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Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This guide to the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala contains my favorite Antigua restaurant picks for every taste and budget. My choices for the best restaurants Antigua Guatemala offers are based on personal experience and recommendations from local friends. You won’t find some of these spots on other “best Antigua food” lists, as they’re local gems not many tourists discover.

Most restaurants in Guatemala aren’t considered world-class, but you can find delicious food and welcoming atmospheres if you find the right Antigua Guatemala restaurant. Since Antigua is touristy, you’ll find many restaurant owners who were once backpackers, Spanish students, and volunteers who were swept up in the city’s charms and never left. Antigua food influences range from Texan, Italian, Venezuelan, Mexican, Japanese, Guatemalan (of course), Cuban, vegan, vegetarian, and more!

I’ve divided my Antigua restaurant picks into categories and added approximate price ranges. Let your cravings go wild without blowing your budget.

Are you searching for the best restaurant in Guatemala City? Let me know in the comments if I should make a guide to the best restaurants in Guatemala City!

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

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Best Restaurants Antigua Guatemala

Local Antigua Food Favorites


The owners of this place have made significant efforts to serve authentic Guatemalan recipes. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner—at the entrance is a small room with artisanal candies you’ll only find in Antigua.

Vegetarian and vegan options: Limited

Price range: Q32 to Q460 (a barbecue for four people)

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La Fonda de La Calle Real

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This is one of the oldest and best restaurants Antigua is home to. La Fonda de La Calle Real has preserved the menu for years, and they have done it right! Locals will tell you they’ve visited at least once, and most recommend the queso fundido (fondue).

Price range: Q20 to Q180

Vegetarian and vegan options: Yes

The Local Market

This is the best Antigua Guatemala restaurant for authentic food, though it’s far from the fanciest.

Price range: Q20 to Q25, including non-alcoholic beverages. You’ll usually get chicken, beef, or pork stew, rice, and salad with traditional tortillas. 

Vegan or vegetarian options: Not exactly—if you’re vegetarian, you can ask the market to serve only the stew sauce and avoid the meat. If you’re vegan, stick with the rice and salad.

International Antigua Restaurant Picks

Kabuki – Japanese

Kabuki serves the best sushi in town! A friendly Japanese man owns this small Antigua food spot—the staff is welcoming, and the food is excellent. Remember, they’re only open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q30 to Q120

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes

La Pasta Nostra – Italian

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This is a relatively new place, and the food is fantastic. The artisanal pasta is housemade—they also offer vegan and gluten-free pasta! This is another Antigua restaurant that’s only open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q30 to Q140

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes, and gluten-free

Indian Accent – Indian

It’s challenging to find good Indian food in Guatemala, even at the best restaurants in Guatemala City. This one doesn’t disappoint for lunch or dinner.

Price range: Q40 – Q140

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes

Pappy’s BBQ – Texan

Who doesn’t love a smoked pork sandwich? This is an excellent Antigua Guatemala restaurant where you can watch a sports match with friends and enjoy several beers. They open at 10:00 a.m., so you can even go for brunch.

Price range: Q34 (a kid’s plate) to Q385 (for four people)

Vegan or vegetarian options: I’m sorry, this is not your place.

A Saber TrovArte – Venezuelan

Arepas are welcome any time of day, and you won’t find better Venezuelan food in Antigua. You can only eat here for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q32 to Q180

Vegan or vegetarian: There’s a vegetarian arepa, but no vegan options

Frida’s – Mexican

Frida’s has been an Antigua staple since 1995. The food is Mexican with a gourmet touch. They often have live music, and the margaritas are delicious. Since this place is somewhat fancy, the prices are a bit steep.

While there are other Mexican places in Antigua, I haven’t had the chance to try them. This place is open for lunch and dinner, though there is a Sunday brunch at 10:00 a.m.

Price range: Q56 to Q299 (for three people)

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes, and gluten-free

Antojito Salvadoreño – Salvadorian

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

They have the best pupusas in town and are affordable if you want a cheap meal. If this is the case, you are lucky because they are open for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

Price range: Q10 to Q45

Vegan or vegetarian options: There are some vegetarian dishes but no vegan options

Seremei – Caribbean

Seremei is a bonus restaurant pick in San Juan del Obispo, about 15 minutes from the center of Antigua if you have a car or take a tuk-tuk. If you have the chance to go, you won’t regret it. They are only open on Sundays and Saturdays, and you must make a reservation through their Facebook page or by calling.

Price range: Q20 to Q150

Vegan or vegetarian options: Unfortunately, no, unless you want an entire meal of patacones (I won’t judge, they’re really tasty).

Best Fusion Restuants in Antigua Guatemala


This is the only fine dining in Antigua where you can enjoy eight, 10, or 12 courses. The restaurant owner and chef is Chilean but has spent time cooking in many countries. He has settled in Antigua, where his food combines unique Guatemalan tastes, textures, and techniques.

Price range: Q395 to Q720, depending on the number of courses you want

Vegan or vegetarian options: Check in advance, as they may be able to accommodate dietary restrictions


The owner of this place is crazy in the best way possible. He serves incredibly creative Italian and French dishes—if you can, try the exotic ice creams. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Price range: Q42 to Q218

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes, for vegetarians, but there is not much for vegans unless you swap things out–there are, however, gluten-free options

Angie Angie

This is one of the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala for dinner with friends. The food is Mediterranean with Argentinian influences. There is live music, a beautiful garden, and a fireplace—the food is also yummy. You can visit Angie Angie for lunch or dinner.

Price range: Q30 to Q300 (for a 2-pound ribeye)

Vegan or vegetarian options: There are very few, and not many gluten-free dishes

27 Adentro

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This is a fusion Cuban-Guatemalan Antigua food spot. While it isn’t the best Antigua Guatemala restaurant for those on a low-carb or dairy-free diet, the food is excellent. They are open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q38 to Q118

Vegan or vegetarian options: Yes

Best Restaurants Antigua Guatemala for Vegans and Vegetarians

La Bruja

An Argentinian couple owns La Bruja and offers many vegan and gluten-free options. The signature dish is a vegan burger, and the mate tea is exceptional. The only reason this place isn’t perfect is it’s only open for lunch and dinner, not breakfast.


Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This is a delicious vegan option, but the staff isn’t the friendliest. If you don’t mind the attitude, I recommend visiting for the dumplings. The hours vary, so check on Google before walking there.

Price range: Q25 to Q44

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Top Juice Bars in Antigua

Pitaya Juice Bar

Pitaya was the first place to serve healthy juices and delicious wraps in Antigua. They are open for breakfast and lunch and have a mini golf course to enjoy!

Price range: Q20 to Q35 for smoothies and juices, and Q37 to Q102 for food

Amanecer Juice Bar

This juice bar is in the center of Antigua. Stop by the tiny, colorful spot during your morning power walk for a smoothie or ginger shot. They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Price range: Q24 to Q35 for smoothies and juices, and Q35 to Q45 for food

Best Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks for Breakfast and Brunch

Caoba Farms

This is an organic farm with many veggies, herbs, and chickens. There’s also a place for yoga and a restaurant in an open space. The downside is they are closed from Monday to Wednesday, and you need a bicycle or a tuk-tuk to get there. You can also walk—a 10-15 minute journey along a dirt road.

Price range: Q45 to Q95

Vegan and vegetarian options: Yes, and gluten-free

Cafe Boheme

One of the best restaurants Antigua offers for French pastries is Cafe Boheme. This is one of my favorite places to eat in Antigua Guatemala. There’s a beautiful open-air terrace, perfect for brunch or working on your computer.

Price range: Q24 to Q79

Vegetarian and vegan options: Yes

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Antigua

Santa Rosa Burger Club

Burger-making is an art, and all my hamburger lovers should visit the Santa Rosa Burger Club. They even have a vegetarian burger option, usually a portobello mushroom or tempura eggplant patty. This spot is located north of the city in a quiet area and is open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q30 to Q55

Vegetarian and vegan options: If you are vegan, skip the cheese

Best Pizza in Antigua Guatemala

Central Park Pizzeria

I must shout out a good friend of mine who owns this place! While I’m a bit biased, the food is truly delicious. You can buy pizza by the slice for only Q20—you will love it, I promise. This is New York-style pizza, and it is good! It’s a great spot to hang out with friends, watch a sports match, or enjoy a drink at the bar. They are open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q20 to Q150

Vegetarian or vegan options: Only vegetarian

Budget Antigua Food Spots

El Rincon Tipico

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Best Antigua Food

This is a favorite among travelers because you can get a big meal with roasted chicken, a salad, rice, HUGE tortillas, and a beverage with a refill for Q35. The last time I ate there, my belly was full, and I was ready for a nap. Note they are only open for lunch.

Price range: A fixed price of Q35

Vegetarian or vegan options: No, unless you want to order without the chicken and ask for more salad and rice

Toko Baru

Toko Bau serves Middle Eastern food with decent-sized portions and killer sweet potato chips. They are only open for lunch and dinner.

Price range: Q20 to Q47, which does not include a beverage or beer

Vegetarian or vegan: Yes

Street Food at La Merced Church

Every evening, street food vendors set up their stalls and stay until they run out of food. They’re usually set up from 5:30 to 9 or 9:30 p.m. This is an excellent place to fill your belly with delicious Guatemalan street food.

Price range: Q15 to Q25

Vegetarian and vegan options: Yes, and I’m pretty sure the tostadas de aguacate y frijol and chuchitos are gluten-free

Chicharrones y Carnitas

Many Guatemalans love chicharrones and carnitas, but this isn’t an option for vegetarians or vegans. Chicharrones are pork skin fried in lard, and carnitas are pork meat fried in lard. They don’t sound appealing but are tasty when combined with guacamole, tortillas, and frijoles. There’s no specific place to try these—keep your eyes peeled for a street vendor.

Price range: Varies, but they are sold by the pound

Upscale Antigua Places to Eat

Meson Panza Verde Restaurant

Meson Panza Verde is a fancy hotel in Antigua, and their restaurant delivers an incredible experience. They’re famous for being one of the best restaurants in the city, and you’ll hear stories about marriage proposals in their famous “cave.”

Vegetarian and vegan options: Yes

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo Restaurant

This is another fancy hotel—while I couldn’t find the restaurant menu online, the kitchen is run by one of the best Guatemalan chefs.

Best Coffee Shops in Antigua Guatemala

If you go for a walk, you’ll notice many coffee shops in Antigua. Guatemala has been a significant coffee producer since the early 1800s, and one of the most famous coffee-producing regions is Antigua. A trip to Antigua is the perfect place to sample Guatemalan beans!

I recommend these spots:

Best Breweries in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala has produced beer for many years—the most famous are Gallo and Cabro. The guys from Cerveceria 14 and Antigua Brewing have been experimenting with new flavors and techniques, so I highly suggest visiting!

Antigua Travel Guide Planning

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Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Picks: Final Thoughts

While Antigua food isn’t famous worldwide, the city has many delicious restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Regardless of what you’re craving or your food budget, there are restaurants for everyone. Drop a comment if you want a “best restaurants Guatemala City” guide!

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