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Things to Do in Queenstown New Zealand

Are you planning to solo travel to New Zealand and wondering about the best things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand? In this Solo Girl’s Guide to What to Do in Queenstown, New Zealand, Cassie from Your Infinite Passport shares her top tips for making the most out of your New Zealand solo travel experience and discovering all of the Queenstown things to do.

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Things to Do Queenstown: What to Do in Queenstown New Zealand

Filled with hiking, bungee jumping, and skydiving, Queenstown is an exhilarating travel destination and the perfect place to check off many activities on your New Zealand bucket list. Even if you aren’t an adrenaline seeker, the fresh air, friendly people, and picturesque town make Queenstown the ideal spot to solo travel New Zealand.

Hike to the summit of Bob’s Peak for a spectacular view of the city, sip a drink from a glass made of ice at the Minus 5 Ice Bar, or stroll around town and marvel at the surrounding mountains. Queenstown may be the adventure sports capital of the world, but it’s also a beautiful setting to relax and unwind.

areal view of Queensland

Quick Tip: Book accommodation, tours, and transport ahead of time online to save money and stress. 

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New Zealand Solo Travel: Queenstown Things to Do

Adventurous Things to Do From Queenstown

You can’t solo travel to New Zealand without partaking in one of Queenstown’s many adventure sports and activities. Whether you want to jump out of a plane, embark on a Queenstown helicopter tour, zip around in a speedy jet boat, or sway across a canyon in a giant swing, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a complete list of Adventurous Things to Do Queenstown!

Parasailing in Queensland The Solo Girls Guide to Queenstown | What to do in Queenstown

Hiking Queenstown

The hiking in Queenstown is terrific—many mountain peaks surround Queenstown, which means there are tons of trails to explore. Hiking in New Zealand is called “tramping,” so once you have the correct terminology down, lace up your boots and enjoy some fantastic Queenstown walks.

Hike up to the Skyline Gondola for a panoramic view of Queenstown, then continue along the Ben Lomond Track for even more striking vistas. For a shorter hike, ride the Skyline Gondola and start hiking the Ben Lomond Trail from there. You can also take a one-way gondola ride down if your legs get tired after walking.

Burgers the Size of Your Face

The Solo Girls Guide to Queenstown | What to do in Queenstown

If you’re deciding what to do in Queenstown, New Zealand, but are craving burgers, enjoy a meal at Fergburger. This restaurant is a local favorite and serves the best burger in Queenstown. Fergburger opened in 2011 and specializes in gourmet burgers prepared with unique meats, including lamb, pork, venison, and more.

The line at Fergburger is usually long, but it goes fast, and everyone is so happy to be there that it’s surprisingly easy to make friends while waiting. As a bonus, Fergburger is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. daily, so it’s perfect for a late-night bite.

Ice Bars

Ice bars have recently become popular, and the experience of drinking in a bar made entirely of ice is one-of-a-kind. These unique bars guarantee laughs, good memories, and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities while testing the limits of how well you handle the cold! There are two ice bars in Queenstown: Minus 5 Ice Bar and Below Zero Ice Bar.

The Solo Girls Guide to Queenstown | What to do in Queenstown

Things to Do in Queenstown New Zealand After Dark

Queenstown is home to 150 bars, restaurants, and cafes within a 1.45-square-mile area, so there’s no shortage of places to eat and drink in Queenstown. Rest assured, the town is very walkable and considered one of the safest places for New Zealand solo travel.

Check for local night markets, which often feature food stalls, live music, and artisan crafts. These markets are a great way to experience the local culture and enjoy delicious street food. Queenstown has a lively music scene with many bars and clubs offering live music performances, DJs, and dancing. Check out venues like The World Bar, The Find, or The Bunker for live entertainment.

The Solo Girls Guide to Queenstown | What to do in Queenstown

How to Get From Queenstown Airport to the City Center

The Queenstown Airport is only 10 minutes from the city center, and a shuttle is only $10 each way. You can also take a taxi, which will be at least double the cost. The cheapest option is to take the public bus for $5—you can purchase tickets directly from the driver.

My biggest recommendation is to sign up for a group bus tour around the south island of New Zealand. You’ll meet fun, like-minded travelers, and most buses pass through Queenstown anyway. I used the Stray service and loved every minute.

Things to Do From Queenstown: Getting Around

Everything in Queenstown is within walking distance. If you book an activity outside of town, the company will often drive you from their office to the activity location.

You can always walk around if you don’t want to take a taxi. As a solo female traveler, I felt safe walking at night—stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Queenstown has an active nightlife scene, and there are always people walking around at night.

Where to Stay in Queenstown

Now that you know the best things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand, it’s time to decide where to stay. This town is a backpacker’s paradise, full of outdoorsy travelers looking for a good time. As a result, there are many Queenstown hostels.

LyLo Queenstown is one of the most central hostels in Queenston. Nomads Queenstown Hostel and Adventure Queenstown Hotel are great places, though a bit further from the main tourist areas. I recommend staying in a hostel as you solo travel to Queensland, as it’s the perfect way to meet fellow adventurers!

Is it Safe to Solo Travel New Zealand?

I never felt unsafe in Queenstown since it has an active nightlife scene. I recommend participating in a New Zealand solo travel group if safety is a big concern. You’ll get to meet and travel with like-minded travelers from all over the world.

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Final Thoughts On Things to Do in Queenstown New Zealand

I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie when I was younger, so Queenstown was an obvious destination during my New Zealand solo travel experience. However, I discovered a town with much more to offer than meets the eye. Whether stopping in Queenstown on a New Zealand road trip or planning an extended stay, you will love this town.

While there are excellent adventure sports, you can also go bar-hopping and enjoy one of the best burgers of your life. Queenstown will greet you with open arms and throw you into a world of adventures guaranteed to create lasting memories.

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what to do in Queenstown,things to do in Queenstown new zealand,Queenstown things to do,New Zealand solo travel

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