The Best Hostels in Tulum Mexico

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In Tulum, it’s easy to blow the budget, so one of the best areas to save money is on your accommodation. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that you will be ‘slumming it’ in a Tulum hostel, you won’t be. Every one of these hostels in Tulum Mexico is stunning, and they all have private rooms. And I’ve even got a section highlighting some Tulum hostels on the beach that are easily some of the best hostels in Mexico.

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The Best Hostels in Tulum Mexico

Che Hostel Tulum

Hostels in Tulum | Che Tulum

The number 1 most popular hostel in Tulum Mexico is Che. Che hostel in Tulum is in the perfect location if you want to be right in the center. It’s in the heart of Tulum town making it easy to get anywhere you want to in Tulum. There is a pool and a lively bar so it’s ideal if you are looking for a party/ social hostel to stay at.

Here you can get a dorm bed for about $10 USD or a private one for around $27 USD.

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Mamas House Tulum

Hostels in Tulum | Mama House

Mamas house hostel Tulum is another well-known and popular hostel among backpackers. It’s very central, but just off the main road so it’s quieter. They have a large patio area where you can chill out and meet other travelers, all rooms have AC (you will need it), and when you walk in you feel like you are in the jungle, even though you just came in off the street!

Expect to pay around $30 USD for a private and under $10 USD for a dorm bed.

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oOstel Smart Hostel – Tulum Pueblo

Hostels in Tulum | oOstel Smart Hotel

This is a very small hostel located in Tulum town. It is pretty impressive to see what the owners did in such a small piece of land. The bar is absolutely beautiful and the dorms are very comfortable and well equipped. All the rooms have AC which is pretty important here, but you can also dive into the two small pools in the hostel to refresh yourself.

A word of warning though, it is a beautiful place but if you are looking to do some yoga while you stay there, you may want to choose your spot wisely because there are not many places where you can unroll your yoga mat and get on with your flow.

The place is very affordable and it has options for different budgets.

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Mayan Monkey Tulum

Hostels in Tulum | Mayan Monkey

This is one of my personal favorite Tulum hostels for one reason… the rooftop! Seriously, the rooftop at this hostel is amazing and features a good size swimming pool. I told you there was no slumming in Tulum hostels, didn’t I! The rooftop is the ideal place to watch the sun setting with a cocktail in hand.

The location of Mayan Monkey Hostel in Tulum is on the main road going towards the beach just opposite the big supermarket. It’s at a midway point where you can easily walk into town (better on a bike though), or bike to the beach.

Dorm beds are pretty cheap here and you can get one for under $10 USD but a private room will set you back just under $50 USD.

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Pacha Tulum

Hostels in Tulum

This is another place a bit more expensive, but it is worth it. It is very close to archeological sites and you can bike or walk to the beach. If you do this, remember to take your water bottle with you because it will be HOT!

There is a decent size pool where you can swim and the rooms are quite spacey and beautiful to relax and enjoy.

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Tulum Hostels on the beach

That’s right there are some hostels on the beach! And they are nice and not too expensive. Of course, you will pay more money if you want to stay on the beach than you will in town. But when you look at the prices the hosels are charging (most Tulum beach hotels are $500 USD a night) you will see that you are getting an excellent deal!

Selina Tulum

Hostels in Tulum | Selina Tulum

Selina has finally come to Tulum, and wow did they get a great spot! This is the only hostel that is actually on the beach and it has both beach access and a swimming pool. Plus if you are a digital nomad then you can also access the coworking space here for an additional fee.

The location of Selina in Tulum is right in the heart of the beach road with plenty to explore on foot or by bike.

A bed in a dorm room will cost around $35 USD while a private room will set you back around $60 USD a night upwards, which is an actual steal!

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Bambu Gran Palas Hostel Tulum

Hostels in Tulum | Bambu Gran Palas Hostel

My final on this list of the best Tulum hostels is the Bambu. It can be a little tricky to find (Google maps doesn’t always work. But the location is great. It’s a bit further down the road than Selina but it’s very close to La Zebra which has a great bar and restaurant on the beach.

Be warned though, the hostel is made of bamboo, so if you can’t cope with creepy crawlies (mostly in the bathroom) then maybe staying in a bamboo hostel in the Tulum jungle isn’t for you. The dooms themselves are nice and cool and you have a big lockable box at the end of each bed which was very handy.

Oh, and there is also a beautiful cenote there!

A dorm bed here can be as cheap as $17 USD a night! And a private starts at $60 USD.

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Need some more options for Tulum Accommodation?

I wrote a whole post to help you decide the best area in Tulum to stay with my recommendations depending on your budget. I also wrote a guide to the top boutique hotels in Tulum and Where to stay in Tulum

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