Hiking Acatenango in Rainy Season

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Unsure if you should be hiking Acatenango in rainy season? If you have been following my blog or Instagram you may have noticed I have a bit of a thing for volcanoes! It’s hard not to when you are in Central America, especially in Guatemala. There are so many amazing volcanos to hike in this region. As we are currently in the rainy season, the number one question I am being asked is if it’s a good idea to hike volcanos right not because of the rain.

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Yes you absolutely should be hiking Acatenango in the rainy season

You might not be used to the rainy season in Guatemala, but the people who live there and operate these tours are. So long as you go with a reputable company or guide it is their job to keep you safe and they will not put you at risk by taking you on a tour if it going to be unsafe.

Rainy season in Guatemala is often warmer than the dry season due to the cloud cover blanketing the ground, so hikers can get by with a simple 3 layer system a non-cotton base layer with a fleece for insulation covered by a raincoat to stay warm, dry and protected from the wind.

You can read my packing guide for Central America here as well 3 reasons you should travel to Central America during The Rainy Season.

hiking Acatenango in rainy season
Per-trip meetings are held at OX Base Camp the night before the Acatenango hike to ensure everyone is fully prepared.

As this isn’t my area of expertise I spoke to Victor Ferrel founder of OX Expeditions, the number one volcano tour company in Antigua, to get his expert opinion:

“Hiking a volcano is a once in a lifetime experience for many people so you want to do it right. You want the experience to be a good one. experience. If you have the means then make sure you go with the most professional guide operator who is going to give you that great experience.

The biggest threat hiking Acatenango in rainy season is hypothermia. This can happen in both seasons. The only way to avoid hypothermia is to stay warm and dry. If you have your own wet weather gear then bring it. Or make sure you go with a company like OX Expeditions who will provide you with everything you need. We always expect rain, even in dry season, we make sure everyone we take up Acatenango has a waterproof coat. The weather at that altitude can change very quickly so you always need to be prepared regardless of the season.” 

hiking Acatenango in rainy season

Final Thoughts

I really hope this guide has helped prepare you for hiking Acatenango in rainy season. If you have any other tips or tricks that I have missed off please leave me a comment below.

A big thank you again to my guest contributor Victor Ferrell who has offered his expertise on hiking Acatenango in rainy season and helped me put together this post.

Victor Ferrell Bio:

Snow and Ice Mountaineer certified (Portland, OR) and has been climbing and guiding big volcanos for 17 years.

Founder of OX Expeditions and dedicated to executing positive and professional adventure trips for those adventure-seeking travelers who do not have much experience in the outdoors.

Featured on several TV and travel shows as a professional guide in adventure tourism.

Hiking Acatenango in Rainy Season

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Friday 7th of September 2018

I've hiked Acatenango twice in the dry season and once in the rainy season, and I definitely would not recommend going in the rainy season (summer). It rains up there most days in the summer, making for a pretty sad time. Lightning is also an issue. When my cousin and I got to the lower summit last summer, we looked at one another and noticed that our hair was standing straight up, indicating we were at risk of being hit by lightning in the next few minutes. We ran back down 100 meters or so and were fine, but the whole thing was pretty unpleasant. When we got back our local friends laughed at us for going up there in July.

In the winter it's great. It's still warmer than most winter camping in the U.S., so if you bring winter gear and a stove you should be fine.

Claire Summers

Saturday 8th of September 2018

Thanks for your opinion on this. I do disagree though. I lived and worked for a company who offered Acatenango tours so I saw people going up and down the volcano in both seasons daily for 9 months. When the weather is bad the trip is called off. Obviously, it is better to go in the dry season. But in the wet season it is so beautiful and often it only rains in the PM if at all. When I was there in January 2017 people died up Acatenango as the weather changed and they weren't prepared for it. This was during the dry season! It is a volcano and there is always a risk in any season. It sounds like you hiked it without a guide. I do not recommend anyone do this because the weather up there can be so unpredictable it is important to choose a guide wisely and go there prepared. We would not let anyone hike Acatenango without waterproof clothing and the correct equipment. Like I said I respect your opinion but I disagree.


Wednesday 19th of July 2017

I'm not much of a hiker or maybe that just something I keep telling myself...lol. I would like to try if I will end up with views from mountains that are above the clouds. I had the opportunity to hike Mount Vesuvius when I was in Naples and I passed on it after visiting Pompeii lol. I love that you spoke with and got tips from a professional.

Sandy N Vyjay

Wednesday 19th of July 2017

Hiking a volcano seems really exciting, though I have never done that before. I was close to it a couple of months back when in Rwanda, we were close to the volcano, but did not trek there as we were on a different trek to see the Mountain Gorillas. Time did not permit me going for the Volcano hike, hope to do it some day.


Tuesday 18th of July 2017

I would think the chances of rain or even length of rainstorms is greater in the rainy season. I think if I were do the hikes, I'd go in dry season even though it is colder. Even with the best waterproof gear, things just tend to be damp and it's not my preferred scenario to be in.

But I absolutely agree that people should hike volcanoes! I've hiked some and I'm fascinated by them. Especially active ones.

Paige W

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Holy cow! This looks absolutely incredible! It seems strange that when hiking to a firey volcano that hypothermia is the threat. I'd love to give this trek a go!

Claire Summers

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

I know right! It's because of the altitude. The weather changes quickly up there!

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