Colombia Guides | How to get from El Dorado airport in Bogota to La Candelaria

Colombia Guides | How to get from El Dorado airport in Bogota to La Candelaria

Are you flying into Bogota? If you are then you are probably wondering how to get from the airport into the city. If like most people backpackers or travelers only spending a few days in the city you are likely to be staying in La Candelaria. To help you work out how to get from El Dorado airport to your accommodation in La Candelaria I have put together this handy guide to help you work out your options.


Option 1 – Transmilenio

Colombia Guides | How to get from El Dorado airport in Bogota to La Candelaria

If you are staying in La Candelaria and you are on a budget this is by far the cheapest way to go! It will cost you just $2mil (about 60 cents or 50p) and it is pretty quick!. There is a station inside the airport so just follow the signs for Transmilenio and get on a bus to Universidades.

Check how far your accommodation is from the station and if it is still a bit of a walk then download the Tapsyi App and book a taxi to take you the rest of the way. Or just suck it up and walk!

Option 2 – Uber

Colombia Guides | How to get from El Dorado airport in Bogota to La Candelaria


Strictly speaking, Uber is not legal in Colombia. But it is available if want to use it. For longer journeys, Uber is slightly cheaper for longer journeys and it can be more expensive for shorter journeys. It shouldn’t cost you more than $13 USD.

The good thing about taking an Uber is that because it is illegal Uber drivers drive safely…unlike the loco taxi drivers.

Option 3 – Taxi

Colombia Guides | How to get from El Dorado airport in Bogota to La Candelaria


As a golden rule don’t get in a taxi in Colombia…especially in Bogota. Taxies are not safe for tourists. It is commonly known as paseo millonarios (“millionaire rides”) where the taxi driver will pick up a tourist and then pick up some rather nasty friends. They will then take you to a cash machine and make you withdraw millions of pesos. I personally know people this has happened to. That is the worst case scenario, at best you will be taken on a nice tour of the city while the meter is running haha. Don’t risk it by picking up a cab on the street! If you need more reasons take a read of this article from how to Bogota.

If you want to get a taxi then use the Tapsi or Easy Taxi apps. You go through a booking system and have a record of the drivers details. It is by far the safest way to take a taxi.

A taxi will cost you $15 USD at most to La Candelaria. If you are staying in the North or the city it should cost no more than $20.

Option 4 – Get a Colombian Buddy to pick you up!

If reading this list of transport options has terrified you, firstly I’m sorry. But better to be prepared than run into trouble unprepared hay! And secondly, I have just the thing to put you at ease. There is a wonderful company in Bogota called Colombian Buddy, who do what they say on the tin! They can be your Colombian friend. So why not ask them to come and pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. While on-route you can ask them a ton of questions about Bogota that will help you make the most of your time…BOOM!

Final Thoughts

Here are the 3 best hotels with free transport to the airport, that I recommend to stay at when you have an late/ early flight or just want to be near the El Dorado airport.


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