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Is Jordan Safe to Travel to? Jordan Travel Guide

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This Jordan travel guide from guest writer Casey LaClair is the only resource you need to plan an unforgettable trip. Jordan is a popular destination for tourists as this magical country has a lot of history to experience. From Petra, an area inhabited as early as 9,000 years ago, to Aqaba’s modern luxury Red Sea resorts, there’s no shortage of things to do in Jordan. Are you wondering, “Is it safe to travel to Jordan?” I’ll also share Jordan safety travel tips to make the most of your time there.

I’m a history buff and love traveling to see remnants of past cultures. If you’re interested in modern time traveling like me, you’ll love Jordan! There are also plenty of options if you’d prefer a relaxing or glamping travel guide to Jordan.

Let’s jump into my top Jordan travel tips, including what to pack in your Jordan travel bag and the best time of year to travel to Jordan.

Is Jordan Safe to Travel to? Travel Guide to Jordan

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1. Plan Ahead

Jordan is a small country, but there’s a lot to see and do. With that in mind, I highly recommend planning your travel to Jordan in advance. While some might have the flexibility to spend two weeks in Jordan, others may have as little as two days. Regardless of how long you have to travel to Jordan, it helps to plan ahead of time.

List your “must-see” Jordan places and map out the most efficient route between them. Next, estimate how long visitors spend at each location to get a rough idea of the timing. Sometimes, you may have to skip a destination or cut your time there short to see as much as possible.

2. What to Pack in Your Jordan Travel Bag

When packing for a trip to Jordan, consider the length of your journey, the average weather for the season you’ll be visiting, and essential travel accessories. Your clothing items and outfits will vary depending on your style and travel preferences. Most people visit Jordan during the spring and summer when conditions are warm. However, if you travel to Jordan in the winter, prepare for low temperatures.

Your clothing should also match your activities—I recommend packing boots or running shoes if you’re hiking. Likewise, bring a bathing suit if you’ll spend some time at the Red Sea. Regardless of the time of year you visit Jordan, there are some essentials everyone needs. Sunscreen is a must, along with a reliable wallet or bag to store personal items and a few containers for water and snacks.

3. Learn Some Arabic

One of my top Jordan travel tips is to learn some Arabic beforehand. During our trip to Jordan, we encountered countless locals happy to practice their English. However, we always received a warm welcome when we tried to communicate in Arabic. Since it’s their culture, everyone we met was glad to share it, so showing an interest in learning the language will make your time in Jordan easier.

While you might not be able to master the language, at least learn some basic phrases and how to ask for help, which is a crucial Jordan safety travel tip if you get into a sticky situation.

4. Navigating Jordan

Public transportation throughout Jordan is limited, but there are bus options between significant travel hubs. I recommend renting a car and driving yourself—be cautious, as the rules of the road are likely different than you’re used to. The country is small, though, so driving from Aqaba in the south to Amman in the north only takes around five hours. It’s also convenient to be free to go where and when you want.

5. Get the Jordan Pass

We almost didn’t get this, but I’m glad we changed our minds. The Jordan Pass is vastly different from most tourism passes you’ll find in other countries—it had every destination we planned to see, and since we were staying for more than four days, the visa fees were also waived.

The most affordable package is roughly $99, while the fee for a Jordan Visa is $56.50. So, if you stay more than four days and plan to see many attractions, the Jordan Pass will be a money saver.

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6. Things to Do in Jordan

There are many unique things to do in Jordan and history to experience, so it helps to narrow down some of your top destinations to create a personalized travel guide to Jordan.

Petra is one of the country’s most visited attractions for a reason. The site is an entire city with extensive ruins scattered throughout the canyons. Wadi Rum, the filming location for many movies and shows like “The Martian,” is another must-see. The landscape of this area is spectacular, and pictures don’t do it justice.

7. Best Time to Travel to Jordan

Jordan has hot summers and cold winters—while summer is a popular time to visit, I recommend spring or fall to avoid the heat and tourist crowds. Regardless of what time of year you go to Jordan, prepare for various weather conditions, including hot days and chilly nights.

8. Eat Locally

There are fast food options all around Jordan, but the local cuisine is excellent and shouldn’t be missed. I have a very picky palate, but I loved the local food we sampled throughout the country. Be open to trying new dishes—if you aren’t a fan, at least you’ll know!

9. Dress Accordingly

Most people in Jordan dress conservatively, but wearing hiking clothes at outdoor places like Petra and Wadi Rum is acceptable. A bikini or pair of shorts is fine if you’re in Aqaba or a similar resort area that’s more Westernized. Don’t wear overly skimpy clothes to offend the local culture, and you’ll have a great experience.

9 Jordan Travel Tips

Jordan Travel Guide Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this travel guide to Jordan and Jordan safety travel tips will help you plan a trip to this phenomenal country. After visiting most of Europe, many countries in the Middle East, and other remote areas of the world, Jordan is still one of my favorite destinations. I feel you’ll fall in love with Jordan as much as I did!

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