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Top Things to Do in Warsaw Poland

Warsaw is an underrated travel destination, and with so many fun things to do in Warsaw Poland, it’s hard to decide what to do in Warsdaw and what to skip. While the Warsaw nightlife scene isn’t very exciting, and you won’t find golden beaches to lounge on, Warsaw is a fascinatingly beautiful city. War and communism have significantly impacted Warsaw, which contributes to why it’s one of the best cities to visit in Poland.

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What to Do in Warsaw Poland

Outdoorsy Things to Do in Warsaw

Before visiting Warsaw, I heard there was a local beach, which confused me since the city is landlocked. Turns out, the Vistula River runs through Poland, so the Polish locals got creative and made an artificial beach on the river banks. It’s a great place to hang out, as there’s usually a crowd of people and fun water activities. This area is also home to some of the best clubs Warsaw is known for.

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Historic Things to Do in Warsaw

Top Things to Do in Warsaw Poland

Rich with history, Warsaw should be at the top of the travel bucket list for history buffs. If you’re backpacking through Europe, Warsaw is a must-visit destination.

There are many museums, medieval castles, and historic landmarks throughout Warsaw that were spared from the destruction of World War II. These ancient structures and ruins are a significant reminder of Warsaw’s past. Old Town is an especially beautiful and historic area of Warsaw to explore. Consider checking out the Warsaw Rising Museum and the —both offer valuable insight into the history that shaped Warsaw as we know it today.

Free walking tours are a great way to explore Warsaw and learn about the city from knowledgeable locals. Don’t forget to bring some cash for tips! There are plenty of parks and palaces to visit in Warsaw, like the stunning Royal Baths Park, about 30 minutes south of Old Town.

What to Do in Warsaw After Dark

Although the city of Warsaw isn’t well-known for its nightlife, there are some fun bars and clubs that cater to various budgets and preferences. The Warsaw nightlife scene is growing yearly, with unique clubs popping up often. Summer is considered a more “happening” time in Warsaw—people want to let loose after the harsh winters that Warsaw is famous for.

Since tourists don’t view Warsaw as a party destination, the city’s bars and clubs are full of locals. This offers an excellent chance to learn more about the city’s unique culture.

I’ve noticed many of the clubs Warsaw is home to have strict door attendants. Note the dress code in advance to boost your chances of getting in. It’s best to play by the rules and go with the flow unless you’re touring Warsaw with someone familiar with the city’s vibe.

Avoid the following clothing items:

Since Warsaw is considered a relatively affordable city, expect a fun night out that won’t hurt your wallet. Whether you’re looking to sit outside, dance all night, or enjoy delicious food, Warsaw has you covered. There are Warsaw nightlife spots for everyone!

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Getting From Warsaw Chopin Airport to Downtown

There are several options to travel to Warsaw’s city center from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Uber is the most straightforward option since the service is affordable and convenient. Alternative options include the public bus, shuttle transfer, and taxis. You can view the most up-to-date bus timetable here. If you’re looking for a shuttle, I recommend welcome pickups.

The Solo Guide To Warsaw | Top Things to Do In Warsaw Alone

Warsaw Public Transportation

Getting around Warsaw is relatively easy, thanks to the various transportation methods available. There are rideshares like Uber and Lyft, taxis, scooters, bikes, buses, trains, and trams.

For ten PLN, you can register for Vetrulio, a bike rental company in Warsaw. Bike use is free for the first twenty minutes of each session. After that, the rate is one PLN for up to an hour and three PLN for the next hour.

Similar to major cities like New York and Washington D.C., tickets and electronic cards are used for public transportation—you can purchase them at metro stations and select bus and street shops. Most machines that sell travel tickets offer various language options, such as English and German. When purchasing a travel ticket, stick to Zone 1, which covers all the top touristy things to do in Warsaw. Zone 2 includes areas outside of Warsaw that aren’t necessary to visit.

Important Warsaw transportation tip: Always validate your ticket.

If a ticket control officer verifies your ticket and finds it invalid, you face a steep fine. Foreigners are more frequently targeted, so be aware.

Also, note that Warsaw is a very walkable city. The streets and sidewalks are wide, and the city is generally flat. Walking is a great way to explore a new city, and many of the best things to do in Warsaw Poland are within a 20 to 30-minute walk of each other.

The Solo Guide To Warsaw | Top Things to Do In Warsaw Alone

Where to Stay in Warsaw

The main options for accommodations in Warsaw are hostels, Airbnb, and hotels.

The Oki Doki hostels in the old and new town areas are a great option for a short trip. I frequently use Airbnb due to the comfort and convenience. Hotels are another option for those who want a smooth check-in process, though I find them overpriced.

Airbnb is probably the best option for staying in Warsaw. Not only is Airbnb cheaper than the average hotel, but you can also find excellent deals on Airbnb accommodations.

The WiFi in most Warsaw Airbnbs I’ve stayed in has been good, but it can be hit or miss. Once, I stayed at an Airbnb that advertised WiFi, but when I arrived, there was no signal. If you’re a digital nomad working on the go, ask about the internet before booking a place.

Looking for somewhere to stay? Check out these options!

Golden Apartments Warsaw
MirrorRoom PL Downtown
Kolejowa ApartHotel

Best Area to Stay in Warsaw

When deciding on a region of Warsaw to stay in, consider Old Town. Old Town offers a great home base to explore the city. Many major attractions are located within walking distance, and the charming area is worth wandering around for an afternoon.

Is Warsaw Safe?

Almost ready to book your trip but wondering, “Is Warsaw safe?” Poland is generally considered a safe destination, and I’ve had lovely interactions with the locals during every visit. That said, there’s still the chance you’ll run into trouble, as with most big cities.

Police officers can be found all over Warsaw and typically won’t make an effort to speak English or other languages. Drug use is not tolerated by the police, and public consumption of alcohol is illegal.

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The Solo Guide To Warsaw | Top Things to Do In Warsaw Alone

Warsaw Travel Guide Planning

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Warsaw Travel Tips

The average tip in Warsaw is around 10-15%, and while tipping taxi drivers isn’t expected, it’s always appreciated.

Summer is the best time of year to visit Warsaw. While the bright sunlight and heavy rainfall common throughout summer can complicate some things to do in Warsaw, you’ll be glad you skipped the harsh winter.

Locals tend to be much more accommodating if you attempt to speak the local language—even a few simple phrases can go a long way!

The Solo Guide To Warsaw

What to Do in Warsaw Poland: Final Thoughts

Warsaw is a great introduction to the country of Poland. It’s one of my favorite cities in Eastern Europe and is ideal for those working in the tech or startup space. There’s a vibrant coworking and coffee shop scene for digital nomads to enjoy.

Warsaw is often overlooked for nightlife and partying, but it offers many one-of-a-kind hidden gems. Of course, history lovers will have a blast touring Warsaw’s cultural sites.

About the Author: This post was written by Austin Tuwiner, who has been traveling the world scuba diving every chance he gets. After discovering several methods to make money online, Austin decided to say goodbye to college and hop on a plane. He has been on the road for nearly nine months straight!

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