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Where to Stay Lake Atitlan: Best Lake Atitlan Resorts and Hotels

Whenever I think about my favorite accommodations in Guatemala, I always remember the fantastic Lake Atitlan resorts and hotels I’ve stayed in. If you are planning your first trip to Guatemala and are spending a few days in Lake Atitlan, you’re in for a treat.

Lake Atitlan is beautiful, surrounded by four enchanting volcanoes and stunning views. In this post, I’m sharing the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan, from upscale Lake Atitlan resorts to casual hotels. I also included handy directions to help you understand how the lake’s towns are divided and how to navigate them easily. Why stay at one Lake Atitlan hotel when you could visit several?

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View to Lake Atitlan from a deck

Remember, each lake town is unique, giving you many options for where to stay in Lake Atitlan. You will find luxury Lake Atitlan Guatemala hotels, yoga retreats, and beautiful, local-run Lake Atitlan accommodation options.

For more information about where to eat, things to do, and more fun stuff, check out my Lake Atitlan Travel Guide. Also, if you need help traveling to Lake Atitlan, here is a How To Get From Antigua To Lake Atitlan Guide.

Quick Tip: Book accommodation, tours, and transport ahead of time online to save money and stress. 
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Lake Atitlan Where to Stay Ultimate Guide

Before deciding where to stay in Lake Atitlan, you must know which lake villages you want to visit. Whether you are joining a yoga retreat, taking Spanish lessons, or want to enjoy a vacation in a picturesque town around the lake, there’s a Lake Atitlan accommodation for every traveler. I’ve rounded up the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan, with options in several towns at various price points.

Santiago Atitlan

Santiago Atitlan is full of Guatemalan history—hire a local guide or take a solo tour through the town’s many cultural landmarks. Santiago is also well known for Maximon, which translates to “the grandfather.” The legend says this figure protects those who worship and respect him.

If you are looking for fancy Lake Atitlan resorts, Santiago Atitlan is not for you—however, many local options offer free WiFi.

Santiago Atitlan can be crowded, especially during the weekend when Guatemalan tourists visit the lake. Explore the town with a guide or a friend, as there are some unsafe areas and streets you don’t want to visit alone.

Quick Tip: View my full Central America packing guide here including a downloadable checklist. And check out my Central America Essentials shopping list here.

Hotel Posada

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo Panajachel offers stunning lake views and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi in Panajachel, Guatemala. Guests can enjoy delicious Guatemalan cuisine at the hotel restaurant and explore nearby villages by ferry or car. rating: 9.4


The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

This luxurious beachfront villa in San Pedro La Laguna has stunning volcano views and an infinity pool. The private balcony, 2 bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchen make it ideal for a relaxing getaway. rating: 9.6

The Paradise of Atitlán Suites

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

The Paradise of Atitlán Suites offers a luxurious lakeside escape in Guatemala. You can enjoy stunning mountain views, a private beach area, an outdoor pool, hot tub, and on-site dining options. rating: 9.0

Baraka Atitlán

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

This beachfront guesthouse, Baraka Atitlán, offers private balconies, stunning lake and mountain views, and water sports facilities in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. You can enjoy on-site dining, explore the lake by canoe, or simply relax in their private haven. rating: 9.0

Casa González

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

This casual Lake Atitlan hotel has everything you need for a good night’s sleep: a comfortable bed, a TV, and a hot shower. The hotel is located in a safe area and is budget-friendly. rating: 8.8

Pescador Hotel PH

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Pescador is the best place to stay in Lake Atitlan for Instagram-worthy photo spots. The hotel’s gardens are a top highlight and the perfect place to relax for several days. rating: 8.3

San Pedro La Laguna

While some know San Pedro La Laguna as a party destination, it’s also home to many excellent Spanish schools. There are many San Pedro La Laguna hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars. For more info about how to get there and what to do, read my complete guide to San Pedro la Laguna—you’re welcome!

San Pedro Suite

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

This fully equipped apartment on the lake’s shore has free WiFi. There are incredible views, and you’ll have the place to yourself. rating: 8.9

Sababa Resort

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Sababa Resort is relatively new among San Pedro La Laguna hotels. It has a restaurant, a pool, free WiFi, and beautiful facilities overlooking the lake. For an Instagrammable Lake Atitlan accommodation, this is the one. rating: 8.6

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0


The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

While AmiGos isn’t fancy, it is the perfect place for travelers wanting a clean, quiet, and comfortable spot near the docks to meet other travelers. rating: 8.4

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Zoola San Pedro Atitlan

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Zoola is one of the best Lake Atitlan Guatemala hotels for exciting nightlife. Ask around, and many will recommend Zoola as a top hostel for socialization. rating: 8.2

Tripadvisor rating: 3.5

San Marcos La Laguna

San Marcos La Laguna is an extraordinary place you must experience to believe. This is one of the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan if you’re interested in spiritualism. The town is home to many healers and people wanting to be healed. If you have any health, emotional, or spiritual issues, San Marcos will help you find the right therapist (and therapy) to heal.

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

San Marcos is also a great place to study yoga. Whether you want to do your Yoga Teacher Training or take a retreat, there are plenty of options. San Marcos is home to many Ashrams offering teacher training—local retreat centers provide training on everything from crystal healing to growing medicinal mushrooms.

Read my Guide to San Marcos Lake Atitlan for everything to know!

Anzan Atitlan

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Anzan offers in-room hammocks, trendy decor, and fantastic lake and mountain views. You can also practice yoga or get a massage at this Lake Atitlan accommodation. rating: 9.4

Tripadvisor rating: 5.0

Lush Atitlan

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Lush is one of the dreamiest hotels Lake Atitlan is home to. Whether you want a fun escapade with friends or a romantic honeymoon, Lush Atitlan is a beautiful place to stay. rating: 8.9

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Hostel Ahau

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Backpackers searching for the best place to stay in Lake Atitlan on a budget will love this hostel. This affordable Lake Atitlan accommodation has common areas with WiFi and a shared kitchen, making it an excellent option. rating: 9.7

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5


For most people, Panajachel is a stopover on the way to another town. However, Panajachel offers some of the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan.

Porta Hotel del Lago

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Porta Hotel del Lago is one of the biggest and best Lake Atitlan resorts for families, with a gym, pool, bar, restaurant, sauna, and lake views. Consider this Panajachel hotel for group trips with friends or family. rating: 8.5

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

Hotel Villas Balam Ya

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Are you wondering where to stay in Lake Atitlan for an immersive mountain experience? Balam Ya is located on a mountain and has a rustic look. It’s located slightly outside Panajachel (sorry!), but I couldn’t leave it out. rating: 9.2

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Selina Lake Atitlan

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

If you have traveled around Central America, you’re probably familiar with Selina hostels. Selina Lake Atitlan is the best hotel in Panajachel Guatemala for a fun, safe, clean space. Whether you want to enjoy a few relaxing days off or travel around working from your computer, Selina has something for everyone. rating: 8.4

Tripadvisor rating: 2.0

Hospedaje El Viajero

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Hospedaje El Viajero is an affordable and comfortable Lake Atitlan hotel. This spot isn’t luxurious but ensures a cozy and restful night in. rating: 8.5

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

Santa Catarina Palopo

This charming village is on most “Lake Atitlan Where to Stay” guides. Santa Catarina Palopo has recently become trendy for its colorful streets, pottery, and beautiful local textiles. This is the perfect formula to attract international artists. While you don’t want to miss Santa Catarina Palopo, it’s home to some of the most expensive Lake Atitlan Guatemala hotels.

Of the options below, only Villa Santa Catarina is in the village (sorry!)—I couldn’t exclude the other hotels because they’re stunning must-sees.

Villa Santa Catarina

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Villa Santa Carina offers a classic “hacienda” look, which is lovely. Of course, the views of Lake Atitlan are beautiful as well. rating: 8.7

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

Hotel Casa Palopo

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

In Santa Catarina Palopo, you will see many traditional garments for men and women that have been locally made with various shades of blue to emulate the lake’s tides and movement. The owners of Hotel Casa Palopo used gorgeous blue colors to adorn the property’s walls. rating: 8.7

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Tzampoc Resort

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Tzampoc is one of my favorite Lake Atitlan resorts for its picturesque setting and fun activities. This resort offers family-friendly excursions like hiking and kayaking. rating: 9.0

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

San Antonio Palopo

San Antonio Palopo is famous for its pottery—the style and methods have been passed through generations. While San Antonio isn’t the most popular choice for where to stay in Lake Atitlan, the art here is exceptional. The Lake Atitlan hotels in San Antonio Palopo aren’t as fancy as in other towns but are homely and welcoming.

Hotel Terrazas Del Lago

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Hotel Terrazas has a simple infrastructure built on decks overlooking Lake Atitlan. The property is surrounded by trees, creating an intimate atmosphere. With breathtaking views, this ranks among the best hotels Lake Atitlan offers. rating: 8.6

Tripadvisor rating: 4.0

Hotel Nuestro Sueño

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Hotel Nuestro Sueño is another simple yet comfortable Lake Atitlan accommodation pick. The price for this Lake Atitlan hotel is appropriate, considering how much you get for your money. rating: 8.7

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

San Lucas Toliman

San Lucas Toliman is a local favorite that tourists often miss. Coffee lovers will enjoy visiting the town’s cooperatives and trying different coffees. San Lucas is a lovely town where visitors can walk around and dive into the refreshing Lake Atitlan waters.

Hotel Toliman

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

Walking around San Lucas Toliman, you will see nothing fancy about it. However, it’s beautiful and serene, and Hotel Toliman is no exception. The spacious rooms, welcoming common areas, and relaxing pool make it one of my picks for the best place to stay in Lake Atitlan. rating: 8.9

Tripadvisor rating: 5.0

Pink House

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay

San Lucas Toliman’s Pink House is wrapping up this guide to the best Lake Atitlan resorts and hotels. The Pink House feels like a home-away-from-home, with comfortable furnishings in a convenient location. rating: 8.3

Lake Atitlan Travel Guide Planning

🧳 Any recommendations on what I should pack for Lake Atitlan?

Yes! I have created a whole packing guide to Lake Atitlan which you can read here and you can also check out my packing list for Lake Atitlan on Amazon here.

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🎫 Where can I buy tickets for museums, attractions, and tours in Lake Atitlan?

I recommend either Viator or GetYour Guide. They have a lot of options!

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Best Lake Atitlan Resorts and Hotels: Final Thoughts

Many Lake Atitlan villages have a quiet, peaceful vibe to unwind—it’s also a great place to socialize with other travelers and spend several nights out with friends, letting loose. With all the fun things to do in this area, it’s unsurprising there are many Lake Atitlan accommodation options, from Lake Atitlan hotels to resorts and more.

Santiago Atitlan and San Antonio Palopo are the best places to stay in Lake Atitlan for affordable, casual accommodations. If you are a digital nomad like me who is curious about where to stay in Lake Atitlan with good WiFi, San Pedro, San Marcos, and Panajachel are your best bets. Vacationers with a flexible budget for their Lake Atitlan hotel will love Santa Catarina Palopo.

Regardless of your budget or travel plans, Lake Atitlan resorts and hotels don’t disappoint!

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