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When is Hurricane Season in Cancun? Preparing for Hurricane Season in Mexico

When is hurricane season in Cancun? We’ll answer that question and more in this guide to the hurricane season in Mexico. After experiencing Hurricane Delta firsthand, I was inspired to write this Mexico Cancun hurricane season guide in case you’re prepping for crazy storms and need some guidance.

I’m from England, so while we get a lot of wind and rain, the weather is relatively mild and consistent. England isn’t prone to earthquakes or hurricanes, so it was daunting to learn about when the hurricane season for Mexico is and how to prepare. Whether planning a vacation to Mexico or moving permanently, this Playa del Carmen hurricane season guide will help you feel confident and prepared.

hurricane season mexico cancun

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Dealing With Natural Disasters When Traveling

One of the things that’s challenged me most since I started traveling is dealing with the fear of my natural environment, which I felt while watching a volcano erupting, going through my first earthquake, and tackling the rainy season in Central America.

Leaving my house before my first Mexico Cancun hurricane season, I wasn’t sure if it would still stand when I returned. I thought the fear and sadness I was feeling would swallow me up—but at the same time, I was also highly aware of my privilege. If a hurricane did take my house and all of my things, I’d have the means to rebuild or hop on a plane back to rainy England.

Not My First Natural Disaster…

I experienced three earthquakes in Guatemala around 6.9-7.4 magnitude. All were pretty terrifying as they came out of nowhere.

I was in bed when the most recent earthquake hit, which seemed to last forever. Although I didn’t suffer any damage or injuries, I would worry about an earthquake hitting every time I went to bed in the weeks after. I genuinely thought I was going crazy, but after Googling it, I discovered there is a form of PTSD specific to earthquakes.

The only way I could calm myself was to focus on things in the room and tell myself nothing was moving. Inside my body, I could feel the motion. It’s hard to explain, but it felt so real that I was always shocked to look around and see nothing was moving.

Eventually, these earthquake feelings stopped, and I could move forward. My point is that just because the natural disaster is over doesn’t mean you’ll feel 100% normal physically or mentally.

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When is Hurricane Season in Cancun?

I arrived in Playa del Carmen in 2018, knowing the area is prone to hurricanes but wondering, “When is hurricane season in Mexico?” In my research, I found that while tropical storms are common in Mexico from August to October, one of the last significant hurricanes was Wilma in 2005.

Honestly, I didn’t consider the Playa del Carmen hurricane season much. Yes, I heard stories about how bad Wilma was, and I’ve seen the lasting damage throughout the country with my own eyes.

Over the years, Mexico has experienced more tropical storms than I can remember. Most pass with minor damage—we stay indoors for the day and hope the power isn’t out too long. Numerous hurricane warnings have also occurred, but none hit until Hurricane Delta.

Hurricane Season Playa del Carmen: Hurricane Delta

 hurricane season for mexico

I first became aware of Hurricane Delta on a Monday night after seeing some people complain on Facebook about canceled flights. While I knew we were in the heart of hurricane season in Cancun and Hurricane Delta was headed for us, I didn’t give it much attention. I was still planning to drive to Tulum on Wednesday for a short staycation, as I expected things to blow over quickly.

Tuesday morning came, and the news was still reporting that Delta was coming for us and could be deemed a Category 5 hurricane. I started paying attention at this point, as Delta was getting stronger and shaping up to be the worst storm of Mexico Cancun hurricane season since Wilma.

People started evacuating the islands and the hotel zone in Cancun. Almost all of my ex-pat friends headed to Bacalar and Chetumal. After hours of internet research on how to prepare for hurricane season in Mexico, I came to the conclusion we were screwed.

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Deciding to Stay for Hurricane Season Cancun

Don’t ask me why, but leaving didn’t feel like an option. That may sound stupid and reckless, but I wanted to stay. Plus, we didn’t have a car—it was too late to rent one, and taking the bus with two kittens would have been impossible. I didn’t want to abandon my home, so I decided to stay and start preparing for Playa del Carmen hurricane season.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season Playa del Carmen

You should prepare two main things before the annual hurricane season for Mexico begins: your home and yourself! You’ll want to prepare your house for crazy winds and heavy rain, but you should also prepare to be without power or water for several days.

Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season in Mexico

Bring inside any outdoor items that could fly away and become dangerous if the wind picks up. I even had to bring my scooter inside the house and store it in my friend’s bedroom!

Ensure your drains are cleared, and board up your windows unless you have hurricane shutters. Sadly, we didn’t know how to board up the windows, and no one was available to help, so we skipped this aspect of hurricane prep.

Ideally, you would prepare your home for hurricanes well in advance so you aren’t scrambling once the storms hit.

Preparing Yourself for Mexico Cancun Hurricane Season

When you get the announcement that a hurricane is nearby, you have a very short window of time to get ready, so preparation is critical. If you lose power, expect not to be able to use your fridge, cook, flush the toilet, or shower.

Stock at least one gallon of drinking water per person and some extra for washing and flushing. Eat as much food as possible in your fridge and buy shelf-stable foods like pasta, lentils, tuna, and snacks.

I was nervous about being in our home even after all this preparation because we didn’t have a bedroom without windows to set up in. Instead, I locked myself in the bathroom with my kittens, an escape bag of necessary documentation, my laptop, a first aid kit, water, and food.

Getting Off Lightly

Thankfully, Delta didn’t end up hitting us too hard. However, the experience of feeling unprepared for Playa del Carmen hurricane season taught me to stop being ignorant and equip myself better for next time.

Hurricane Season Cancun: Must-Have Items

I also packed some things to benefit my mental health, as I knew the experience would be stressful and overwhelming.

hurricane season for mexico
  • Selenite: a crystal for protection I used for meditation when the hurricane started
  • Lavender and tea tree oil: to keep me calm and help me sleep
  • An evil eye: for protection
  • An elephant: for luck
  • Paulo Santo: to clean the energy
  • A woolen pashmina: to wrap myself in for comfort
  • Cozy socks: for coziness and warmth

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Hurricane Season Playa del Carmen Aftermath

It took a few days to ground myself after Hurricane Delta passed. By 8:00 a.m., the rain had stopped—by lunchtime, many people were out and about. We started cleaning our home around 3:00 p.m., which took several hours. We still had no power or water, so we couldn’t fully clean. We focused on clearing the damage from our garden and taking all the outdoor items out of our house to return them to the yard.

The mental and emotional aftermath took far longer, as I was exhausted and running off little sleep. I have an auto-immune disease, so the physical toll of the hurricane was massive. My muscles ached, and I had the concentration of a goldfish. I was relieved we didn’t get full power back for a few days, as I had an excuse not to work.

I spent nearly a day eating, sleeping, meditating, and watching Netflix. I’ve had many conversations with friends who experienced hurricane season in Cancun, and most did the same.

Cancun Travel Guide Planning

🧳 Any recommendations on what I should pack for Cancun?

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🛏️ What is the best platform to use for booking accommodation?

The 3 best platforms that I normally use are, and Expedia They offer great deals and multiple options. I always check all three to be sure of the best deals.

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When is Hurricane Season in Cancun? Final Thoughts

Hurricane Delta was a huge lesson to me about the importance of being prepared and stocked before Mexico Cancun hurricane season begins. I’m so thankful the Hurricane Delta experience wasn’t worse for us, and I feel much more confident about tackling future storms in Playa del Carmen. So, if you’re asking yourself, “When is hurricane season in Mexico?” be prepared for storms from August to October.