A Day in Bath
A springtime view of the beautiful Royal Cresecent in Bath, Somerset.

A Day in Bath

Is Bath on your UK travel list? When I realized I only had a few more weeks left as a resident of the UK, there was one place in England I knew I HAD to visit before I left. Bath! Even though I only had a day in Bath, one day in Bath was just long enough to explore this incredible city. If you have longer Bath weekend breaks would be perfect!

There are so many reasons why Bath should be on your UK must-see list. I think one of the big pulls for a lot of people though is its proximity to London. It’s one a few hours on the train or coach from London and if you book in advance you can get really cheap fairs (I paid only £7!) so it’s great for a day trip from London, you could easily make it there and back in a day and not feel too rushed.

5 Facts About Bath

  1. Bath is the only city in the UK to be designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. That the whole city! Not just a part of it.
  2. The City is the only place in the UK that has natural hot springs.
  3. There are around 5,000 listed buildings in Bath
  4. Stonehenge is just an hour’s drive from Bath
  5. One of Bath’s most famous residents was Jane Austen

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

There is a lot to do and see in Bath. Including the Thermae Spa you can bathe in the hot spring water. It does look incredible and they have lots of great packages so do take a look and go if you have the time. If you have time also look at going from Bath to Stonehenge on a tour. It is an amazing experience and an amazing part of history.

How to spend A Day in Bath


Fill up on an English Breakfast

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks
Any day that starts with egg and soldiers is a good day!


Rosario’s is a great spot for a break. The coffee is good and the veggie breakfast choice is excellent! The cost was around £5-8 for food and £2-3 for coffee. 

Take a Free Walking Tour

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

At 10:30 every day there is a free walking tour that goes from just outside the Roman Baths. This tour is run by the 

Mayor of Bath and it is completely FREE they do not accept any tips at all. The tour lasts for 2 hours, you don’t need to book and your guide will be a local volunteer. The tour was brilliant, informative and just the right amount of time. You will get to visit all of the important buildings in Bath and have plenty of time for pictures etc. On your tour make a note of anywhere you want to return to later.

If you decide not to do this walking tour and would rather do a self-guided one, then check out this great tour I created on Walkli .

Sadly the weather wasn’t on my side and I was without my DSLR so here is a stock image of two of The Royal Crescent. It’s one of those places you really do have to see as pictures just can’t capture it.

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks
A springtime view of the beautiful Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset.

Visit the Roman Baths

The tour finishes back where you start outside the Roman Baths and this really is the main attraction! Cost is £15.00 for adults and you get a free audio guide. It took me around 1.5 hours to wander around.

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks
Steam rising off the hot mineral water in the Great Bath, part of the Roman Baths in Bath, UK

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

At the end, you can even take a drink of the water…It was an interesting taste!

Visit Bath Abbey

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

Once you come out of the Roman Baths head straight into the Abbey. It’s not very big but it’s beautiful inside and worth a visit.

Explore the shops

This may not be your thing, but I would recommend taking a wander around the city center and through the market.

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend BreaksWhen you come out of the market you will see the river. Follow it around and then turn back into town.

Visit the Jane Austen Museum

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

If you are a fan of Jane Austen then take a walk up to the Jane Austen museum. There are fixed times you can go as it starts with an introductory talk and then you are free to look round. If you aren’t a big fan or pushed for time then I’d recommend going there for an afternoon or high tea. Well, you are in Bath and it would be rude not to!

Afternoon tea is a big thing in the UK and something you really must do while visiting Bath. The Jane Austin Museum had an ok afternoon tea, but if you really want to go to town on this British tradition check out this list of the best places to take afternoon tea in Bath.

Explore the Assembly rooms

The Assembly Rooms are made up of four rooms, the Great Octagon, Tea Room, Ball Room, and Card Room as well as a Fashion Museum. After the morning tour, you will have a good idea of the history of Bath and its place in high society during the 18th Century.

These rooms really reflect that and the clothes in the fashion museum give you a closer look at some of the popular styles worn during this time and others.

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

Take a ride on the Bath Big Bus Tour

Bath also has a bus tour. If you miss the free walking tour, or you have mobility difficulties then this is a good option. Or if it’s raining, this would be the dryer option!

It is also a good way to finish off the day if you still have the time and energy! If you want tickets to the bus tours then I recommend checking out Viator, they always have great discounts so it will save you some money!

A day in Bath | Bath Weekend Breaks

There are two routes and both are included in the price. If you have done the walking tour you may not want to do the city center loop. As well as the city center loop there is the Skyline Tour. This is the one I would recommend to finish off your day. It takes you out of the city center and up to Prior Park. On this route, you can get a great view of the city from the high ground.

Finish off with dinner somewhere nice! I decided to eat close to the train station as I was on the 6:30 train home.

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Getting to Bath

Plane – The closest airport is Bristol which is just 20 miles away. The airport is well connected to Bath by public transport. Search for your flight on Skyscanner.

Train – If you are traveling from London it’s on a direct route and takes just 90 minutes from Paddington station. Making rail the fastest and easiest way to get to Bath on public transport. Search for tickets on Red Spotted Hanky.

Road – It’s a short drive from both the M4 and M5 motorways and parking is ok in the city center. If you need to hire a car then search for the best deals on Skyscanner.

Hotels in Bath City Centre

It really depends on your budget. I always like to search Skyscanner and Booking.com I wrote a whole post on finding the best deals on accommodation.

I was on a tight budget and stayed at St Christopher’s Inn which is a Hostel. It cost me £18 and was great value for money. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Bath City Centre here are a few other places I would recommend staying:

Hiding Space – St Catherine’s Hospital

Student Castle

Boutique Hotels Bath

Bathen House

Francis Hotel Bath – MGallery by Sofitel

No.15 Great Pulteney

Oh and don’t forget your insurance!

My visit to Bath was made possible by Visit Bath so a big thank you to them. If you are planning to visit Bath then make sure to check out their website which is packed with information including events and recommendations.

A day in Bath

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Claire Summers

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  1. Cori

    I haven’t been to Bath since I went with my parents! It didn’t leave much of an impression on me then, but this is making me think I have to take a second look. I have a few days unaccounted for in England this winter…

    1. Claire Summers

      It’s not somewhere I would spend a week for I think it’s a great weekend or day trip. But I’m a big fan or architecture and historical cities which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hope you have a better second visit if you do go again, though 🙂

  2. Alyssa Ramos

    So, I TOTALLY thought this post was literally going to be about you spending 24 hours in an actual bath, LOL!! I had no idea it was a city! Such great information, and I’m now dying to go in one of those actual Roman baths!!

    1. Claire Summers

      Haha that actually sounds like a fun day to me right now! Gotta be warmer than here in New Jersey!So glad you liked it and hope you get to dip in the baths one day 🙂 ps loving your pictures of Costa Rica! I’m heading there in May so I’m following along getting excited about my trip!

  3. Shane

    I bet you are so glad you didn’t pass up such an exciting day! Bummed I never made it last London but must return to England!

    1. Claire Summers

      Yes i really am. Ah that’s a shame but London is amazing so I’m sure you had a fab time!

  4. Claire

    I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve never been to Bath and I’m English! It looks like a lovely city, it reminds me of York a little, there is certainly plenty to do there and I would love to try the baths!

    1. Claire Summers

      I had driven through Bath so many times but never actually stopped there so I really did have no excuse to wait so long to visit. It is like a smaller version of york, similar building styles I think..although it has been YEARS since I visited York. It’s somewhere I really want to go though next time I’m in the UK

  5. Andrea

    Ohhh I LOVE Bath! I was there about 5 years ago on a day-tour by bus that also took us to Stonehenge so I REALLY had to rush through Bath lol but I absolutely loved it! I really only got to see the Royal Cresent and the actual Baths (and have some ice cream heh) but I wish I could’ve spent more time there and it sounds like you do too! Maybe next time…. 🙂

  6. It sounds like you had the perfect day in Bath, even though you were only able to stay 24 hours! I’ve always wanted to see the Roman Baths and was SUPER close this summer but unfortunately didn’t end up having time. I’m glad you got a chance to go before living the UK.

    1. Claire Summers

      Thank you Sally. I really did. If you ever get some time again make sure to go as its totally worth it. I’m just sad I didn’t get into the Spa…next time!

  7. Laura Nalin

    I want so badly to visit Bath!! I will be going to the UK in the spring and will hopefully make a stop through there en route to Scotland. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Claire Summers

      You totally should if you can squeeze it in..although its quite a distance from Scotland!

  8. AlicevstheWorld

    I’ve always been curious to visit Bath because of a childhood fascination with the Romans! It looks like a fascinating place, and the roman baths look so nice!

    1. Claire Summers

      Thanks Alice, me too! I was a huge history buff as a kid and wanted to be an archaeologist…Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t so supportive of this dream as I was hell bent on digging up the garden in search of Roman artefacts haha.

  9. Thanks for listing the facts about Bath – I love learning about that kind of stuff! The misty baths look completely untouched – it’s not hard to imagine a few Romans hanging around in there back in the day.

    1. Claire Summers

      They actually have holograms of the Romans kicking around haha ?

  10. Paige Wunder

    I never realized how much there was to do in Bath! I also didn’t know that that’s where Jane Austen was from there, but the museum sounds pretty cool – especially for tea – and I would totally want to take a dip in the baths! It looks like you managed to cram a lot into one day! Thanks for sharing! Xx

  11. Natasha

    Wow — Bath looks like a great destination. Your breakfast looks really yummy. I think the Roman baths also look really cool. It sounds like you had a great day trip!

  12. Swati

    Such a beautiful place.. We do regret missing it on our last trip to UK. Hopefully we will be visiting Bath next year ?

    We love Skyscanner too, that like our default page.

  13. Swati

    Such a beautiful place.. We do regret missing it on our last trip to UK. Hopefully we will be visiting Bath next year

    We love Skyscanner too, that like our default page.

  14. 2weekendwanderers

    Such a great article, perfect suggestions! I loved visiting Bath we went during the winter as they have a lovely Christmas market but I’d like to go back and explore more during summer/autumn. They have a great selection of restaurants too for any foodies!


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