reykjavik that leads to Hallgrimskirkja, that would be just marvelous.

Hot spring: Blue Lagoon

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Iceland has many geothermal springs: Myvatn Nature Baths in North Iceland, Sky Lagoon, and more, but the appeal of Blue Lagoon remains. It is the most popular Instagramable Iceland attraction close to Reykjavik and worthy of a visit to take photos.

Blue Lagoon is a man-made pool where water is brought up from deep within the earth. This water rich in silica and other minerals are supposed to have healing properties. And a photo against the icy blue backdrop of this lagoon makes for an iconic shot. However, you do have to be mindful of taking your camera or phone for photos.

Top Tip For Getting the perfect Instagramable Iceland Photo:

If you can time your visit to the Blue Lagoon in the early morning hours or late evening hours, that would be the best to get less crowds.

Soaking in the warm water at Blue Lagoon after a day of sightseeing is heavenly. Blue Lagoon has 2 famous restaurants, a spa, and every other amenity that you may need.

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Katla Ice Cave

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

If you are visiting Iceland in winter, there are many naturally formed ice caves that can be explored with a guide. But if you are visiting Iceland in summer, there is only Katla Ice cave that can be visited. It was one of my most memorable experiences on our Iceland summer road trip.

It is mandatory to book a tour to access an ice cave. This is one of the best Iceland day tours, in my opinion.

This ice cave is within the region of the still-active Volcano Katla, and is located beneath a glacier. Dramatic setting, indeed! A Super Jeep is what takes you to the ice cave, a 45-minute drive from Vik, located on the south coast of Iceland. You drive through a black sand desert, where ruggedly beautiful green mountains loom in the distance.

The ice cave has planks to walk over, but you need to be careful and take it slow. The main cave, the gravel all over the glacier, the melting ice, and the surreal landscape are out of this world.


Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Landmannalaugar is an area of stunning landscapes in the central part of Iceland. To access the central highlands, you have to get off the ring road and drive on unpaved roads called as F-roads in Iceland. If you don’t have a 4WD or are not confident of driving to this remote area, then I suggest booking a tour.

This region opens up for hiking only during the summer months. 

This area has windswept mountains that are made of rocks displaying different colours: red, yellow, blue, green and brown. Hence the name ‘Rainbow Mountains’. You can do a short hike to see this vast landscape.

One of the best things to do in Iceland, especially after a hike, is to soak in the geothermal spring here named ‘People’s Pool’. This hot spring is located close to the camping ground.

Mount Kirkjufell

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

There is a reason why Kirkjufell is the most photographed mountain in Iceland. The best way to go to Kirkjufell is to rent a car in Reykjavik and then drive to the western region of Snaefellsnes Peninsula. You will come across several photo stops on this scenic coastal drive.

The best way to take a photo of Kirkjufell is to go to the car parking facing the mountain. Then, walk a bit ahead until you come across the waterfalls. The mountain and the gushing waterfalls in one frame is Instagram-worthy!

Reynisfjara: Black sand beaches near Vik

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Iceland has many black sand beaches that look dramatic against the strong ocean currents. I give you 2 Instagram-worthy Iceland photo opportunities on the south coast of Iceland. The most accessible and famous amongst them is Reynisfjara, close to the lovely town of Vik in South Iceland.

The basalt rock columns jutting out of the sand make for a fantastic backdrop for a selfie/photo. Wear something bright!

You can also go to Sólheimasandur beach much ahead of Vik. There is a US Navy DC plane that crashed here in 1973. It is prohibited to drive on this black sand beach. The walk between the car parking and the plane is about 4 km from the parking lot. Do you really want a photo with a crashed navy plane as the backdrop?!

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Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

Skogafoss waterfall is located on the south coast of Iceland and is visible from the main ring road when you drive from Reykjavik to Vik.

But the fun is to get up close and personal with this beautiful waterfall. There is a car park and a restaurant close to the waterfall. You must cross that and reach the bottom of the falls. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland with a height of about 60 meters. 

It is possible to walk close to Skogafoss but be prepared to get wet due to the heavy mist around the falls. You can see a rainbow looming over the falls due to the heavy mist when the day is sunny. A photo, though a bit misty, capturing a rainbow over the fall is Instagram-worthy, for sure.

Studlagil Canyon

Instagrammable places in Iceland: 10 Amazing Spots to visit in Iceland

This canyon is located in the East region of Iceland. Stunning basalt rock columns and blue waters await. You can go to the viewing platform, easily accessible from the second car park, and take an Instagram shot from the top.

Or, if you have the time and inclination, you go to car park 1 and hike to the bottom of the canyon. This is a 10 km hiking loop, be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots and trekking pants and carry a rain jacket. This is where you can get photographs worthy of making it to your laptop screensaver!

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Instagrammable places in Iceland

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