Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

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Safety is always a hot topic, especially where traveling is concerned. No one wants their trip ruined by running into trouble on the road. I recently reached out to 7 other bloggers to get their best tips for staying safe while traveling.

Although sometimes you just can just be unlucky or find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time there are a few things that can at least minimize the impact.

“The biggest tip I can give for any traveler is to listen to your instincts. If something seems fishy, it probably is. And even if it isn’t, you’re always better safe than sorry!”

Danielle from Ultimate Country Guides

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Staying Safe While Traveling - Top Tips From 8 travel bloggers

“Share your itinerary with someone not traveling with you.  Also make sure to check in regularly with a friend or family member especially if traveling solo or somewhere more remote.” 

Matilda from The Travel Sisters

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“Aerosol cans are illegal to bring on planes so you can’t purchase mace ahead of time, but getting a small can once you get to your destination can be a lifesaver. If you’re traveling to multiple destinations that you are weary of, do yourself a favour and buy a small can at each place you go. If mace isn’t available, I always carry a personal alarm which I bought for $10 on Amazon. These are small and can be taken on planes in a backpack or on a keychain.”

Ava from Kicking Asana

“If you’re travelling through an unsafe country, sew a little internal security pocket inside your trousers with some emergency cash in it – just in case your bag or wallet go missing!”

Stu & Eloise from Am I Nearly There Yet

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Staying Safe While Traveling - Top Tips From 8 travel bloggers

“My number one travel safety tip is to always have my hand on my purse, which I place in front of me while in crowded places. I keep one hand casually over the zipper so I don’t look like I’m protecting anything really, but no one can get into it without touching my hand.”

Danielle from Like Riding a Bicycle 

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“Postpone your trip if the weather isn’t good. I’ve read so many accounts wherein tourists or hikers insist on island hopping or trekking mountains despite the weather advisory and end up getting stranded, at the very least. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

Katherine from Tara Lets Anywhere

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Staying Safe While Traveling - Top Tips From 8 travel bloggers

“If you’re carrying new or fancy camera equipment on your trip, beware – it can be a magnet for thieves. To keep your camera secure (and to prevent it from falling out of your hands!), wrap the strap around your right forearm. This is better than putting it around your neck: a strap around your arm will help you keep a grip on your equipment, but prevents damage or injury to your neck if the strap is pulled violently.”

Jim from Travel Stories and Images

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Staying Safe While Traveling - Top Tips From 8 travel bloggers

And my advice?

“Split everything up! I always travel with photocopies of my passport, I put one in each bag separately from my actual passport. I also have an electronic copy stored in the cloud and on Google Drive. If I’m carrying cash I also split that up keeping some on my person and divide the rest up into different bags/ pockets. I also always carry two purses, a real one and a fake. the fake I keep a little money and a few old credit/ bank cards. That way if I’m robbed I can just hand over the fake.”

Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

I really hope this post has been useful if you have anything else you think belongs on this list please leave a comment below with your safety tip.

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