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Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Looking at the map, you might think Sayulita is so small that you won’t have any issues finding the best hotels in Sayulita Mexico. Wrong! While Sayulita is the perfect place to solo travel Mexico, there are many things to consider before booking a Sayulita hotel or resort. Some areas of town are incredibly hilly, and others are bustling with noise and music late into the night.

This guide to Sayulita Mexico hotels and resorts covers what you should know before choosing accommodations. I’ve outlined Sayulita’s different areas to help you decide where to stay. I also have recommendations for the best hotels in Sayulita, from budget-friendly picks to luxury Sayulita resorts.

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Where to Stay in Sayulita

Yes, Sayulita is small—you can easily walk around regardless of where you stay. However, some Sayulita places aren’t ideal for those with mobility issues or anyone who doesn’t enjoy walking up and down big hills multiple times a day.

Beachfront property is uncommon here, and there aren’t all-inclusive Sayulita Mexico resorts (you will find those in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta). Most oceanside properties consist of private villas, condos, or cute (but expensive) boutique Sayulita hotels. If you prefer to be on or near the beach, consider staying in northern Sayulita.

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Downtown Sayulita

Downtown Sayulita is best if you want to be in the city’s heart without carrying your surfboard far to catch some waves. The pro of staying downtown is you’ll be within walking distance of Sayulita’s best restaurants, bars, shopping, and the central beach. On the flip side, this area can be exceptionally noisy, especially on the weekends.

North Side

The North Side area of Sayulita is quieter and a bit further from the action. You’ll be closer to the beach, ideal for surfers and those planning to spend much time by the ocean.

South End

Sandwiched between two beaches, Sayulita’s South End has more of a jungle than a beach town vibe. I have not personally stayed there as I prefer to stick to the North Side or downtown, but it looks like a nice area.

Best Hotels Sayulita Mexico: Luxury

If you have read my other blog posts about Sayulita, you know this hotel is at the top of my list of the best hotels in Sayulita Mexico. It is hard not to fall in love with this spot!

Sayulinda Hotel

While Sayulinda Hotel has traditional amenities like a pool and a bar, the minimalist decor and peacefulness make it unique. I 100% recommend Sayulinda Hotel Sayulita for a romantic getaway with a loved one.

Unfortunately, the internet is terrible at this hotel—it isn’t the best for remote workers or digital nomads. If you plan a vacation away from work and don’t need a strong WiFi connection, you will be okay.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Best Hotels Sayulita Mexico: Boutique

Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

Are you searching for a cottage close to the jungle with ocean views and luxurious accommodations? Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas is the place! The food at this boutique hotel is divine, and you’ll feel wholly spoiled by the friendly staff and comfortable rooms.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Hotel Boutique OZ Sayulita

Hotel Boutique OZ Sayulita is one of the best hotels in Sayulita Mexico for a boutique experience. The hotel’s decor is beautiful, with hints of color and texture mixed with rustic wood touches. It is very close to the beach and has an on-site pool, bar, and garden. For an extra treat, speak to the front desk about a poolside massage. This spot is excellent for couples and family getaways.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Avela Boutique Hotel

Another great boutique hotel in Sayulita is Avela, a modern property with a pool and restaurant. If you are seeking adventure, talk to the front desk. They offer many tours and activities to keep you booked and busy. Avela has spacious rooms for families, groups of friends, and couples.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Best Hotels Sayulita Mexico: Mid-Range

Hotel Ysuri Sayulita

Ysuri Sayulita is one of the most comfortable Sayulita Mexico hotels. It is only steps from the beach, and you will get great views everywhere on this property. The rooms and apartments here are perfect for solo travelers and groups. This hotel has a pool and restaurant, and you can talk at the front desk for a massage.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

La Bohème Sayulita

While La Bohème isn’t directly on the beach, the 10-minute walk there is easy and refreshing. The atmosphere here is modern yet bohemian, ideal for a Mexico getaway. Once you check-in, you’ll never want to leave!

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

AzulPitaya Beach Front Hotel in Sayulita

AzulPitaya Beach Front Hotel is an excellent mid-range Sayulita hotel. The property boasts a private beach, a shared lounge, and a lush garden. Other amenities include a pool, a barbecue area, 24-hour reception, and free WiFi.

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

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Best Hotels Sayulita Mexico: Budget

My Sister’s House (Female Only)

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Calling all solo female travelers: My Sister’s House is for you! This lovely, budget-friendly hotel has private rooms and bunk beds. If you want to connect with fellow women traveling to Sayulita, My Sister’s House is the best place to meet new friends. It is close to the beach, offers many fun and unique activities, and has a shared kitchen with a lovely dining area.

Petit Hotel Hafa

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Petit Hotel Hafa is ideal for surfers wanting a laid-back place near the beach. This spot makes it easy to meet other travelers, and there’s plenty of space to store surfing gear.

Hostels in Sayulita

Viajero Sayulita Hostel

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

This hostel has everything travelers need to have a social atmosphere and meet others. There are private and shared rooms with bunk beds, a nice pool, a dining area, and a bar with happy hour specials. The only downside is that it does not have WiFi—if you are a digital nomad like me, you must find a separate coworking space.

Selina Sayulita

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Selina Sayulita is a popular hostel in Sayulita. Selina is a chain of hostels built to accommodate the needs of young travelers in Latin America. This hostel has space for yoga and coworking, a bar, a restaurant, and private or shared rooms.

La Redonda Sayulita Hostal

Sayulita Resorts and Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico

Last but not least, I had to feature La Redonda! It is located several minutes from the beach, has a shared kitchen, and great nightlife. If you are looking for a party atmosphere a few steps from your bed, you’ll find it at La Redonda.

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Sayulita Travel Guide Planning

🧳 Any recommendations on what I should pack for Sayulita?

Yes! I have created a whole packing guide to Sayulita which you can read here and you can also check out my packing list for Sayulita on Amazon here.

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I strongly recommend using GottoGo. You can book almost all transport in the major Mexican tourist destinations through them online. They don’t just cover buses they also cover shuttles, ferries, and private drivers.

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I recommend either Viator or GetYour Guide. They have a lot of options!

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Best Hotels in Sayulita Mexico: Final Thoughts

While there aren’t many Sayulita Mexico resorts, there are many beautiful and comfortable hotel Sayulita options. From affordable to luxurious Sayulita hotels, there’s something for every traveler. Regardless of your budget and travel preferences, Sayulita has it all!

Discover the best hotels in Sayulita, Mexico.