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Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Best Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

If you plan a trip to Mexico, you might wonder where to stay in Guadalajara. In this article, I’m sharing everything about the best area to stay in Guadalajara, and my picks for the best hotels Guadalajara is home to.

Guadalajara is a great city—my second favorite in the country after Mexico City. I’ve spent much time in Guadalajara during the past few years, as it’s my husband’s home city.

I’ve broken down where to stay in Guadalajara depending on your travel preferences and plans. I’ve also added recommendations for the best places to stay in Guadalajara, from budget Airbnb options to luxury hotels. If you want to find the best hotel in Guadalajara, you’ve come to the right place!

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Best Area to Stay in Guadalajara

Are you wondering where to stay in Guadalajara?

  • Short-term: Colonia Americana for trendy restaurants and nightlife, or Centro Historic for sightseeing.
  • Long-term: If you prefer somewhere a bit more green with many lovely cafes, coworking spaces, and trendy restaurants, I recommend Providencia.

Colonia Americana

Colonia Americana is a hip and modern neighborhood near the city’s heart, making it one of the best places to stay in Guadalajara. The neighborhood’s main street is called Avenida Chapultepec. Here, you will find bars and restaurants offering every kind of food that your heart may desire. Another highlight of Colonia Americana is that it is also the perfect place to visit my favorite areas, Tlaquepaque and Zapopan.

Quick Tip: Book accommodation, tours, and transport ahead of time online to save money and stress. 
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Best Hotels Guadalajara: Colonia Americana

Demetria Hotel

GALA Hotel Boutique

Centro Historico (Downtown)

Many consider Centro Historico the best area to stay in Guadalajara. You must visit even if you don’t find lodging in this area.

For shorter stays and to avoid unnecessary travel (traffic can be a nightmare), Centro Historico is home to some of the best hotels in Guadalajara for first-timers. You’ll be close to museums, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and all the main Guadalajara sights.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Centro Historico

Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Best Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Hotel Real de Castilla

Hotel Morales Historical & Colonial Downtown Core


For a luxurious experience, Providencia is for you. It offers casinos, spas, restaurants, bars, and an aquarium. Providencia is great for young professionals and young families and is also known as a romantic destination near downtown.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: ProvidIf

NH Collection Guadalajara Providencia


Tlaquepaque is where you will find the cheerful and colorful Mexican culture you see on the postcards—it’s a true hidden gem. You will find mariachi bands singing every afternoon, pottery, and many vibrant colors. Here, you can also see colonial architecture, the fantastic church of San Pedro Apostol, and many Instagrammable sights.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Tlaquepaque

Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel


Zapopan is a small city with everything you need, making it an immersive destination. If you spend several days on a business trip or family vacation, this is the best area to stay in Guadalajara. It has a welcoming, home-away-from-home feeling and is very close to downtown.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Zapopan

Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Best Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara

Áurea Hotel and Suites

Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara

Zona Expo

Zona Expo is another excellent place for a business professional to stay in Guadalajara. It has great hotels and a lively restaurant and nightlife scene. This area is also home to the Expo Guadalajara Convention Center.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Zona Expo

Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Best Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Hilton Guadalajara

Holiday Inn Guadalajara Expo Plaza del Sol, an IHG Hotel

Hotel y Tú Expo

Financial District

Guadalajara’s Financial District is a part of Zapopan. Over the last few years, many tall buildings have been popping up in this area, giving it a modern look.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Financial District

Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club


Chapalita is one of the best places to stay in Guadalajara for ample greenery. This area has endless green spaces, art vendors, and mariachi music. It is also a part of Zapopan, so it’s a nice place to relax and experience the local culture.

Best Hotels Guadalajara: Chapalita

Baruk Guadalajara Hotelande Autor

AreasAvoid in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is generally safe, but as with any international destination, you should take precautions. My best advice is to avoid the east side of the Calzada and Oblatos. Also, be careful in the Tonala and El Salto areas and around the city’s central bus station.

Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Apartments

If you are staying in Guadalajara for more than a month, you should consider apartments in Guadalajara rather than hotels. While Airbnbs might seem like an easy option for Guadalajara, they will cost significantly more if you want to stay for a few months.

The best place to look for apartments to rent in Guadalajara is Facebook! Several Facebook groups are dedicated to long and short-term apartment rentals in Guadalajara. You will likely need to utilize Google Translate to find suitable accommodation, but your bank account will thank you!

My Favorite Guadalajara Apartment Facebook Groups

Renta de Casas Zapopan
Guadalajara Renta
Rentas Baratas Casas Depas y Locales Guadalajara y ZMG
Roomies y Cuartos en Renta en Guadalajara
Renta en Guadalajara – Casas, Locales, Oficinas, Departamentos, etc

Best Hotels Guadalajara

Luxury Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Quinta Real Guadalajara

Where To Stay In Guadalajara
Image of Quinta Real Guadalajara from

While this hotel isn’t in the center of Guadalajara, it’s 20 minutes by car, located inside a gated community. This is a bonus for anyone wanting to escape the buzz of the city—we all know big cities are noisy and busy with people running around all the time. This Guadalajara luxury hotel lets you escape the hustle and bustle. It is a peaceful place with colonial and modern touches, making you feel like you’re staying in a museum.

This Guadalajara hotel has a restaurant, gym, bar, and pool. Of course, the spacious rooms and numerous amenities are also noteworthy.

Location: Between Colonia Americana and Zapopan

Demetria Hotel

Luxury Hotels In Guadalajara
Image of Demetria Hotel from

This is the best hotel in Guadalajara for luxurious accommodations near the city center. You’ll be only a 15-minute walk from Guadalajara University. One of my favorite things about this place is the gorgeous room lighting. There are huge glass windows with stunning city views and a rooftop with a pool, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, and a spa. Plus, you’ll be close enough to walk to the city’s best restaurants.

Location: Downtown

Boutique Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Casa Pedro Loza

Guadalajara hotel
Image of Casa Pedro Loza from

Located inside an old building in Guadalajara’s historic center, this boutique hotel is a gem! Everything from the location and decoration to the rooms is excellent, but my highlights are the beautiful rooftop and the food. It is tough not to fall in love with a place like this.

Location: In the heart of downtown

Villa Ganz Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels In Guadalajara
Image of Villa Ganz Botique from

When you think of a romantic getaway, this quiet and private boutique hotel is exactly what comes to mind. Located inside an old restored mansion with a lovely garden, this hotel is within walking distance of downtown if you fancy exploring the city and its attractions.

The hotel staff will also spoil you with a welcome beverage and a bottle of wine on arrival. From 18:00 to 20:00 every day, wine and canapes are available in the restaurant if you want to connect with other guests.

Location: Downtown

Mid-Range Hotels in Guadalajara Mexico

Real Del Sol – Zona Expo e Industrial

Mid-Budget Hotels in Guadalajara
Image of al Del Sol – Zona Expo e Industrial from

Clean, spacious, and modern accommodations at an affordable price with a complimentary breakfast buffet? That sounds like a good deal to me! The only downside of this Guadalajara hotel is that it’s a bit far from the city center: eight kilometers, to be exact. If you are traveling in a rental car, this is a great home base to explore Guadalajara.

Location: Zona Expo

Hotel Real de Castilla

Mid-Budget Hotels in Guadalajara
Image of Hotel Real de Castilla from

Hotel Reala de Castilla is one of the best hotels Guadalajara offers for mid-range travelers. This is the perfect choice for somewhere comfortable, not too fancy, affordable, conveniently located, and with free WiFi. Book your stay as soon as possible because vacancies fly fast! This place is perfect for solo travelers or families eager to walk to Guadalajara’s central attractions.

Location: In the heart of downtown

Hostels in Guadalajara Mexico


The Best Hostels in Guadalajara
Image of BOHOSTEL from

This Guadalajara hostel is located in a modern building with a terrace, perfect for hanging out with other guests or a morning yoga session in the sun. It has bunk beds and options for a girls’ only or mixed dorm, private double rooms, or a family suite. Plus, there is a kitchen—always a bonus to save money on dining out. In terms of location, it’s an easy walk into downtown Guadalajara.

Location: Downtown

Hostal Nacional By Rotamundos

The Best Hostels in Guadalajara
Image of Hostal Nacional by Rotamundos from

This is an adults-only hostel in Guadalajara with a game room, TV area, and shared kitchen. Ask the front desk for recommendations on upcoming events and activities to fill your time. Some of these will be free, while others have a booking fee. Hostal Nacional is a comfortable and convenient option in the city.

Location: Colonia Americana

Hostel Hospedarte Centro

The Best Hostels in Guadalajara
Image of Hostel Hospedarte Centro from

I consider this the best hostel in Guadalajara if you only stay for several days. It is in the historic city center and is a lovely home base for your adventures. The price of accommodation includes breakfast, and there is a kitchen guests can use. Plus, the front desk can help you find tours to Tequila and Chapala. This hostel offers a great ambiance to chill, explore, and meet new people.

Location: In the heart of downtown

Olga Querida B&B Hostal

The Best Hostels in Guadalajara
Image of Olga Querida B&B Hostel from

Last but not least, this small Guadalajara hostel offers everything necessary for a good night’s sleep close to the city center. There are spacious private rooms and dorms and a kitchen you can use.

Location: In the heart of downtown

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Guadalajara Travel Guide Planning

🧳 Any recommendations on what I should pack for Guadalajara?

Yes! I have created a whole packing guide to Mexico which you can read here and you can also check out my packing list for Mexico on Amazon here.

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Where to Stay in Guadalajara: Final Thoughts

Guadalajara is a must-visit Mexico destination, and there are many fantastic options for where to stay in Guadalajara. I hope this roundup of the best places to stay in Guadalajara helps you find the perfect lodging for your trip. There are many excellent hotels in Guadalajara Mexico, so you’ll have no issue finding somewhere comfortable, safe, and clean to stay.

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