The Best Travel Blogging Course 2023 – REVIEWED

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Chances are you found your way to this blog post because you are looking for the best travel blogging course to take? Well, you are in the right place. In this post, I have reviewed my top travel blogging courses, the ones with expert tips on how to become a full-time blogger (yes even during a pandemic). Each one of these best blogging courses I have personally taken… I’ve actually taken WAY more courses than I’ve written about in this post. These are just the good ones!  

These online travel blogging courses work. But you have to also be fully committed and prepared to put in the work.

Blogging is not dead, a lot of people are just doing it wrong! I personally make 90% of my income from blogging as a profession and I know many other bloggers just like me. I may have taken a hit during the second half of 2020, but I’m pleased to say that by 2021, I made more than triple my pre-pandemic income, and my traffic has more than doubled.

So what’s the secret to my success? Well, it’s a combination of these things:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • A killer affiliate marketing strategy
  • Building a network
  • Mastering Pinterest

If you can crack these 4 things you will be well on your way to being a 6 figure a month blogger.

The Best Travel Blogging Courses in 2023

Just here for the referral?

No problem, we’re all busy. Here are the courses I recommend. Click on the link to learn more, or keep scrolling for my full review.

Akumal Natura Glamping Hotel in Akumal, Mexico

Why invest in online blogging courses

If you are wondering why you should even bother paying out your hard-earned cash for an online blogging course when you can learn pretty much everything on YouTube, I get you. But there is a big difference.

I love a free course and YouTube is amazing for so many things, whenever I have a technical problem or need to figure out how to do something in photoshop, for example, I turn to YouTube. It never lets me down.

YouTube is for quick fixes when you need to learn something small and fast. But if you want to learn a whole new skill it’s not so great. Mostly because with YouTube there is no real order and no accountability.

When you invest financially in an online blogging course or any online course, you have committed to doing it. If you don’t complete the course you lose your money. Therefore you are more likely to actually do the course if you have paid for it. It’s that simple!

If you want to make money from blogging, then you NEED to invest in the best training to help you achieve your financial goals.

Each of the courses I recommend in this post will pay for itself within a few months. They did for me!

What if your not a beginner?

I’ve been blogging for 6 years now, and every few years I hit a wall.

The first time it happened I was hardly making any money, and after 2 years I knew it was make or break time.

I either needed to get my act together and start making some money, or I needed to quit because I was putting in way too much work to be making so little. That’s when I did Nomadic Matts’s course “The Business of Blogging”. It was great and it got me refocused and encouraged me to start looking at my blog as a business.

It felt like a big investment at the time, but 6 months later I was earning over $1000 most months (from $50 to $1000 wasn’t so bad), and then a few months later I hit the magic 25k and was accepted into Mediavine. My point is, that course was worth the investment.

Even though I thought I knew what I was doing as I’d been blogging for several years, what I learned through that experience was that you NEVER stop learning in this industry.

Especially as things (technology) are changing so fast.

So I have a new rule, I invest my time and money in at least one big blogging course per year to help me to keep growing as a blogger, and of course, so I can also keep growing my monthly passive income!

If you are interested in Matt’s course, he actually shut it down so it’s no longer available. But don’t worry, I have an even better option for you if you keep reading!

The Best Travel Blogging Course 2023

Blogging Fast Lane

This was my big investment course for 2021. I started the course in January and it took me a couple of months to complete.

The actual material you can watch probably in a week. But to do the work alongside as you are learning will take a bit more time.

So what did I learn from this course? How to make MONEY! Like serious money! My income has tripled since I started this course. I’m now bringing in on average of 5k a month. I’ve also managed to build my team back up again (I had to loose my whole team thanks to COVID). As of right now, Claire’s Itchy Feet is a team of 5!

My aim is to double that figure by the end of the year. And with the iron-clad strategies for affiliate marketing and email list building I learned doing this course I know I will achieve this goal.

So what is this online blogging course all about then?

The Blogging Fastlane travel blogging course is built around the aim of helping you to build an affiliate marketing machine. And it works, believe me. I’m not normally much of a spreadsheet person, but the sheets they give you with the course are invaluable! Especially if you are planning to grow your team. These sheets help every member of my team stay focused on the goals, giving value to my readers, and to make money through affiliate marketing.

If you are a beginner, forget about all of the other courses on blogging, this is the one you need to do if you want to focus on blogging as a profession.

If like me you have a few years under your belt, don’t worry. Anna and Tom the course leaders have created a slightly different pathway through the course for us. We just get to skip out on some of the setup stuff and focus more on editing and optimizing old posts! JOY!

I spent a lot of time optimizing old posts updating SEO and making them more affiliate-friendly. I’ll let the traffic results speak for themselves.

travel blogging course

The idea behind the course and creating a blog that is an Affiliate Marketing Machine is so you can make money on auto… otherwise known as passive income. Which is what we call want right? To be able to take a few weeks off to explore a new place with the money continuing to roll on in?!?

But this course isn’t just about teaching you how to optimize your blog post for affiliate marketing. It also teaches you about SEO, Pinterest, the technical side of setting up WordPress, email marketing… It basically teaches you EVERYTHING you need to start a blog from scratch. This is why it’s so perfect for beginners. 

Now I know Anna and Tom personally, so I know they are living what they are teaching in the course. They are also very engaging and knowledgeable and there is a LOT of information in there. Plus they have a super useful Facebook group and are in their daily answering questions and helping students out.

I really can’t recommend signing up for their FREE training here so you can learn more about the Blogging Fast Lane and Anna and Tom.

Do not put off joining this course if you are serious about making money from blogging.

Click here to sign up for the Blogging Fast Lane free training 

jonny Melon's Blogging Academy

Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy is a step-by-step guide to building a successful blog that ACTUALLY makes money!

I know Jonny personally as we were on a press trip together in Mexico a while back. I was blown away by how much Jonny achieved as a pro blogger so fast. 

The guy seriously knows his stuff! Especially when it comes to making money as a blogger. He’s also one of the best SEO focused bloggers I know.

I haven’t had chance to take his course personally yet (having a baby and running multiple businesses is keeping me busy right now lol), but I’ve looked through this course and it looks awesome! Plus I trust Jonny and know anything he does will be of the highest quality.

Sp if you’re done with the struggles, confusion, and overwhelm every time you think about building, growing, and monetizing a blog, then this is THE course you need.

Inside Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy, you’ll get totally clear on what you need to do to turn your blog into a huge success from the get-go.

You’ll be able to focus your creative talents on what’s important and what you enjoy—and build a blog that makes you CONSISTENT PASSIVE INCOME.

It’ll provide the opportunities for you to be your own boss, make an income online, and create the freedom to do the things that YOU want to do.

Jonny will help you STEP INTO the role of Successful Blogger far quicker and easier than you ever could on your own. And one of the ways he teaches his students to do that is with his STEP-BY-STEP PROCESSES!

The secret to building a successful blog lies in the processes in the backend.

Knowing how SEO works, knowing how to rank on the 1st page of Google to drive thousands of visitors to your site, and knowing how to generate consistent PASSIVE INCOME income with your blog.

Only once you’ve learnt the right strategies, techniques, and processes, and executed upon them can you experience a real change in results. That’s when you instantly transform from struggling content creator to Successful Blogger.

And Jonny will help you make that transformation…

Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy isn’t a “Blogging Course” like all the others you may have taken. 

IT’S A PROVEN PROCESS that will take you from an Overwhelmed Content Creator to a Blogging Expert with a profitable online business! It focuses on EXECUTION, NOT LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, and without the heavy-lifting!

Inside JMBA you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • 7 step-by-step Training Modules that turns everything you think you know about blogging completely on it’s head so you can see how today’s successful bloggers actually do it!
  • Bonuses including checklists, blueprints, and resources so you have an instruction manual-style Playbook for transforming your blog into a money-making powerhouse!
  • How To Travel For FREE Bonus Masterclass where Jonny teaches you his complete Pitching Process to get collaborations with tour companies, tourism boards and luxury hotels!
  • Fill-in-the-blank Email & IG Templates for pitching brands, hotels, and tourism boards!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community to get the support, clarity and answers you need!
  • And much more!

All the lessons and exercises are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks. You won’t get blasted with hours and hours of videos that suck up all your free time! More importantly, all the content is laid out so you build momentum.

Use the code CLAIRESITCHYFEET20 to get 20% off.

Travel Blog Prosperity

I joined Jessie’s blogging course in 2019 and I’m still in there now in 2021! The course is created by Jessy from Jessy on a Journey, and wow!

It’s a subscription model (cancel anytime) meaning there are no big upfront fees to pay. So it’s perfect if you are on a very tight budget.

In fact, if you use my code CLAIRESITCHYFEET you can get the first month for just $9 USD.

One of the things I love about the membership is that Jessy sends out weekly emails that include paid opportunities to write. I’m still going through all of the course material, but from what I’ve seen so far this is going to keep me busy for a while!

Jessy is a lovely human, as well as being a great blogger and she has created more than just a blogging course, this is a blogging community. If you want to nurture and grow your blog and be part of a community of other bloggers striving for success while supporting each other. 

The only negative thing I have to say about the course is that there is so much material in there and it’s not really in any kind of order. So it can feel a bit overwhelming, to begin with. So if you are a type A who needs order, maybe this isn’t the best blogging course for you.

View the course here.

Use the code CLAIRESITCHYFEET to get the first month for just $9 USD

Pinteresting Strategies

Now I know this isn’t a travel blogging course, strictly speaking. BUT I wanted to include it as I feel it’s my duty to inform as many people about this course as I can. Plus while you are waiting for the SEO work to kick in it’s not a bad idea to try and build some of that magical Pinterest traffic.

Oh, Pinterest! We have a love-hate relationship and it is mostly because I don’t really like doing the work. So I did a few things:

  1. Took Carley’ s Pinterest Strategies course
  2. Deleted my Tailwind account (Sorry Tailwind)
  3. Pretty much deleted ALL of my pins and boards and started again

I’m still growing on Pinterest and it really is a long game so it is going to be another few months before I really see results but so far so good. After doing at least 5 different Pinterest Courses I wanted to cry as they all said the same thing, and even after implementing it, my traffic stayed the same.

My Pinterest was STUCK.

Then two good friends both had pins going viral on Pinterest, so I asked what happened and they told me about this course.

I was very dubious about throwing any more money at Pinterest, but after talking it through with my friend I quickly realized what Carley teaches in her cause is completely different from any course I’d done before. Plus her course is CRAZY low at just $57 USD.

I did the course, deleted Tailwind (for now), and started manual pinning. In just a week with only a few pins my traffic went from being stuck on 20 clicks through a day (it’s been like that for 2 years) to between 60-150 per day. I was shocked!

You have to be prepared to put the work in for 1-2 months before you can start using Tailwind again. But the results speak for themselves!

P.S. Another key thing I invested in was Tasty Pins. It is a paid plugin for WordPress and it’s so good. You can add hidden pins, input the text you want to be on your pins when people pin directly from your site and you can also check a box on all of your other images to prevent them from pinning them on Pinterest. One of the best investments I’ve made and it was only $30.


I wanted to just add in this at the end as it’s a good alternative if you are broke! It’s not a travel blogging course, but it’s kinda like a well-organized YouTube for creatives. So maybe you will find a travel blogging course in there.

If you don’t know what Skillshare is yet you need to. Anything you want to learn, Skillshare probably has it.

It’s an incredible place where you can learn pretty much anything! They have THOUSANDS of classes on everything from photography to illustration, design, and marketing. You can find pretty much everything you need to know about blogging here.

And the best news is that if you click this link you can get 2 weeks absolutely FREE.


The BEST Keyword Research Tool

I have tested out so many keyword research tools both free and paid and the one I use is Keysearch and in my opinion the best option. It is affordable, easy to use, and gets results. You can track your keywords and it even has a specific search tool to find YouTube keywords. Totally worth the investment if you are at the point where you are ready to get serious with SEO. If there is one take-a-way you get from this post on the best blogging courses, it’s this, spent the money, put in the work, and you WILL make it back. I have never regretted a single course I invested in. OK well, maybe a Neil Patel course I bought in my first year of blogging before I knew better haha, but still, you get my point!
If you want to get Keysearch use this link and enter the discount code KSDISC for 20% off your subscription.

Summary of recomended travel blogging courses and financial breakdown

Here is the financial breakdown if you decide to invest in these courses:

Blogging Fast Lane

FREE webinar and if you decide to sign up then it’s $697 for lifetime access (it’s possible to split into 3 payments).

Travel Blog Prosperity 

First month $9 using my code CLAIRESITCHYFEET

Pinterest Strategies 

price $57

Jonny Melon’s Blogging Academy

Use the code CLAIRESITCHYFEET20 to get 20% off.

Essential Tools For Bloggers


Use my link to activate your 1-month free trial

Tasty Pins
Cost $29.00

Normal price: $17.00 per month
Using my discount code KSDISC you can get 20% off

Final Thoughts

Ok, so that’s it. That’s the lot. I have done way more travel blogging courses than this, but these are the ones that I really recommend and have made a genuine difference to my business. I would also like to add that I have already made my money back on the investment I made on these courses on blogging through affiliate marketing. So when I use the word investment I mean it.

If you have any questions at all about any of these courses on blogging or anything in this post feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer as soon as I can.


Struggling to get traffic to your blog? Want to become a travel blogger but don’t know how to grow your audience? Go to my post to see how I grew my blog and became a digital nomad. I share 6 courses that will change the game for you. #socialmedia #tips #ideas #pintrest #website #onlinebusiness #bloggingadvice #bloggingcourses

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Thursday 3rd of February 2022

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Hi Claire! Thank you for this post. I originally wanted to join Matt's course but it is not available now. I have been blogging for nearly 2 years and as much as I would like to learn about how to successfully monetise my blog I also recently hit a brick wall when it comes to the technical part. Big time. Would Blogging Fast lane address this aspect as well or would you recommend something else?Thank you :) I love your work x

Claire Summers

Monday 30th of August 2021

Hi Pati,

I really can't recommend the blogging fast lane course enough. It feels like a bit of an investment, but if you follow the course and implement everything then you make the money back in no time. I know I have. I was able to grow my email list substantially and my affiliate income has boomed. I'm currently busy optimizing posts now getting ready for Q4 and the Christmas spending! Now is the time to start monetizing for sure!


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