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Tips for Travelling Around Italy

Italy is full to the brim of culture and history. If that weren’t enough, this country is also full of delectable dishes and remarkable wines. If you are planning to travel around this part of the world you may appreciate a few tips. 

Being prepared to travel around an unfamiliar country can make your vacation less stressful and much more enjoyable. 

Get Ready to Use Public Transportation

Many cities offer visitors a day pass. This pass ensures you can travel around for less. You can hop on a bus or a train knowing that you’re saving money every time you travel to Italy in May. You should also know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Not looking too much like a tourist can make you less of a target to pickpockets. Knowing where you’re going also means you’re less likely to get lost. 

Avoid the Rush Hour 

Every single country around the world experiences multiple rush hours every day. People who get caught up in them can find traveling is less pleasant than it could be. Try to find out when the rush hour is so you can avoid it. If you’re traveling from Rome to Venice, for example, leave a little earlier or later in the day 

Pack With the Weather in Mind

Always be prepared for a change in the weather. Changes in the weather are more likely to occur when you travel long distances. Pack an extra layer or maybe even some waterproofs, especially if you’re hiking Seceda in the Dolomites. Make sure that you protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays. Do what you have to do to keep yourself warm and dry or cool. Knowing that you can change into or out of something will make traveling easier. 

Work Out Where You’re Going to Eat 

Chances are you’ll start to feel peckish on your travels. Knowing where you can grab a bit of food can make life easier. No matter where you visit, you’ll find many wonderful places to eat. However, you may want to avoid trying to find a table in a restaurant when it’s busy. Chances are, your endeavors may be unsuccessful. Work out where you want to eat and book a table well in advance if you need to. You can always take a picnic with you or buy something to eat in your hotel room.  

Take a Map as a Back-up

Most of us have an app on our phones that tells us how to get from A to B. While these apps can be very handy, they’re no good if your cell phone is out of battery. Take a map as a backup so you always know how to get to your destination. Read the map before you leave for your journey as being familiar with it can make life a little easier. This will be really helpful especially if you’re planning a Dolomites campervan itinerary.

Use the above tips to help you travel around Italy with relative ease.

Extra tip: You may also want to learn a little of the language so you can always ask for directions if you need to.