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Which Kindle Should I Buy? The Best Kindle to Get for Travel

Asking yourself, “What’s the best Kindle for travel” before your next adventure. It took me a long time to make the leap from paper books to an e-reader. Sadly, when I was traveling full-time, buying paper books became a luxury I could no longer afford. This guide to the best Kindle for travel will answer all your questions, from “Is a Kindle worth it?” to “What Kindle should I buy?”

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Is Kindle Worth It?

I love books—I love their feel and the new book smell. Most of all, I love walking into a bookshop and wandering around, breathing in that book smell. So much so that it took me a long time to consider buying a Kindle. I kept wondering, “Are Kindles worth it?”

Reasons Why Getting a Kindle for Travel Is a Good Idea

When it comes to “Is a Kindle worth it for travel?” I have to say yes! Here are a few reasons why I recommend traveling with a Kindle.

Entertainment On the Go

I can read a book daily if I get really into it, so I go through many books. If I’m reading paper books, I run out quickly—it isn’t easy to get ahold of English books abroad. You often must rely on people leaving their finished books at hotels and hostels. With my Kindle, I can download a new book (or seven at a time) with WiFi.

Save Money

If you read as much as I do, buying books all the time can get expensive. I don’t have the luxury of borrowing books from a library on the road. But if you subscribe to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow as many books as you can read (included in Unlimited). Almost all the Lonely Planet Travel Guides are included!

If you sign up for Book Bub, you’ll get daily or weekly emails of free or discounted books.

Less Eye Strain

While traveling, I started reading things on my phone and tablet, but the screen glare was killing my eyes. So I gave in and bought a Kindle—one of my favorite travel tech purchases!

I bought a standard Kindle, and it suits me well. The battery lasts forever, there’s no screen glare, and although it doesn’t have a backlight (for reading in the dark), I got a cheap one for a few pounds. If you want to splash out more, go for a Paperwhite. If you’re feeling flush, get an Oasis.

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Which Kindle Should I Get for Travel?

What Kindle Should I Buy if I’m Shopping On a Backpacker Budget?

Don’t be swayed by features you don’t need—some Kindles are more like tablets, which drains the battery faster. The tablet-like screen also makes it harder to read on the beach. If you don’t need a device that does it all, the best Kindle for you is the standard version.

Which Kindle Should I Buy for Travel Involving Water?

I recommend the waterproof Kindle if you plan to read at the beach or pool. It’s reasonably priced but built to withstand splashes of water. You should still be mindful of your Kindle around large bodies of water, but a little rain won’t hurt it!

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What Is the Best Kindle to Buy for Web Access?

This is the best Kindle Fire for reading, watching movies, and surfing the web. I have this version, and it’s great because I can watch movies and read my books! The only downsides are the battery doesn’t last as long as a standard Kindle, and there’s screen glare. However, splurging on the best Kindle Fire for reading is worth it.

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Best Kindle to Get for Travel: FAQs

When’s the Best Time to Buy Kindle Readers?

The best time to buy Kindle products is on a Black Friday or Prime Day holiday. These ensure discounted prices to help you get the best deal. Kindles are reasonably priced, but savings events are an excellent excuse to splurge on something with more bells and whistles.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Kindle?

In my opinion, the best place to buy a Kindle is Amazon or another online marketplace. You can usually find great discounts on the best Kindle devices, helping you save big. Make sure the company or seller is reputable with good customer reviews.

What is the Best Kindle to Buy? Final Thoughts

While I’m still drawn to bookshops and will never give my books away, I’m so glad I purchased a Kindle. Hopefully, this roundup of the best Kindle products inspires you to pick up an e-reader before your next adventure. It’ll become your new favorite travel companion!

Choosing the Best Kindle for Travel 2019

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Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

I think most people now preferred to read online story where they don't have to carry book. But for me, I still love the essence of reading books. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thought.

Claire Summers

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

I don't think I will ever love reading on a kindle as much as holding a real book and reading. But sadly for me with limited space and access to books on the road I don't get to read many real books anymore. It's a treat for when I'm at one of my parents houses though, or if I find a left book at a hostel.


Monday 19th of December 2016

I still love having a real book in hand, but if I am being honest, reading an ebook is much more convenient for me especially when I want to save some space in my bag. I read an ebook on my phone but I have been considering buying an ebook reader for quite some time now. I think it's okay whatever your choice of book format is. We're living in the 21st century anyway. The important thing is to read.

Claire Summers

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Agree 100%! So long as people are reading it doesn't matter how :-)


Monday 19th of December 2016

I'm not ready to convert to a Kindle yet! My main issue is that it would just be another electronic I'd be carrying on my travels that I have to watch & risk losing... so instead I'm currently travelling with 4 books! I would sure love to lose the weight though, I think it's one of those things I wouldn't buy but if I received it for a gift I'd happily take it :-)

Claire Summers

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

I hear ya! If I wasn't travelling long term I would suck it up with the extra weight. Know what you mean about electronics. I travel with a Mac Air, a Chrome book, a tablet, iPod and a kindle! Hardly room for anything else. Joys of being a Digital Nomad!


Sunday 18th of December 2016

i can totally relate. i do love reading books and I love their smell as well. However, I did switch to kindle last year pretty much for the same reasons

Claire Summers

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Thank you Neha, happy reading :-)

Erica M Poyauan

Sunday 18th of December 2016

It's clever to choose Kindle if you wish to have and access different books at once. Glad you got your own!

Claire Summers

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Thanks for your comment Erica happy reading to you :-)