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The Best Christmas Gifts For Travel Lovers

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Yes, I know, yes another Christmas gift guide for travelers. But can we really have too many Christmas gift guides for the travel lovers in our lives? I think not!

Buying the perfect gift for travel lovers can be tricky, especially if you are looking for a special gift for a backpacker who is about to head off on a trip. Because the thing is, us travel types generally don’t really appreciate lots of ‘stuff’ we generally choose experiences over physical things. 

So what does one buy for a traveler? For me personally I like travel gifts to sit under on of these categories: clothing, luggage, practical travel gadgets, digital products, and keepsakes. So in this Christmas gift guide for travelers I’ve kept all of my suggestions within these categories. I’ve also split it all down into prices so you can use the table to skip to the relevant pricing section… you’re welcome!

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Are you wondering what to buy for the traveler in your life for Christmas? You aren't alone, buying a Christmas gift for a travel lover can be difficult. In this list, I've added some of my favorite travel accessories and things that I love to take with me wherever I am in the world. #travelgifts #giftsfortravelers #christmasgiftguide #christmasgiftguidefortravel
Are you wondering what to buy for the traveler in your life for Christmas? You aren't alone, buying a Christmas gift for a travel lover can be difficult. In this list, I've added some of my favorite travel accessories and things that I love to take with me wherever I am in the world. #travelgifts #giftsfortravelers #christmasgiftguide #christmasgiftguidefortravel
Are you wondering what to buy for the traveler in your life for Christmas? You aren't alone, buying a Christmas gift for a travel lover can be difficult. In this list, I've added some of my favorite travel accessories and things that I love to take with me wherever I am in the world. #travelgifts #giftsfortravelers #christmasgiftguide #christmasgiftguidefortravel

Christmas gifts for travelers under $15

If you are looking for some great gift ideas for travel lovers or the best beach gifts that won’t break the bank then why not try one of these?

Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder

These are actually designed by a good friend of mine and I am OBSESSED. They not only look super cute hanging on my purse or backpack but they are really functional, especially traveling during COVID times.

You can buy them on Amazon and they come in a pack of 2 either this floral pattern (which I have) or a tan and black duo. It’s vegan leather, so cruelty-free.

Pura Vida Friendship Bracelets

Pura Vida are a great company based in Costa Rica who sell travel friendly jewelry that is made by local artisans for a fair price. The company has great ethics and their rings, bracelets and necklaces are so darn cute!

They have a great selection of gifts for under $10.

Travel Journal

If you are looking for a stocking filler you can’t go wrong with a travel notebook. Every traveler needs a cute place to write their hopes, dreams and travel plans, right?

My Book

Haha sorry I couldn’t resist a little self promo… If your travel loving friend or family member is thinking about traveling solo and feeling a little nervous, then my book The Solo Girl’s Guide To Traveling Without Fear is the perfect Christmas gift.

Coffee Subscription

I mean, what traveler doesn’t love coffee right? What I really love about the FDC (Fire Department Club) month subscription is that they have different coffees for all around the world each month. So you can travel through your morning coffee to a different place, even when you can’t physically travel (COVID, I’m looking at you). 

If that wasn’t enough of a selling point, they also give 10% of the profits to help first responders. Making this the gift that keeps on giving!

Mini Unicorn Cupholder

Okay, so maybe this unicorn cupholder from Get floaty isn’t such a practical gift. But it is fun, and it takes up no room at all. Plus it would look great in any travel instagram photo shoot!

Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers under $50

If you have a little more to spend then one of these great gift ideas for travelers is sure to fit the bill. I have selected each on because I think they would make the perfect travel companion. And each of the Christmas gift ideas is under $50

OASIS Fruit Infusion Water Flask

Like I said this gift guide is full of practical gifts for travelers, and you can’t get more practical than this water bottle.

So why do I LOVE Grosche water bottles above all of the other water bottles on the market? Well they are super cute, have a fruit infuser, keep my water cold and my tea hot, but most of all because for every bottle you buy they will provide 50 days of clean drinking water to a family in need. 

It really is the perfect travel gift, that keeps on giving!

Phoozy Heat and cool proof phone holder

If the traveler in your life will be heading anywhere with extreme weather then this Phoozy thermal phone capsule will make a great gift.

Whether you are skiing or on a Caribbean beach soaking up some sun, this cover will protect your phone keeping it safe from overheating or freezing.  

My Good Luck Charm Jewelry

Everyone needs a little bit of good luck while traveling right?

My Good Luck Charm have some great pieces that not only look great but they also have a little added magic that every adventurer needs.

I’ve got several necklaces and rings from here all for under $50 and I love them.



Body In Balance Kit

Normally I’m not someone who travels with a lot of products. But I do love Lather products, especially this Body in Balance kit.

When you are on the go a lot, getting a good nights sleep can be tough. I’ve personally found essential oils something I can’t travel without. This travel kit has a few essential products that can really help to relax you into a good nights sleep, or simply refresh you on a long journey.

Each one is infused with oils to help you stay calm and in balance… and it’s only $35!

Polarized Sunglasses

Everyone needs a good pair of polarized sunglasses for travel. I’m a big fan of Blenders as they are simple designs, robust (aka they last a long time even though I totally abuse them), and they are mostly under $50! So a total steel! Oh and they also do prescription sunglasses.

What to buy a travel lover under $100

Looking for something to buy a travel lover for under $100? I’ve got you covered. The travel addict in your life is sue to love any one of these travel gift ideas!

Tropicfeel Travel Sneakers

These are the ultimate travel shoes. Seriously, if there is only room to take one pair of shoes on a trip then these are the shoes to pack.

They are an all terrain shoe, super comfortable, and look great. I’m now on my second pair and I love them! I have the Canyon Majolica Blue and they pretty much go with everything. I’ve hiked volcanos, walked around cities, and trekked through jungles in these shoes and they have never let me down. 

Any traveler would love these shoes in their Christmas box!

Phoozy Heat and Cool Proof Tablet Cover

Another must for any traveler heading somewhere with extreme heat or cold is this Phoozy thermal tablet or laptop capsule. I think this makes a perfect gift, as it’s not something you might think of to buy yourself, but it’s just so useful! Especially if your loved one is a Digital Nomad.

Shop the NEW PHOOZY's for IPad/Tablets/laptops

Leather Laptop Cover and Portfolio

I was send out these two products as a gift from Galen Leather and they now travel everywhere with me. 

No only do they look super stylish, but they keep all of my things safe and protected. My Mac fits snuggly into its Mac cover and in the portfolio I keep my tablet, notebook, pens, and anything else I need to access quickly. The portfolio may seem a little unnecessary when backpacking, however for me it’s important that I can get to my work tools quickly. Plus it’s super nice to have a little luxury… so push out the boat and have a little luxury.


Hand Made Shoes

When you travel light, then everything you bring along with you on a trip needs to be good quality, and if it’s clothing or footwear then I personally need it to be comfortable, stylish, and go with a lot of things. For me Fuchsia shoes tick all of my boxes!

They are handmade qualify ballet flats, perfect for travel, and they even come in their own little travel pouch. I take mine everywhere with me as they take up so little room, they are comfy, AND they look good. 

Oh and in case you need more reason to buy, each purchase helps to provide fair wages and sustainable employment to the Fuchsia artisans in Pakistan who make all of the shoes.

Snow Boots

Having a good paid of warm boots is essential at this time of year, especially if exploring Europe or anywhere else cold. 

These Lugz boots have not been off my feet since I arrived back in the UK and I’m convinced they are the best travel Christmas gift I’ve given myself this year haha.

Christmas gifts for travel lovers over $100

If you have a bit more to spend on a gift for a traveler then any one of these travel gift ideas over $100 I’m sure will be appreciated.

Kindle Paperwhite

I wrote a whole post about finally getting a Kindle as it was a tough decision for me. But trust me, as a traveler a e-reader is a great investment!

There have been so many times I’ve been stuck somewhere with no books to read in a non-English speaking country. With a Kindle all you need is WiFi and you can download as many books as you like! The battery lasts for a week and its screen means you can read it on the beach.

This is a great Christmas gift for a frequent traveler.

Pac Safe

This bag this is a must for keeping  stuff safe while traveling, and would make a great travel gift.

To secure the bag all you need is something that can’t be moved in the hostel/ hotel room. You simply wrap it around lock it down. It would make a great travel gift for anyone security conscious. 

TEFL Course

Ok, so I know buying someone a TEFL course isn’t so exciting, but I probably would have starved during my second year as a. Digital Nomad if it wasn’t for having this qualification to enable me to teach English online.

I is a great qualification which not only allows you to get a. job teaching English as a second language online, but also in person. So if your loved one is heading off backpacking and you are worried about them running out of money at some point, this is is a great investment and could prove invaluable if they should ever need to make a little extra spending money!

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