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How Many Days to Spend in Venice and Best Things to Do in Venice Italy

With more than 20 million travelers flocking to the European city every year, Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many more things to do in Venice than just riding in a gondola or walking through the Bridge of Sighs. If you plan to solo travel Italy, use this guide to the best things to do in Venice Italy to decide how many days to spend in Venice.

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Italy Solo Travel: What to Do in Venice Alone

Is Italy safe for solo female travelers? Yes! That’s why we’ve created this list of the best things to do in Venice Italy if you’re looking for the best European girl’s trip destination. So whether you’re in Venice for two days or a week, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in Venice. There are several great Italian travel blogs written by locals and ex-pats that provide more info and advice about planning a solo trip to Italy, and we recommend checking them out for extra tips.

Here’s what to do in Venice during your Italy solo travel experience—plus, we’ll answer all your questions about “Is Venice safe?”

Ferry Ride to the Island of Murano

Take a ferry to the Island of Murano and learn how the world-famous Murano glassware is made. Fun fact: this iconic style of glass has been made with the same process for over 100 years! This is certainly one of the most unique things to do in Venice.

Quick Tip: Book accommodation, tours, and transport ahead of time online to save money and stress. 
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Take Cooking Lessons From a Chef

Learn how to make authentic Venetian Cicchetti from a real chef by taking a cooking lesson in Venice. A local chef will teach you the secrets of authentic cuisine while you sip on a glass of prosecco.

Visit St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica is full of historical Venetian art, relics, and statues dating back to 1092. This is a top activity when you solo travel Italy.

Go to the Top of the San Marco Campanile

Located across St. Mark’s Basilica is San Marco Campanile. Here, you can climb to the top for some of the best city views of Venice.

Take a Mask-Making Class From a Local

Take a mask-making class to discover how locals make colorful masks for the annual Carnival celebration. In just one hour, you’ll also get to make your own fun mask!

Is Venice Italy Safe at Night?

The Solo Guide To Venice, Italy

If you’re looking for clubs or dance clubs, visit Mestre, located at the foot of the Ponte della Liberta, a 2.6-meter-long bridge that connects the city to Venice. There are many things to do in Venice Italy after dark, from cozy bars to exciting nightclubs.

To enjoy a nightcap, listen to nice music, or chill out with the locals, check out these top Venice nightlife spots:

  • : Located just a few minutes from the Rialto Bridge, Baccaro Jazz is popular for its unique and interesting drink list.
  • : Relax to the sounds of soothing jazz music at the Venice Jazz Club, which features some of the finest jazz musicians in the city, five nights a week.
  • The Promenade at Zattere: Grab a bite and a drink, find a stone bench, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Giudecca.
  • : Venetians are very friendly people, and the Campo Santa Margherita near and Ca’Foscari University is where the young locals go for budget food and drinks.
  • : Relive fantastic stories of murder, ghosts, and superstition while walking down the dark, cobblestoned alleyways of Venice.

Solo Travel Italy: How to Get From the Airport to Venice

Marco Polo Airport is only 13 kilometers from Venice, and you can travel there by land or water. The cost of each transportation method is different. To start your day in Venice on a happy note instead of a frustrating one, here’s an overview of how to travel from Marco Polo Airport to the Venice city center.

  • Shuttle Transfer Service: For only 8 euros, the shuttle transfer service will get you to the bus stop at Piazzale Roma in 20 minutes—a return ticket costs 15 euros.
  • ATVO Bus: The airport has a fleet of ATVO buses that leave for Piazzale Roma every 30 minutes. An ATVO bus ticket costs 8 euros.
  • ACTV Bus – The ACTV bus costs 8 euros and leaves every 15 minutes for Piazzale Roma. Unlike the ATVO bus, the ACTV provides luggage racks for passengers.
  • Water Bus: A water bus takes an hour and 15 minutes to get to Venice, but you’ll get a head start on the Venetian experience. The cost of a Water Bus ticket is 15 euros.
  • Water Taxi: This is not a good option for solo travelers, as a Water Taxi can cost anywhere from 100 to 150 euros, depending on your destination. A shared water taxi will cost around 35 euros.
  • Train: You’ll need a bus ride to the Mestre train station to get to Venice. This is the most affordable option at 3 euros for the bus ride to the Mestre Train and 1 euro to Venice.
  • Regular Taxi: You will arrive in Venice in 15 minutes, but a taxi ride will cost you 35 euros.

Italy Solo Travel: How to Get Around Venice

The Solo Guide To Venice, Italy

Water, water everywhere… and not a car in sight! That’s because Venice is a “City in Water” connected by canals and bridges. From the Piazzale Roma, you won’t come across any form of land-based public transportation. No cars, no buses, and no taxis—it makes Venice all the more to visit.

There are three main ways to get around Venice:

  • Vaporetto
  • Water Taxi
  • Walking

The Vaporetto, or water bus, is the main mode of transportation in Venice. Tickets can be bought at the Piazzale Roma or the Venezia Santa Lucia train station. A one-way ticket on a Vaporetto will cost you around 7.50 euros. However, the best deal if you plan to travel around the city is a 24-hour pass for 20 euros. If you’re staying longer in Venice, there are Vaporetto passes for 48 hours, 72 hours, and seven days, which cost 30 euros, 40 euros, and 60 euros, respectively.

Water taxis are available, but at 50 euros for a short ride, this is not a viable option for solo travelers.

Walking is an excellent way to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of Venice. Walk at your own pace and check out whatever tickles your fancy. Another option is to join guided walking tours, such as the “The Hidden Gems and Secrets Tour,” a 2-hour trek that starts from the secluded streets of Venice to the Dorsoduro art district. Be mindful of where you’re walking since the city is connected by canals.

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Is Italy Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

For women who are traveling solo, Venice is generally a safe place to visit, as the crime rate is quite low. However, like other touristy cities, there are incidents of muggings and pickpocketing. If you want to experience the Venice nightlife, avoid narrow, dimly-lit streets. Visit bars, cafés, or restaurants that are within walking distance from your hotel, and try to stay near places where there are water taxis or Vaporettos. Always secure your valuables, and don’t walk around with too much cash.

Venice Accommodations

The Solo Guide To Venice, Italy

When traveling solo, your time is best spent exploring the city—a hotel is just a place to rest your weary head. Or is it?

In Venice, you can find accommodations to fit every budget. The most affordable hotels are still a joy to stay at, and you can get nice, comfortable rooms with excellent views of the city.

Where to Stay in Venice During a Solo Trip to Italy

Low Budget:

Residenza Venezia
Hotel dell’ Opera
Al Ponte Mocenigo


Hotel Canaletto
Hotel Antiche Figure
Palazzo Veneziano


Hotel Moresco
Hotel Danieli
The Gritti Palace

Is Venice Italy Safe? Italy Solo Travel Safety Tips

Venice is generally considered one of the safest places to visit for solo travelers. Still, you should never let your guard down—bad things happen in every country. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind during your solo trip to Italy:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: It’s nice to walk around while listening to your favorite music, but when traveling solo, it pays to ditch the earbuds and have all senses on alert when traveling solo.
  • Stay informed: When planning your itinerary of the best things to do in Venice Italy, consider the rate of criminal activity in the areas you want to visit. If the incidence of crime is high, it might be best to strike the place from your “to-visit” list.
  • Choose well-lit roads: When going out at night, choose places that can be accessed by wide and well-lit roads.
  • Always secure your cash: Wallets are best kept in the front pocket of your pants. It may not be fashionable, but cargo pants with zippered pockets will give you a better chance of securing your valuables. A belt bag may look so 80s, but at least you know the wallet’s safe.
  • Wear the right shoes: Considering going out in heels? Think twice if you do, especially if you’ll be treading cobblestoned roads. Canvas and cross-trainers are smarter choices.
  • Don’t bring valuable jewelry: Nothing will make you look more like a target than expensive jewelry. For solo traveling women, leave your expensive jewelry in a safety deposit box.
  • Inform someone of Your plans: Before going out on the town, call your family or a close friend and give them your itinerary. You can also leave word at the front desk of your whereabouts as a precautionary measure.
  • Get good insurance: It goes without saying, but you should always have solid insurance before any trip.

Venice Travel Guide Planning

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Final Thoughts On the Best Things to Do in Venice Italy

The best time to visit Venice when planning a solo trip to Italy is March to September, thanks to the warmer weather. Bring high-cut, waterproof boots if you get greeted by Aqua Alta or high waters—as a city surrounded by water, it isn’t uncommon for the streets to flood occasionally. Other than that, when in Venice, do as the Venetians do. Enjoy and love life!