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What is There to Do in Thailand? Ultimate Guide to What to Do in Thailand for a Week

Planning a trip to Asia and wondering, “What is there to do in Thailand?” Thailand is safe, budget-friendly, and offers world-class attractions. The country attracts millions of annual tourists to its glimmering temples, white sandy beaches, bustling cities, and mouthwatering Thai cuisine. Whether you’re curious about what to do in Thailand for a week or what to do in Krabi Thailand specifically, this guide has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

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What is There to Do in Thailand?

Sample Thai Cuisine

Thailand has a vibrant culinary scene, and the food culture there is an obsession for many. Thai food is simple, fresh, flavorful, and incredibly varied from one region to the next. Regarding what not to do in Thailand: don’t travel there without being open to trying new foods! Exploration is critical when savoring Thailand’s many food options—you’ll find traditional Thai cuisine tasty and inexpensive.

Thai food contains four key flavor profiles: spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. You’ll find offerings to expand your culinary palette on every street corner, market stall, bar, and restaurant. Thai dishes are renowned for using exotic ingredients such as lemongrass, chili, lime, fish sauce, ginger, and tamarind.  

Unsure what to do in Bangkok Thailand for a week? The capital has a world-class restaurant scene, from trendy rooftop restaurants to intimate seafood dinners for two. Thai cuisine has something for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions.

For a more immersive experience, visit one of the many Thai cooking schools throughout the country. The mountainous city of Chiang Mai offers many culinary education centers for cooks of all experience levels. Learn how to prepare authentic Thai food in a single class, or hone your skills with a week-long course.

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Experience the Nightlife

What is there to do in Thailand after dark? I’m glad you asked! Thailand’s thriving nightlife and entertainment scene is a dazzling wonderland. Enjoy sky-high cocktails at one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars or visit a party island like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Phangan to dance the night away. Clubbing and bar-hopping also rank high on lists of what to do in Phuket Thailand.

At night, all walks of life emerge to enjoy a safe and friendly environment where everyone is welcome. Thailand’s nightlife is energetic, full of life and color, and offers many welcoming venues that can be enjoyed around the clock. Whether you watch a theater show or wander the streets, there’s much to discover in Thailand at night.

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Visit Beaches and Islands

If you’re wondering what to do in Thailand for a week, visit the picturesque Thai beaches and islands. The idyllic coastline of Thailand attracts millions of annual visitors with its warm, azure waters and white-sand beaches.

Exploring Thai islands is easy and affordable, with many companies offering day tours to lesser-known coastal locations. Enjoy stunning coves and bays sheltered by towering natural rock formations and miles of pristine sand for sunbathing.

Travelers curious about what to do in Krabi Thailand can try the town’s watersports and beachfront activities. Venture into the warm waters and discover a sea teeming with underwater creatures and beautiful reefs, perfect for snorkeling or scuba-diving. Finish the day with a cocktail at a relaxed pool or beachside bar.

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Tour Cultural and Sacred Landmarks

From the golden spires visible over Bangkok to the secluded temples dotted among the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand has thousands of culturally sacred sites. Hiring a bicycle is the best way to immerse yourself in the regional Thai wonders. There are many unique sights and activities to discover along the way.

Thailand is an incredible place to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature. Take a Thai long-tail boat tour along one of the many rivers to admire remote fishing villages and towns. You can also spend a night in a guesthouse and fall asleep to the gentle jungle sounds.

Trek and Camp

Are you a nature lover wondering, “What is there to do in Thailand for a week?” With many pristine rainforests, Thailand has plentiful trekking and camping opportunities. Whether you want a challenging mountain day hike or a more relaxed trek through the many hill tribe regions of Thailand over a few days, there are options for all ages and skill levels. 

Another fantastic way to immerse yourself in Thai culture is through a guided trek with a homestay. These tours are offered throughout the country, giving tourists an intimate and relaxed rural setting to experience life like a local.

During your homestay, your Thai hosts will welcome you with smiles and a traditional Thai meal. They’ll also share local knowledge of nearby sights and activities, offering a unique glimpse into Thailand’s hidden gems.

Try Adventure Sports

My last recommendation for what to do in Thailand for a week is to try a new adventure sport. The incredibly diverse Thai landscape is home to various adventure sports and activities. Go river kayaking to experience Thailand from the water or explore off-road trails on a mountain bike.

Adrenaline junkies can fly high above the Chiang Mai jungle on a 1000-meter zipline or scuba dive with giant whale sharks off the Surin Island shores. 

There’s also rock climbing on the islands of Railey and Ton Sai, where crystal clear waters lap against the impressive limestone cliffs towering above. Regardless of your skill level, climbing in Thailand is a fun activity for anyone.

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🚗 Where can I book rental cars or private transportation?

I strongly recommend using 12Go or Bookaway. There are many transport options available such as train, bus, and ferry.

I would strongly advice against driving a car in Thailand but you can easily rent a scooter locally.

🎫 Where can I buy tickets for museums, attractions, and tours in Thailand?

First and foremost check out all of the amazing Thailand tours Where Sidewalks End has. They are a small local company and they have some really special experiences.

For everything else I recommend either Viator or GetYour Guide

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What is There to Do in Thailand? Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide answers your questions about what to do in Thailand (and what NOT to do in Thailand). Now that you know what to do during your Thailand itinerary, you’re probably eager to travel there as soon as possible! Whether you need specific recommendations for what to do in Bangkok Thailand or general tips for enjoying a week in Thailand, this guide has it all—bookmark it to reference later. Thailand offers exceptional value for your money, incredible food, and so many activities and sights that you’ll never want to leave! 

Thailand Itinerary: Discover the best of what is there to do in Thailand with this comprehensive travel guide. Find out what to do in Thailand and make the most of your trip.