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A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

The Israeli city of Tel Aviv, situated on the Mediterranean coast, is known worldwide for its renowned museums, architecture, and rich local culture. Tel Aviv is a vibrant and dynamic city, and this guide will highlight where to stay and what to do in Tel Aviv. 

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

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Best Areas to Stay in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is full of small neighborhoods and areas that each have a unique charm. 

The city’s beach strip, known as the Tayelet, is ideal for couples who want romantic waterfront views during their Tel Aviv holiday. This area is known for its luxury hotels and outdoor areas where tourists can soak up the sun. 

White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is great for families who want to dive into local history. This area of Tel Aviv is full of shops, cafes, and museums, making it a popular cultural hub.

Solo travelers will enjoy staying in Florentin, a quirky Tel Aviv neighborhood popular among artists for its bars and nightlife.

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Must-Visit Attractions and Activities in Tel Aviv

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

Some of Tel Aviv’s most popular attractions include museums where tourists can learn about local history, like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Palmach Museum. 

History buffs can also tour the city’s famous landmarks like the Old City neighborhood and city ports. 

If you feel like doing some shopping, explore Tel Aviv’s countless spice and flea markets, including Sarona Market and Jaffa Flea Market. 

Many of these locations can be explored independently, but guided tour options are available if you want to learn even more about these cultural sites.

Unwind at Tel Aviv’s Beautiful Beaches

In addition to incredible history, art, and culture, Tel Aviv is also home to some gorgeous beaches. 

Hilton Beach, situated beneath the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv, is popular among tourists because it’s clean and safe, with lifeguards monitoring the water. Here, you can try kayaking or surfing in the Mediterranean waters or stay on land and play a game of volleyball. Middle Hilton Beach is also known for being one of the most gay-friendly areas in the city. 

Another top beach in Tel Aviv is Gordon Beach, a bustling area where locals and tourists gather to walk, run, bike, and swim. Many hotels and companies along the beach offer lounge chair, umbrella, and equipment rentals, letting guests try water sports like boating and paddle boarding. 

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Explore Tel Aviv’s Nightlife and Best Bars

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

You can’t take a trip to Tel Aviv without venturing out after dark to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene! 

Bellboy is often considered the best bar in Tel Aviv and is well-loved for its vintage decor and eclectic cocktail menu. The Prince is another popular choice that offers rooftop seating and a cozy atmosphere with frequent events and live music performances. 

There are also many clubs throughout Tel Aviv, including The Block, located in the city’s Central Bus Station, and Barby, which has been entertaining guests for decades. 

Getting to Tel Aviv: Airlines and Transportation

Tel Aviv is easily accessible from locations around the world, and there are plenty of options for choosing an airline to Tel Aviv. 

Delta and United offer direct flights from major cities in the United States, while British Airways and easyJet are popular choices for traveling from the United Kingdom

Walking and biking are the best ways to explore Tel Aviv, because the road system can be confusing and overwhelming. Thankfully, buses, trains, and taxis offer transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport and around the city.

Luxury Hotels in Tel Aviv

1. The Norman Tel Aviv

where to stay in tel aviv,what to do in tel aviv

The Norman Tel Aviv is one of the top luxury hotels in Tel Aviv, with a 9.2 out of 10 rating on The Norman offers elegant rooms and suites to ensure an upscale and comfortable Tel Aviv holiday. 

This luxury boutique hotel is in the heart of Tel Aviv’s White City, a historic site of 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings.

With three dining options, a rooftop infinity pool, and health and wellness programs like massage treatments and yoga classes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at The Norman.

2. The Rothschild Hotel Tel Aviv – An Atlas Boutique Hotel

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

Another top pick for upscale hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel, is The Rothschild Hotel Tel Aviv – An Atlas Boutique Hotel. You can also find The Rothschild Hotel in White City, making it a great place to experience Tel Aviv’s top cultural attractions. 

This boutique hotel is known for its romantic accommodations that are popular among couples. 

With a rating of 7.7 out of 10, The Rothschild is a solid choice when staying in Tel Aviv, though you won’t have as many amenities to enjoy in comparison to other luxury hotels.

3. The Setai Tel Aviv

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

The last luxury hotel in Tel Aviv I recommend is The Setai Tel Aviv, which is rated a solid 9 out of 10 on 

The Setai is located in Old Jaffa, an artistic neighborhood that’s popular with tourists for its countless shops, galleries, and cafes. This boutique hotel overlooks Clock Square and the Mediterranean, creating an elegant ambiance. 

The Setai property consists of historic buildings from the Ottoman era and is known for its exceptional culinary experiences.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Tel Aviv

1. Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

Are you looking for cheap hotels in Tel Aviv that won’t break the break? I’ve got you covered! 

The Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv has an impressive 8.4 out of 10 rating on and offers a budget-friendly yet comfortable stay. From dorm-style rooms to private suites, Abraham Hostel offers a variety of accommodations for your specific needs. 

Despite being an affordable hotel, Abraham Hostel doesn’t compromise on amenities, boasting a lounge, bar, rooftop, and more. Abraham Hostel is centrally located near many top Tel Aviv attractions in the bustling area of Electric Garden. 

As a bonus, the hostel also has an entire page of special offers so you can find the best deals possible.

This is where we stayed on our trip to Tel Aviv and I really can’t recommend it enough. It was in an amazing location and super child friendly.

2. Florentin House

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

Another top-rated, budget-friendly stay in Tel Aviv is Florentin House, an eco-friendly hostel with a trendy urban design. 

Situated in the free-spirited neighborhood of Florentin, Florentin House provides a unique atmosphere where travelers from around the world can connect. 

Florentin House is rated 9 out of 10 on, and accommodations range from dorms to suites. Dorm-style rooms are one of the best ways to save money during your trip to Tel Aviv, and the experience is ideal for couples or solo tourists looking to meet new people.

3. Gordon Inn

A Complete Guide to Exploring Tel Aviv: Where to Stay and What to Do

The 2-star Gordon Inn is a solid option for a more traditional hotel stay that won’t hurt your wallet. While the Gordon Inn isn’t the most chic hotel in Tel Aviv, it offers a safe and clean environment to rest your head after long days of adventuring. 

One of the best things about Gordon Inn is its location, just a quick walk from Dizengoff Center, a large Israeli shopping mall. 

With daily cooked-to-order breakfast, a fitness center, and the option of rooms with a balcony and kitchenette, the Gordon Inn has everything you need for a comfortable stay in Tel Aviv. 

Israel Travel Guide Planning

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Make sure to save this Tel Aviv guide next time you plan a trip to make the most of your stay! Tel Aviv is an incredible city that everyone should visit if given the opportunity, and there’s no shortage of activities and landmarks to explore throughout the city. Whether you splurge on a luxury hotel or opt for a budget-friendly hostel stay, you’re sure to have an incredible experience in Tel Aviv.

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