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How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Looking for ways to travel longer for less money using Worldacker for travel? I traveled in Guatemala for 8 months and my total accommodation bill came to less than $100. The $100 was for nights in a hostel in between Workways. My total is on average $10 a day. In one month, I spent only $315 on “living expenses”.  As someone without a fat saving account and a limited monthly income using Worldpacker was a lifesaver!

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Why Choose A volunteering Exchange Program

So most travelers decide to do a volunteering program like Worldpackers for one reason: free accommodation! Any, yes, that’s the reason I volunteered in Guatemala, to save money so I could travel for longer. But in actual fact, I ended up gaining so much more than free accommodation! The benefits of doing a Worldpackers volunteer accommodation exchange are as varied as the destinations you can explore.

I will share with you the benefits of Worldpacker, my destination recommendation, and answering your questions such as “How much does Worldpackers cost”

Cut Costs

Worldpacker will help you get free accommodation right? So, let’s talk about the money. Hotels and hostels can quickly eat up your travel budget, right? By doing a volunteer accommodation exchange, your lodging is sorted! You get a comfy place to lay your head in exchange for a few hours of Worldpackers jobs.

It’s a win-win, and your wallet will thank you.

Cultural Immersion

By joining Worldpacker, you’ll get the opportunity to stay with the locals. Staying with a local host means you get an insider’s perspective on the culture, food, and way of life. It will make your travel experience that much richer.

Skill Building

Whether it’s learning how to build an eco-friendly treehouse, teaching yoga, or helping with marketing, Worldpackers has a variety of opportunities that can help you pick up new skills. These are not just fun experiences but also resume boosters!


Through Worldpackers, you’ll not only connect with your hosts but also with other like-minded volunteers. Who knows, your next business partner or lifelong friend might just be a Worldpacker!

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker


Life’s too short for rigid itineraries. One thing I love about Worldpacker is the flexibility it offers. Many hosts are super understanding if you want to explore for a few days, as long as you fulfill your work commitments for Worldpackers jobs.

When I worked in the hostel in Guatemala we used to swap shifts all the time so we could take a few days off to explore. In general, so long as the job is getting done the hosts don’t mind.

Eco-Friendly Travel

If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint like me, you’ll be pleased to know that many Worldpackers hosts are into sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Social Impact

Last but not least, many hosts on Worldpackers are involved in community projects or initiatives that make a positive social impact. By volunteering, you’re not just enriching your own life but also contributing to the greater good.

What are some of the downsides to Volunteering

As much as I love volunteer accommodation exchanges such as in Worldpacker, it’s only fair to shine a light on the other side of the coin, too. While the benefits are many, there are some potential downsides that you should be aware of.

Time Commitment

First off, you’re committing to do the Worldpackers jobs, which is a set number of hours per week, and depending on the host, this could be quite demanding. Sometimes, your work schedule may clash with exploring or other activities you want to do. You’ve got to strike a balance!

No Monetary Compensation

Remember, you’re volunteering by doing the Worldpackers jobs in exchange for free accommodation and sometimes meals, but you’re not earning any cash. If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, the lack of a paycheck can be a bit stressful.

Varying Living Conditions

Though Worldpacker does a fab Worldpackers jobs of verifying hosts, living conditions can vary. You might be in a swanky guesthouse one week and a rustic cabin the next. If creature comforts are your thing, this can be a bit of a culture shock.

My first Worldpacker experience wasn’t great. The host was absent and the 22-year-old girl he left in charge was useless! The accommodation was awful and in a not-so-nice area and I was honestly ready to leave! Thankfully though the other volunteers were a lot of fun and that made up for a less than ideal situation!

Less Privacy

With Worldpacker, chances are you’ll be sharing living spaces with your host, other volunteers, or guests. If you’re someone who values a lot of alone time or privacy, this setup might not be ideal for you. I don’t think I have ever had a private room while volunteering. But I have been lucky to get to share with great people.

Language Barriers

Keep in mind that when you join Worldpacker and travel to a non-English language country, not all hosts speak English. If you’re not comfortable with the local language, communication can be challenging.

Unexpected Responsibilities

Even with a well-laid-out agreement of Worldpackers jobs, sometimes hosts might ask you to chip in with unexpected tasks. While this can be a minor inconvenience, it’s important to have open communication to avoid misunderstandings.

Limited Duration

Most Worldpacker volunteer opportunities have a set timeframe, and if you fall in love with a place, leaving can be bittersweet. Sure, you can always extend your stay, but that’s not always possible depending on the host’s needs and your travel plans.

Quality of Experience May Vary

Just like with any other kind of travel, there’s a chance that the experience may not live up to your expectations. Whether it’s the work, the host, or the location, sometimes things just don’t click, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey.

Worldpackers vs Workaway

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

So you may have noticed that I’ve talked about Worldpacker a lot in this post so far. But there is another platform you can use called Workaway OR Workaway International. I actually used Workaway right at the beginning and then I swapped over to Worldpacker. So I feel in a good position to compare the two platforms and share some of the reasons I prefer Worldpackers vs Workaway

First off, let’s talk about what makes them similar.

Talking about Workaway vs Worldpackers, they both offer a platform for travelers like us to connect with hosts worldwide. These hosts provide accommodation, and sometimes even meals, in exchange for a few hours of work per day. Whether you’re into organic farming, teaching English, or even social media marketing, there’s something for everyone.

However, here’s where Worldpacker wins it for me—verification!

I’m all about safety, especially as a solo traveler. Worldpackers has a pretty rigorous verification process for their hosts. And you know what that means? Peace of mind.

Another edge Worldpacker has over Workaway International is its community vibe. They’ve got an entire Academy section on their website where you can watch videos, take courses, and learn from other travelers. Seriously, it’s like having a travel guru in your pocket! And if you’re a first-timer, this kind of resource is a goldmine.

I personally find Worldpackers’ platform to be a bit more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Look, when I’m planning my trips I want an interface that’s easy to navigate. Worldpacker delivers on that front.

Workaway International isn’t without its merits, though. It’s got a larger host database and it’s been around for a longer time. But in terms of user experience and the added layer of safety, Worldpacker still wins the day for me.

How much does Workaway cost? So, a solo membership costs $49 USD per year, while a couple/joint membership costs $59 USD.

If you’re sitting on the fence about Worldpackers vs Workaway, I’d say give Worldpackers a go. It aligns more closely with what I look for in a travel experience and offers that extra layer of comfort and education that makes all the difference.

Prefer some facts and figures to help you decide Worldpackers vs Workaway

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Trips Completed – To date there have been 142,000+ trips completed via Worldpackers. That’s a lot of adventurers globetrotting and leaving their positive imprint.

Star Reviews – Comparing the rating between Workaway vs Worldpackers, Worldpacker platforms average a 4.8/5 star review from travelers to hosts.

Response Rate – One of the considerations to compare Workaway vs Worldpackers could be in terms of their response rate. 97% of applicants who send out three or more applications receive responses.

So, if you’re proactive, the chances of you landing that dream volunteer spot are pretty high.

New Hosts – Worldpacker is constantly growing, with hundreds of new hosts being added every month. That means more unique experiences for us to choose from!

Global Opportunities – Comparing Worldpackers vs Workaway to search for places that will fit you the most and worried about not finding an opportunity in your dream destination? Fear not! Worldpackers offers experiences in over 140 countries.

Insurance – And let’s not forget about the Worldpacker Insurance. This isn’t some one-size-fits-all deal; you get customized coverage according to your chosen plan.

Customer Support – Ever had a travel hiccup and couldn’t get in touch with customer support? Not with Worldpacker. They offer humanized support 7 days a week and boast a 93% satisfaction rate.

Perks and Discounts – It’s common for people to compare one to another such as Workaway vs Worldpackers to know which will give you better offer.

As if that wasn’t enough, as you accumulate positive reviews from hosts, you get discounts, an increased response rate, and even a lifelong free membership.

Socio-environmental Impact – Part of your membership fee also goes toward a $20,000 annual prize for hosts making a socio-environmental impact. That means you’re doing good while having the time of your life.

Beach Cleanups – If you compare Worldpackers vs Workaway, one of the considerations could be the number of social activity results.

And last but certainly not least, Worldpackers is a company with a conscience. They’ve organized over 90 beach cleanups worldwide, collected 150,000 cigarette butts, and gathered 2 tons of trash, all while engaging more than 2,000 volunteers.

Hey, adventurers! It’s Claire, and today I’m going to break down how Worldpackers actually works, step-by-step. If you’ve been dreaming of volunteering your way around the globe, but you’re not quite sure how to get started, then keep on reading. Let’s turn that dream into a reality! 🌍✨

Step 1: Sign Up & Create Your Profile

First things first, head over to the Worldpackers website and create your account.

Once that’s done you need to fill out your profile with all the nitty-gritty details—your skills, experiences, and what you’re looking to gain from your volunteering. Think of it as your travel CV!

Make sure you add some nice images and don’t forget to spell check! Some Worldpackers jobs can be very competitive so make sure your profile is showing you in the best light.

Step 2: Browse Opportunities

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Once your profile is up and running, it’s time to explore in Worldpacker ! You can search for opportunities by country, type of work, or specific skills. Whether you’re a digital nomad looking for a co-working space or an eco-warrior keen on conservation, there’s something for everyone.

I normally search by country I’m going to and then look over all of the available Worldpacker places there. If you are looking for a particular type of job then you can narrow down your search.

Id also recommend making a quick list of things that are important to you. For example, if you need good wifi and prefer your own room, you will need to check this. In my first Worldpackers jobs, there was no wifi in our accommodation and there were 3 of us sharing a very small room. Don’t just go on what the profile says either, email and ask questions about the accommodation and things on your list.

When you find opportunities you like the look of you can save them in a list. I normally go through quickly and save all the ones I like the look of, then I go back later and look through each one in more detail.

Step 3: Become a Member

To start applying for positions, you’ll need to become a verified member of Worldpacker. Worldpackers cost involves paying an annual membership fee. Is Worldpackers worth it?

Hey, it’s totally worth it for the plethora of opportunities that open up. Plus, the Worldpackers cost helps keep the platform safe and running smoothly.

When you sign up you can use my code CLAIRESITCHYFEET for a discount.

Step 4: Apply to Hosts

Once you have narrowed down your list of Worldpackers jobs, you are interested in it’s time to start emailing the hosts. Remember to ask questions about the work, accommodation, and anything else not clear from the profile.

It’s a good idea to send out multiple applications to increase your chances.

Pro tip: be thorough and personal in your application message to stand out!

Step 5: Interview and Confirm

Worldpacker is very safe! Some hosts may want to interview you via video call before confirming the position. Take this time to ask any questions you have about the workload, accommodations, or any other logistics. Once both parties are happy, confirm the arrangement on the platform.

Step 6: Plan Your Trip

With your Worldpacker volunteer position confirmed, it’s time to plan your journey! Book your flights, research visa requirements, and sort out any necessary vaccinations or travel insurance. Don’t forget to inform your host about your arrival details!

Step 7: Volunteer and Enjoy!

Once you arrive, it’s all systems go. Dive into your volunteer work, embrace the new culture, and make the most of this unique experience. Remember, you’re not just working; you’re also part of a community.

Step 8: Leave a Review

After your Worldpackers jobs experience, don’t forget to leave a review for your host. This helps future volunteers know what to expect and keeps the Worldpacker community strong and transparent.

Step 9: Keep the Adventure Going

The beauty of Worldpacker is that you can do it again and again. With opportunities in over 140 countries, the world truly is your oyster!

Worldpackers Cost

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

How much do Worldpackers cost? Okay, so you’re wondering what the Worldpackers cost is. Worldpackers cost start from $49 USD and if you use my code you can get a discount.

The prices of the plans vary as you only pay for what you need. Worldpacker will guide you through some options to build the perfect plan for you.

Some of my Worldpacker highlights:

Worldpacker jobs vary drastically! I have stayed in some pretty awful places with easy work and lovely people. I have also stayed in some nice places with not-so-nice people and really challenging work.

Hey lovelies, Claire here! I’ve got a story that’s close to my heart and, trust me, it’s an absolute gem. I’m talking about my own whirlwind Worldpackers experience in—drumroll, please—Guatemala! 🇬🇹

A Week in a Guatemalan Cooking School

This is my first worldpackers jobs, I kicked off my Guatemalan adventure spending a week in a cooking school.

I got to learn the ins and outs of Guatemalan cuisine—think tamales, rellenitos, and so much more. This was way more than just a cooking class; it was a cultural deep dive, and it was fascinating.

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Ox Expeditions

Next up, for another Worldpackers jobs, i signed up for what I thought would be a two-week stint at Ox Expeditions, an adventure tour company. Guess what? I loved it so much, I ended up staying for two whole months!

Volcano Hopping, Anyone?

As part of my gig, I got to climb the three main volcanoes in Guatemala—FOR FREE! Talk about an adventure junkie’s dream come true. Each climb was unique and exhilarating in its own way, from the simmering lava of Volcán de Fuego to the lush landscapes of Volcán de Agua and Volcán Acatenango.

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker
Volunteering for OX Expeditions I got to do some pretty cool stuff!

Why It Was So Magical

Do you know what made this Worldpacker experience truly magical? It wasn’t just the volcanoes or the delicious Guatemalan dishes I learned to make. It was the people I met, the skills I acquired, and the once-in-a-lifetime adventures that just kept rolling in.

What is generally included with a Worldpacker job?

As I’ve already mentioned it’s super important that you read the volunteer listing thoroughly and that you also ask lots of questions. But that said here are some of the things generally included in a Worldpacker job.


The number one Worldpacker benefit that’s almost always included is—you guessed it— free accommodation. Whether it’s a cozy dorm bed in a hostel, a rustic cabin on an eco-farm, or even a private room in some cases, your housing is generally covered.


A lot of Worldpackers hosts throw in meals as part of the deal. This could range from one meal a day to three square meals plus snacks. It’s not only a great way to save money, but also a fab opportunity to savor local flavors.

In the hostel I worked at breakfast was included for guests of the hostel and so we were given breakfast each morning. But for the rest of the meals we needed to cover them ourselves.

Free or Discounted Tours/Activities

If you’re working for a tour company or a hostel that offers excursions—like my stint with Ox Expeditions in Guatemala—you might get to join in on these for free or at a discounted rate.

Skill Development

From gardening and permaculture to marketing and guest relations, you’ll be picking up new skills left and right by doing this Worldpackers jobs. Think of it as on-the-job training, but way more fun.

Community Involvement

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Many hosts in Worldpacker offer opportunities to engage with the local community through various projects or events. This gives you a unique chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and make some lifelong connections.

Internet Access

For all my digital nomads and Insta-aficionados out there, many Worldpackeres hosts offer free Wi-Fi as part of the package. A lifesaver when you need to update your blog or Skype with family back home.

Time Off

While you will be expected to do Worldpackers jobs a certain number of hours, most hosts are super flexible about giving you time off to explore. After all, you’re there to travel too, right?

Social Opportunities

Let’s not forget the social perks! Whether it’s hostel parties, communal dinners, or cultural exchange nights, there’s often a buzzing social scene you can dive into.

Discounts and Coupons

Some Worldpacker hosts offer discounts at local restaurants, shops, or for other services. It’s their way of helping you make the most of your time in the area.

Did You Get Travel Insurance Yet?

The Insurance companies I recommend are Hey Mondo and Safety Wing

Hey Mondo is great if you are looking for a great value flexible policy. They offer single-trip cover, annual multi-trip cover, and long-term travel cover. Safety Wing is great value, with monthly coverage starting at $45.08. It’s super easy to use, and it just renews each month. I currently use them as they offer me free cover for my son as part of my policy.

Read my full travel insurance post here, where I go into detail about all companies. 

What do Worldpacker hosts normally expect from you?

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

In my personal experience of using Worldpackers the normal working time is 4-5 hours a day. Make sure you double-check if it’s 5-7 days a week…some expect 7! That said if there are 4 volunteers and only one person needs to be there then you are generally left to work it out between yourself. The hosts don’t mind so long as the work is done. For example, if I wanted to take a few days off I would offer to cover extra shifts so my fellow volunteers could take time off too.

Beyond that here are a few things hosts generally expect from volunteers.


First and foremost that you have to remember when you’re doing your Worldpackers jobs, hosts want reliability. If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a specific time, be there. Remember, these hosts are opening up their homes or businesses to you; the least you can do is honor your commitments.

Skills and Enthusiasm

Got a knack for gardening, a way with words, or are you a social media whiz? Great! Hosts love volunteers who bring unique skills to the table. But even if you’re not an expert in the task at hand, showing enthusiasm and a willingness to learn goes a long way.


A golden rule in Worldpacker or any relationship: communicate. If you’re unclear about your tasks or need to change your plans, be upfront with your host. Honest and clear communication is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Respect and Open-mindedness

In Worldpacker , you’ll be stepping into a new culture and community, so keeping an open mind and showing respect are non-negotiables. From respecting local customs to following house rules, a little respect goes a long way.

Contribution to Community

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Most Worldpackers hosts are not just offering a bed; they’re offering a community. Whether it’s a hostel, a farm, or a local business, your role will likely involve becoming part of that community. Hosts appreciate volunteers who actively contribute, whether that’s by organizing a movie night at a hostel or helping to plant a community garden.

A Positive Attitude

Let’s be honest, travel (and life!) doesn’t always go as planned. Maybe it’ll rain all week, or the Wi-Fi will be down. Hosts appreciate volunteers who can roll with the punches and maintain a positive attitude.

Honesty in Reviews

After your experience, hosts in Worldpacker value honest and constructive feedback. Not only does this help them improve, but it also aids future volunteers in setting their expectations.

Where are some of the best countries to use Worldpackers?

So now the big question is where to go?

Now I haven’t volunteered in all of these countries. But from a quick search here are some of the best Worldpackers experiences I’ve personally found. Each one offers unique experiences that can enrich your travels and expand your skill set.


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

My first Worldpacker recommendation, Portugal. Portugal is a Worldpackers hotspot for good reason. Whether you’re looking to volunteer in the bustling city of Lisbon or the breathtaking beaches of the Algarve, Portugal offers a variety of experiences, especially if you’re into eco-farming or hostel management.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in Portugal


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Colombia as the next Worldpacker destination has a special place in my heart, and it’s a Worldpackers treasure. From teaching English in Medellín to organic farming in the Andes, the range of opportunities here is as diverse as the country itself. Plus, the Colombian warmth and hospitality are second to none!

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in Colombia


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

As someone who’s lived in Mexico and is married to a Mexican, I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’re helping out at a beachside hostel in Playa del Carmen or a permaculture project in Oaxaca, you’ll get a deep dive into the vibrant culture of this beautiful country.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in Mexico


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

For my yogis and spiritual seekers out there, India is a Worldpackers playground. Imagine volunteering at an ashram in Rishikesh or helping out with community projects in rural villages. The experiences here can be as enriching spiritually as they are culturally.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in India


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Beaches, samba, and Worldpacker—what’s not to love? Brazil offers a plethora of options from eco-tourism in the Amazon to hostel work in Rio de Janeiro. If you’re looking to soak up the sun and the culture, Brazil is where it’s at.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in Brazil

New Zealand

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Calling all adventure junkies! New Zealand offers Worldpackers experiences that are a dream for outdoor enthusiasts. Think conservation work amidst stunning landscapes and volunteering in adventure tourism hubs like Queenstown.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in New Zealand


How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

For those of you who love tropical climates and spicy food, Thailand is a Worldpackers gem. You’ll find loads of opportunities here, from elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai to eco-resorts on remote islands. Do be careful here though as the Thai government discourages any kind of volunteering so keep this in mind when applying.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in Thailand

South Africa

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

If wildlife and diverse landscapes tickle your fancy, South Africa has some incredible Worldpackers experiences. Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary or lend a hand in community tourism initiatives—you’ll be making a positive impact while soaking in the natural beauty.

Here are my top 3 Worldpackers experiences in South Africa

Unexpected personal benefits of using Worldpackers

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

Many people use Worldpackers during their gap year so it’s not a bad idea to consider some. of the extra personal benefits that might come with a volunteering abroad experience.

Boost That CV!

Worldpackers experiences aren’t just fun and games; they’re actually a killer way to boost your CV. Ever thought you’d learn permaculture in Brazil or hospitality management in Greece? Add these unique skills to your resume, and you’ll stand out in any job market when returning home.

Gap Year Goldmine

If you’re on a gap year and not quite sure what direction you wanna take in life, Worldpackers can be an eye-opener. By trying out different gigs, you can actually get a sense of what you love (and what you don’t). Plus, what’s cooler than saying you spent your gap year traveling the world and learning a ton along the way?

Master of Adaptability

Working in diverse settings with people from all walks of life makes you more adaptable and flexible. And let me tell you, those are qualities any future employer or partner will appreciate.

Networking Like a Pro

Whether you’re schmoozing with hostel guests in Barcelona or collaborating with an eco-community in Thailand, you have to constantly expanding your global network during your Worldpacker travel. You never know when these connections might come in handy, personally or professionally.

A Lesson in Independence

Traveling solo and working in new environments requires a level of independence and problem-solving that you just can’t learn in a classroom. These experiences make you more self-reliant and, dare I say, a bit wiser too.

Emotional Resilience

Things don’t always go as planned, especially when you’re volunteering abroad. Learning to navigate challenges and bounce back from setbacks? That’s emotional resilience, my friends, and it’s something that’ll serve you well in all areas of life.

Cultural Sensitivity

Join Worldpacker and you’ll increase your cultural sensitivity. Living and working in a different culture not only broadens your horizons but also makes you more culturally sensitive. This is an invaluable trait in our increasingly globalized world.

Money Management

We do worldpacker travel for free accommodation, right? But don’t forget that you’ll not get cash money. When you’re volunteering in exchange for room and board, you quickly learn the art of budgeting and financial planning. After all, every penny saved on accommodation is a penny you can spend on adventures.

Rediscovering Yourself

Let’s get a bit sentimental here. The experiences you’ll have from Worldpacker and the people you’ll meet can truly help you rediscover yourself. Whether it’s reigniting old passions or uncovering new ones, Worldpackers offers a journey of self-discovery.

Solo Travel Guide Planning

🚗 Where can I book bus or private transportation while I’m traveling?

I strongly recommend using Bookaway. You can book almost all transport in the major tourist destinations through them online. They don’t just cover buses they also cover shuttles, ferries, and private drivers.

🎫 Where can I buy tickets for museums, attractions, and tours?

I recommend either Viator or GetYour Guide. They have a lot of options!

👩‍⚕️ What is the best insurance to have while traveling?

I recommend using Heymondo for a great value policy. The app also offers you 24/7 Dr Chat. For Digital Nomads check out SafetyWing digital nomad insurance.

I have also written a blog post covering all my recommended travel insurance here

✈️ Any flight recommendations?

WayAWay offers you cheap flights with cashback. You can use this code CLAIRE22 to get 10% off. Otherwise Skyscanner or Expedia are my go-to flight searching platforms.

📱What do you use for internet connection while traveling?

I’m a big fan of personal WiFi devices and they have saved my ass so many times when traveling. I wrote a full review of the top travel WiFi devices you can read here. I personally use GlocalMe as I can either pop in a physical sim card or use their local carrier.

With regards to my phone connection, I use e-sims while traveling, so rather than having to swap out my regular sim card I can download the app and buy a virtual sim card. I recommend using eitherAirhub or Alosim. Both have great coverage of multiple countries and are very easy to use.

🛏️ What is the best platform to use for booking accommodation?

The 3 best platforms that I normally use are, and Expedia They offer great deals and multiple options. I always check all three to be sure of the best deals.

🛅 Do you have any luggage recommendations for traveling?

I do have a complete list of the best packing and luggage products that I recommend, you can check the list here. I’m currently traveling with this suitcase and this backpack. 

Final Thoughts

So that brings us to the end of our deep-dive into the world of Worldpackers! From the nuts and bolts of what’s generally included in a Worldpackers job to the unexpected personal benefits that can genuinely change your life, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

And let’s be real, while volunteering through Worldpackers comes with its challenges, the upsides are just too good to pass up.

Whether you’re looking to enrich your CV, connect with like-minded souls, or just embark on an unforgettable adventure, Worldpackers offers a unique way to see the world and grow as a person. So, what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to try out Worldpacker for yourself you can sign up here and use my discount code CLAIRESITCHYFEET for a discount on your membership.

How you can save money on travel using Worldpacker

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Monday 6th of August 2018

Hi Claire! just discovered your blog and am loving it, as I am planning to quit my job and head to Guatemala for some time this November. I am currently in Detroit. Thank you for sharing about workaway - i plan to register, do most of the listing require Spanish proficiency? I currently speak none, but plan to learn there, want to make sure I am qualified before I pay the fee!

Claire Summers

Monday 6th of August 2018

Hey Sala! Amazing. You will LOVE Guatemala! I'll be passing through in October so I'll just miss you :-). The answer is no. I did a workaway with OX Expeditions and they were actually able to get me a great discount on classes at one of the best Spanish schools in Antigua. I don't remember seeing any that required me to speak Spanish.

pattaya girls

Sunday 2nd of July 2017

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