How to get from Antigua to Semuc Champey

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Need to get from Antigua to Semuc Champey? If you want to get to the natural wonder that is Semuc Champey you are going to have to work for it! Most people stop at Semuc on route to Tikal from Antigua, or vice versa.

So here’s my guide to getting from Antigua to Semuc Champey in Guatemala.

The cheap way to get Antigua to Semuc Champey (like a local)

Head to the bus terminal by the market and take a chicken bus to Guatemala City

  1. From Guatemala City, you will need to get a bus to Coba
  2. From Coba, you will need to get a bus to Lanquin

Note: These are not easy changes, you will have to ask the locals for help finding the next bus you need and you may need to walk a few blocks to find the stop.

Cost: Around 100Q

Unless your Spanish is good and you don’t mind being crammed on a chicken bus traveling through the Jungle in sweltering heat with some friendly Guatemalans practically sat on you I’d give this option a miss.

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The “normal” way to get from Antigua to Semuc Champey

By far the quickest and easiest way to get to Semuc Champey for Antigua. There are daily shuttles that leave at 8 am (9 am by the time you have driven around picking everyone up!) and they cost around 150Q. Any of the travel agents in town can organize this for you or ask at the reception of your hotel/ hostel. If you prefer to be organized and book online then book your transport and tours through GuateGo. You can even book your tour to Semuc through them.

They will pick you up from your hotel or hostel and drop you in Lanquin. From there will be a free pickup waiting to take you to one of the hotels either in Lanquin or Semuc.

Travel Time: They will tell you 8 hours…expect 9-10 hours

Cost: 125-150Q

Top Tip: Another good option is to book a full package: 2 nights and 3 days in Semuc including transport, accommodation and the tour. They will pick you up in Antigua and drive you until Semuc Champey, the next day you will do Semuc and Kamba caves and on the third day you can choose to go to Flores or return to Antigua.

Antigua to Semuc Champey

The luxury 5* way

Sorry, just kidding, there isn’t a nice way to get here….like I said if you want to see Semuc Champey you are going to have to work for it!

P.S. Don’t forget to read my guide to Semuc Champey here.

How to get from Antigua to Semuc Champey

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Thursday 19th of September 2019

In the above "top tip" you mention a tour package that includes transport, the pools, caves, and hotel which I am almost 100% on booking. My question is about the buses for each leg of that trip. Do you know if they will have AC?

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