Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

Want to see the real England? Then you need to visit Cornwall at least once. If you visit Cornwall then you really should do some coastal walking in Cornwall. The Minack in Cornwall has been on the top of my places to see in Cornwall for years, and it’s on the Porthcurno to Gwennap Head trail. So if you want to visit the Minac you need to do some Coastal Walking in Cornwall from Porthcurno to Gwennap Head.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall

Walking holidays in Cornwall are very popular as there are many walks in Cornwall. To help you out there is a great app called iWalk Cornwall which you can download.

If you aren’t into apps then I would recommend buying Cornwall Coastal Path book or one of these other guides.

Because of parking and convenience, skip out the first part of the walk and go straight to The Minack. When you enter the village drive through past the theatre up the hill to the church car park. It will cost you £5 per day to park.

Make sure you take cash as there is no machine – Just a friendly person taking the money and offering some local advice. From there walk back to The Minack.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

Visiting the Minak in Cornwall is every bit the magical place

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

The theatre was a lifelong labor of love, designed and built by Rowena Cade.

The history of the theatre is fascinating, there is an exhibition and short film at the theatre you can view while you are there. I highly recommend it.

From there I fired up my iWalk Cornwall app and began my walk.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

The app is fantastic. Even will little to no signal it keep you on track. Each time there is a new direction it will vibrate to alert you.

The directions are great and easy to follow.

The views are spectacular! If you are a fan of Poldark then this is a great walk as they did a lot of the filming along this part of the coast.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

After some time you turn in from the coastline. Although the sea views were no more I think the last bit was the most fun part of this walk so many turns and huge empty fields to run through.

On my walk, I think I went through 3 of these fields before finally coming out right by the car part.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

I think this walk was my favourite. Oh, Cornwall!

On the way back to Plymouth you can make a quick visit to St Michael’s Mount as it was another of Cornwall’s gems.

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Walks in Cornwall Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

There are so many amazing things to see and do in Cornwall and Devon. You need more than one day to cover it all. If you are thinking of visiting then take a read of Inspired By Map’s Day Trip Guide to Cornwall for some more inspiration!

Getting to Cornwall

Plane – You can fly into Newquay Airport

Train – The closest train station is in Penzance. From there you can get First Bus 1 or 1A. Do make sure you plan this journey though as transport down in Cornwall isn’t the most reliable (It’s not uncommon for it to be drawn to a halt due to cows or sheep…)

Car – If you are traveling from London I would highly recommend getting the train to Plymouth and then hiring a car. It really is the best way to travel around, Cornwall. Be warned though in Summer weekends are pretty busy on the roads and if you are nervous at driving down a single track country lanes maybe this option isn’t for you! Search the best deals on Skyscanner.

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Best Hotels in Cornwall

Start by searching on Skyscanner this also checks for you. If you don’t find what you are looking for then you should also check Airbnb. You will struggle to find budget accommodation in this area. If you are on a tight budget then I’d recommend Airbnb, get yourself a tent and camp or head to somewhere like Newquay where you can find a hostel.

Some of the Best South West Coastal Path Accommodation are:

The Old Success Inn

Saddle and Stable Rooms

The Land’s End Hotel

Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Porthcurno to Gwennap Head


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Coastal Walking in Cornwall | Porthcurno to Gwennap Head

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  1. Nadine Rohner

    Love the pictures in your blog. The nature in Cornwall looks amazing and I think the app Iwalk Cornwall is a great invention that should be available for other places too. Although I also like having a book for new destinations just in case my phone would not work or something similar.

  2. kallsy

    I am always looking for useful apps and guides for destinations and found this incredibly useful! I would love to visit here for the beautiful sights as well as the experience. I personally would love to camp in my tent here and enjoy a sunrise over the seaside area.

  3. Orsi

    Hi Claire! Beautiful pictures, thank you! Looks so incredibly peaceful. Thank you for the useful information too, I hope I can visit here one day. The Minack theatre looks amazing! I love coastal views, I thought it was funny how the trip took you an hour longer because you kept stopping. That is always the case with me haha We did the Coast drive in California and a 7 hour trip took us almost 12 hours haha

  4. Josie

    I have forever had a fascination with Cornwall, because apparently many generations back that’s where my English ancestors came from! I am yet to get there, but that coastline looks stunning. I don’t know about this walk though, I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for destroying a farmer’s corn ?

  5. Rhiannon

    I went to Cornwall every summer for a few consecutive years when I was a child, so some of these pictures were really nostalgic for me! It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to revisit as an adult and take a trip down memory lane, especially with the added Poldark reference! St Michael’s Mount looks amazing too, a lot like the one in France with the same name but in French.

  6. Alison

    This all looks amazing! I’m totally in love with the idea of that cliff side theatre. It would be amazing at night.

    Cornwall is somewhere that I hear about all the time but sort of always forget that I’d like to go there. I need to get it up higher on my bucket list and do something like your walk. That would be a dream come true for me.

  7. Nathan

    Great photos! I knew nothing about this area before this post and now I’d really like to go. I love anywhere near or on the water.

  8. LC

    Argh, so picturesque. I was pretty keen to get to Cornwall while I lived in the UK, yet somehow never made it. Very sad! Hopefully one day in the future, as it looks so gosh darn pretty out there.

  9. Brianna Simmons

    What a fabulous walk around the coast, definitely a perfect way to spend a sunny day.

  10. Bruce Schinkel

    This looked like such a fun place to visit, and i love using apps for walking tours. Such interesting and historic places!

  11. Brown Gal Trekker

    The views of this place look amazing! Love coastal walks where land meets the sea. Good to know there’s a useful up for walking.

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